How Do I Change Passenger Name on Alaska Airlines Flights?

What is the Alaska airlines Name Change Process & Policy?

Were you waiting for your Alaska Airlines flight and noticed an error in your name on the ticket? Name errors or small mistakes can be corrected with Alaska Airlines under its easy-to-understand name change policy. But some restrictions apply to correct those names. Also, name transfers are a big no.

So, if you just wish to correct a silly mistake you made when you entered your name on the personal information page during ticket booking, you still have a chance. However, it’s not that simple. You must understand Alaska Airlines name change policy in detail before you proceed. Find below everything about name correction and related rules set by the airline to do it without hassle.

How Do I Change My Name on an Alaska Airlines Booking?

Alaska Airlines offers you a variety of options to make name change requests. You can do it all by yourself online if there’s a minor spelling mistake, or contact an Alaska Airlines agent for legal name change requests. Here are the details on each method for name change.

Through Manage Booking

The Alaska Airlines manage booking option is available online as well as on its official mobile app. You can follow the steps below after you open any of them to make name change requests online.

  • Find the Manage Booking/ My Trips option.
  • Login to your account or simply retrieve your trips.
  • Click on the personal information section.
  • Choose to Edit it if you see the option.
  • Make the necessary changes.
  • Submit the required documentation if prompted.
  • Confirm the changes.
  • Pay for the changes if necessary.
  • Complete the process,

Through Customer Service

  • Call the Alaska Airlines customer service team.
  • Simply dial +1-800-252-7522.
  • Follow the screen prompts to get a live person.
  • Speak to the agent about name change requests,
  • Share your details and proceed.
  • Confirm the changes and pay if necessary.

Through Alaska Airlines Desk Agent

  • Reach out to Alaska Airlines airport desk agent.
  • Share your concerns about name corrections.
  • Provide your trip details.
  • Show and submit the necessary documentation.
  • Confirm the change in name.
  • Complete the process by making payments if necessary.

After these steps, you can receive a confirmation email and get your new ticket with updated name information from the airline. This information will further help go through any formalities related to your flights.

What are Alaska Airlines Name Correction Rules?

Before you go ahead and request a name change from Alaska Airlines, here’s a detailed policy for you to follow through:

  • You can transfer your ticket or change your name to someone else’s.
  • The airline allows minor name corrections of no more than three letters in the name.
  • You can change your inverted names, such as your last name/first name to your first name/last name.
  • The airline allows customers to add their complete first name instead of their nickname.
  • You can correct obvious name misspellings.
  • The airline also allows legal name changes, but you have to provide supporting documentation.
  • Also, legal name changes are possible with the help of an airline professional and are not available online.
  • Typos can be corrected without any documentation or proof.
  • You can not request Alaska Airlines to change the name for a travel agent or agency bookings.

Now, let’s move further to understand the validation process for legal name changes.\

How Does Alaska Airlines Validate Legal Name Changes?

If you wish to change your name due to legal reasons, you have to provide Alaska Airlines a supporting legal document. A legal name change can be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Marriage
  2. Divorce
  3. Adoption
  4. Redefining Gender
  5. Court Order

If your name changed due to any of the reasons above after you booked your flights with Alaska Airlines, you must provide supporting documentation. Here are the documents you should offer:

  • A marriage license or certificate
  • A divorce decree
  • An adoption certificate
  • Affidavit of court
  • The legal court document
  • Your photo ID issued by the government.

Submit these documents depending on your reason for name change request and Alaska Airlines will process your request and relieve you from these hassles.

How Much is the Alaska Airlines Name Correction Fees?

Alaska Airlines name change requests can be free if you request it within 24 hours of booking your flights. The airline allows you to change passenger names once for free within this grace period. After that, the airline may charge you a $125 fee for name corrections. The Alaska Airlines fee for name changes applies no matter which method of correction you use. The airline sometimes asks for a fare difference if you request a name change after 24 hours of the booking and the flight’s departure is near.

Why is Name Correction Necessary?

Name correction is necessary, and it’s obvious why. The airlines take extreme caution when it comes to customer safety, and matching names on the ticket to the passenger’s ID proof is a part of the protocol.

So, if you ever misspell your name on tickets or your name changes after booking, you must request Alaska Airlines to update it as per your current documents. Because if you don’t, there’s a chance you won’t be able to fly unless the names match.

Final Words

That’s all about making name change requests with Alaska Airlines. If you have any problems, check with the airline representative and make sure you understand everything in detail. The airline agents will also assist you in updating your names on the tickets if you want, or you can simply ask about the existing policies that assist you in name changes. So, get ready to travel your heart out with Alaska Airlines, and never miss the chance just because of a minor spelling mistake.

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