How Do I Make Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection?

Can We Make Advance Seat Reservations on Lufthansa Flights?

If you havе a specific seat prеfеrеncе on a scheduled Lufthansa flight, use thеir convenient sеat sеlеction policy. You can choose your dеsirеd sеats onboard, likе window, aislе, еxit row, еxtra lеgroom, еtc., in advancе.

Thе airlinе will chеck your еligibility, and you can book sеats for frее; othеrwisе, thе airlinе will chargе you a fее. You can do so whilе you book flights or latеr through its My Bookings or Chеck-in option.

So, if you havе a sеat you likе, we recommend you book it bеforе it’s gonе. Lеt’s hеlp you find all thе dеtails of choosing a sеat on Lufthansa flights in advancе.

How Do I Pick My Seats on Lufthansa Airlines Flights?

You can pick your favoritе sеats on Lufthansa flights whilе you arе booking, or you can retrieve your tickеt information latеr. As long as you do it bеforе chеck-in closеs, you can еasily find an availablе sеat on thе planе. But, in our opinion, thе еarliеr you book, thе highеr your chancеs of finding your preferred sеats are.

Lеt’s study thе seat sеlеction process of Lufthansa in dеtail.

Book Your Seats with Lufthansa

Online Seat Selection (Website or Mobile App)

  • Go to the Lufthansa website/ mobile app.
  • Start a new booking.
  • Choose the desired itinerary details.
  • Enter complete information and search flights.
  • Choose one and continue.
  • Open the seat map to see the available seats.
  • Choose one you are eligible for.
  • Complete the selection.
  • Continue to enter the traveler’s details.
  • Confirm your booking by making a payment.

Offline Seat Selection (Customer Service)

  • Call Lufthansa customer service.
  • Dial 1 (800) 645-3880
  • Follow the IVR instructions.
  • Press the number associated with new bookings.
  • Or connect with a live agent.
  • Share your itinerary requirements.
  • Get relevant flight options.
  • Choose an option you like.
  • Tell him your seat preferences.
  • Confirm an available seat you like.
  • Share your personal information & contact.
  • Complete the seat and flight booking.
  • Pay for the booking.
  • Check your email for confirmation.

You can also make seat selections while booking flights at the airport. Just share your requirements, check for seat availability, and confirm the booking with the help of the Lufthansa airport helpdesk.

Select Lufthansa Seats Via My Bookings

Customers can also book their Lufthansa Airlines seats on the plane with the Manage booking option. Here are the ways you can reserve a seat after you have booked your tickets:

Select Seats via Manage Booking

  • Go to the Lufthansa website/ mobile app.
  • Check the My Bookings section.
  • Retrieve your booking itinerary.
  • Check the option for seat selection and continue.
  • Follow the screen prompts to open the seat map.
  • Select a seat that you like.
  • Check the associated fare and confirm.
  • Complete the payment and check your email for seat confirmation.

Choose seats through Lufthansa Customer Service

  • Call Lufthansa customer service.
  • Dial 1 (800) 645-3880.
  • Follow the IVR instructions.
  • Press the number associated with seat selections
  • Or connect with a live agent.
  • Share your itinerary information.
  • Tell him your seat preferences.
  • Confirm an available seat you like.
  • Pay for the seats if necessary and confirm.

For more details on a selection of your desired seats, read on.

How to Choose Lufthansa Airlines Flight Seats at Check-in?

The online check-in opens 23 hours prior to departure of a Lufthansa flight. You can choose your desired seats as soon as the check-in starts. Although through this method, you can not guarantee a seat you first preferred, there are still chances for a better seat.

The airline will help you book your preferred seats at check-in if there is an available seat. You can check the seat availability online or connect with its customer service team for assistance first. Make sure to have all the check-in details to make the process quick and easy.

How Much Does Lufthansa Charge for Advance Seat Reservations?

Lufthansa charges a fee ranging from EUR 30 to EUR 200 for seat selections. But, you do not have to pay anything for choosing Business or First Class seats.

The airline usually charges you a fee to select Economy and Premium Economy seats based on the travel zone (location of travel). Here are the details:

Lufthansa Economy Seat Selection Fares

Price zone Standard seats from preferred seating starts from Extra Legroom Seats start from
Zone 1 EUR 142 EUR 203 EUR 29
Zone 2 EUR 17 EUR 23 EUR 46
Zone 3 EUR 28 EUR 40 EUR 66
Zone 4 EUR 33 EUR 50 EUR 83
Zone 5 EUR 39 EUR 61 EUR 110/1155

Lufthansa Premium Economy Seat Selection Fares

Price zone Standard seating from
Zone 3 EUR 39
Zone 4 EUR 44
Zone 5 EUR 61

For more details, you can check the Lufthansa Airlines seat selection policy and confirm a seat onboard accordingly.

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection Terms and Conditions

  • To select a desired seat, your flight should be operated by:
    • Lufthansa Group Airlines
    • Lufthansa Express Rail (DB)
    • Air Dolomiti
    • Lufthansa CityLine
    • Edelweiss
    • Discover Airlines
  • The booking should be confirmed, not waitlisted or on standby.
  • The airline allows you to select a seat even after bookings.
  • You have up to 52 hours before departure to select seats via My Bookings.
  • You can also select seats as soon as check-in options, which happens up to 23 hours before take-off.
  • Your fare type decides whether the seat selection is free of charge or not.
  • Seat selection at check-in has limits and does not always guarantee your favorite seat.
  • Even if your seats are confirmed, the airline has the whole right to change it depending on the airline’s current requirements.
  • The advance seat booking fee applies to one segment of your whole itinerary.
  • You can only make seat changes if the seat is available at a lower or similar price.
  • You can not get a refund for the seat fees that you already paid.

Lufthansa Airlines Emergency Exit Seat Selection Conditions

You can only book Lufthansa Airlines exit row seats if you meet the criteria below:

  • Your age is at least 16 years,
  • You are fluent in English or German.
  • Your capability to read and understand instructions and the crew’s directions in emergency situations.
  • You do not have a dependent traveling companion on the flight.
  • In any emergency, you have a will to offer help.
  • You do not have any responsible position which prevents you from helping out in severe situations.
  • There is no pet booking under your name.

If you do not meet any of the above criteria, you can not book seats in emergency exit rows and other special seats. The airline has the right to shift your seats to somewhere else in such a case.

Final Words

That’s all about booking your tickets and special seat requests with Lufthansa Airlines. For more information, check Lufthansa Airlines seat selection on their official website or call their customer service team for assistance. You can also book your seats or change them to another one if you like as long as you have a valid reason and there are seats available. So, make sure to use the benefits of this option and enjoy hassle-free seat selection.

How Do I Make Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection?
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