Allegiant Change Flight Policy

Allegiant Change Flight

Can I Change My Flight on Allegiant Without a Penalty?

Allegiant Airlines allows you to change your flights, like schedule, date, time, etc., but the penalty and charges depend on the type of fare you have. According to Allegiant Airlines ticketing policy, you can change your flight to a different date or time for a fee, subject to Trip Flex.

Sometimes, situations arise that require you to adjust your travel plans. Allegiant Airlines understands this and does its best to offer you the best options to modify your flight itinerary. To learn more about the airline’s terms and conditions for changing your schedule or selecting a new flight on the same day, please read further.

What is Allegiant’s Policy on Changing Flights in 2024?

If you can not take a scheduled flight on the date of departure due to a sudden change of plans, you can modify your schedule. The Allegiant Change Flight Policy allows you to make significant adjustments to your travel plans and book a flight for a later date than the initial schedule. You need to follow these basic terms mentioned below and ensure a smooth journey when you are ready again:

  • You can change your Allegiant Airlines flights for free within 24 hours of the booking. However, this may be subject to your Fare type.
  • After 24 hours, flight change is not possible without a fee unless you have purchased a Trip Flex with the airline.
  • The fare difference applies to all the flights if the new ticket costs higher than the initial fare.
  • With Trip Flex, you can modify flights up to one hour before the scheduled flight departure.
  • Bookings without Trip Flex cost you around $75 one-way fee for flight changes.
  • You can never change the name on the flight to transfer it to another person.
  • Tickets with Flexible options can also get you a travel voucher when the new fare is less than your initial flight price.

When you see a flight change fee on Allegiant Airlines, you must pay it to confirm the new schedule of the flight. The airline may give you more benefits with Trip Flex, but remember to check with an expert before requesting a change.

How Do I Change an Allegiant Air Flight?

You can change an Allegiant Airlines Booking itinerary and choose a new flight operated by them through its official website or customer service team. The airline lets you change a flight to a new one with the same origin and destination/route. You can check the steps to change your flights below and confirm a smooth transition.

Steps for Online Flight Change

  • Go to the official website of Allegiant Air (
  • Find the Change Flight or Manage Booking page.
  • Enter your reservation number or confirmation code.
  • Mention your last/ full name in the next field.
  • Retrieve your itinerary and select the segment you wish to change.
  • If you have a trip flex, you can proceed easily,
  • Agree to the change in flight terms & conditions.
  • Select an available flight from the list.
  • Follow the screen prompts to complete the changes.
  • Pay the applicable fee or fare difference.
  • Complete the flight changes.

Steps for Offline Flight Change

  • Find the Allegiant Airlines customer service number.
  • Dial and follow the automated menu.
  • Select your area of concern,
  • Or directly connect to a live person.
  • Tell him your concerns.
  • Request an alternate flight from the agent.
  • He will find some suitable options as per your new schedule.
  • Select a feasible flight alternative.
  • Understand the terms and conditions.
  • Complete your changes,
  • Pay and confirm.

After changes, you will receive a confirmation email with updated flight details from the Allegiant Airlines team. You can use the information in this email for further formalities.

How Do I Change a Flight with Trip Flex?

If you purchased Trip Flex on Allegiant flights, you can change your flights once for free. In other words, if you purchase the flights with the Trip Flex option, it gives you a one-time flight change flexibility. The airline lets you make changes for free in this situation.

Terms & Conditions to Change Trip Flex Tickets with Allegiant

  • You can change flights without a fee, but it is only possible once per purchase.
  • If you wish to cancel Trip Flex, remember to do it within 24 hours of the booking for free cancellations.
  • It makes you eligible to change flights up until one hour before the departure.
  • If you are changing an Allegiant Vacation package, remember to make it at least 72 hours before the departure.
  • You may be eligible for a flight credit in case there is a difference in fare and your new itinerary costs less than the original one.
  • Some eligible bookings with remaining credit can also get you a non-transferable and nonrefundable travel voucher valid within 1-2 years of the initial booking date. The validity period varies based on when you purchased the initial flight.

If there is a change in price for flight, hotel, or car rental, you are solely responsible for the increase and you must clear the currently existing charges.

What Happens If I Want to Change a Ticket Without Trip Flex?

For Allegiant Air tickets without trip flex, a change flight fee will apply. The airline charges this fee to all the customers who do not purchase their tickets with the Trip Flex option.

Terms & Conditions for changing Allegiant flights without Trip Flex

  • Change your flights at least seven days or more before the departure date.
  • Flight changes are subject to availability, and a per-person fee of $25 applies to each segment.
  • The fare difference will be applicable if the new ticket costs more than the initial one.
  • You do not get a refund if the new ticket costs less.
  • Some eligible bookings with remaining credit can also get you a non-transferable and nonrefundable travel voucher valid within 1-2 years of the initial booking date. The validity period varies based on when you purchased the initial flight.

You can not make name changes, but you can do corrections in the names for a fee after 24 hours of the booking time, and within this period, it is free by Allegiant Air.

Does Allegiant charge to change flights?

As mentioned above, if you have a ticket without trip flex, it may cost you $25 per segment fee for each passenger. So, yes, Allegiant does charge for changing flights. However, if you have a Trip Flex booking, you are free to change a flight at least one time before departure. After that, standard ticket change costs may apply. The fee for changing flights may vary from $25 to $75 and above as per your ticket type.

Final Words

That’s how you can change your flights with Allegiant Air under their flexible policy. Remember that their fares are already very low, so if you want to make this request, this may be chargeable. Contact Tripohlz to know whether you can change a flight for free or not.

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