What is Lufthansa Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy?

Lufthansa Airlines Name Change

How to Change Passenger Name on Lufthansa Airlines Booking?

Did you make an error while booking Lufthansa flights and misspelled your name? You can request a name change for that Lufthansa Airlines flight ticket and make the corrections. The airline’s policy allows you to undo any mistake at least once per passenger and correct the names on the ticket.

You can’t change your name to another person who’s not on your itinerary, but you can make changes to the spelling or change it due to legal reasons. Read on and understand the Lufthansa Airlines name change policy in detail to travel as scheduled.

Why is Name Change/ Correction Important?

Your Name is an important part of air travel booking because that’s how an airline identifies you. The Lufthansa Group’s Contract of Carriage states that the name on the ticket and the passenger’s Passport or Government-issued Photo ID should exactly match.

If they don’t, the airline will void your ticket, and your travel plans get canceled. To make sure your money and your planning don’t go to waste, change the name as soon as possible.

Let’s move further to understand the name change/ correction process on Lufthansa Airlines bookings!

How Do I Request Name Change on Lufthansa Flights?

A ticketed passenger can request a name change from Lufthansa Airlines for himself or other passengers booked in the itinerary. For Legal name changes, the airline requires you to contact Lufthansa Group Support. However, for simple name corrections like spelling mistakes of not more than 2 letters in your name, do it directly through the online reservation system. Let’s find out about it in detail:

Request a Name Change Online

  • Go to the Lufthansa Airlines website (www.lufthansa.com).
  • Click on the My Booking option.
  • Login to see all the bookings.
  • Or enter the booking code and last name on a ticket to find individual tickets.
  • Click to Edit the information.
  • For minor misspellings, you can change them by editing the personal information section.
  • Follow the screen instructions to confirm your entries.
  • After that, proceed to the payments option, if there’s any, pay the necessary amount.
  • Confirm name changes and complete the process.

Contact Lufthansa Group’s Support Team

  • Find the Lufthansa Airlines Group support phone number.
  • Or dial +1 (516) 738-4422 to connect from the USA.
  • Follow the voice commands to connect to a live person.
  • Share your personal information and trip details.
  • Ask for name change support.
  • Send them the related documents using the provided method.
  • Confirm the changes.
  • Pay any necessary fee.
  • Complete the process.

After you change the name, a new Lufthansa Airlines PNR will be created for you. You can use this PNR to further prepare for your flight and get a boarding pass.

How Much is the Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Fee?

Lufthansa Airlines charges a fee depending on the local currency; however, in general, their name change cost is EUR 25. The cost can be CHF 25, USD 25, or CAD 35, depending on the country of origin and destination for any name corrections. You must clear this fee as long as you are requesting a correction to the name on a Lufthansa ticket.

What are the Lufthansa Airlines Name Change/ Correction Rules?

There can be different reasons for name changes, and every request has a separate set of rules. Let’s help you understand the rules for each name change in detail:

  • Legal Name Changes

A legal name change request can be because of Marriage, Divorce, Adoption, Gender Reassignment, Legal Proceedings, etc.

To request such name changes, you need additional supporting documents, which can be:

  • A divorce certificate
  • A marriage certificate
  • Court Orders
  • Decree Absolute.

These documents are required to verify that the person traveling on Lufthansa Airlines flights will remain the same despite the name change requests. You need help from the airline’s customer service team to process such changes.

  • Misspelled Names

This is for correction of up to 2 letters in the first, middle, or last name, as well as the title. The examples are:

  • Seelna to Selena
  • Ramona Greene to Ramona Green
  • Julie Roberts MR to Julie Roberts MS or MX (nonbinary person)

Such changes are possible directly through the reservation system of Lufthansa Airlines.

  • Correcting Nicknames

You can request to change your nickname to the full name according to your identity document. For example:

  • Patty to Patricia
  • Fred to Freddie
  • Franky to Francis

These names require additional help from the Lufthansa Airlines customer service team.

  • Correcting an Inverted Name Sequence

You can change your name sequence from Last Name/First Name to First Name/Last Name or vice versa, according to the airline’s guidelines.

  • Roberts/Julia to Julia Roberts
  • Steve/Layman to Layman Steve

These changes also require you to contact Lufthansa Airlines’ name change customer service department for assistance.

Additional Guidelines for Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Requests

  • You can only make the corrections mentioned above.
  • Lufthansa does not allow adding or deleting a second first name or middle name unless you provide a legal supporting document.
  • The airline will create a new PNR for flights that contain OAL flights.
  • Per person, only one name correction is possible.
  • If a name correction is not possible, you can decide whether to get a new ticket or travel with an incorrect name.
  • To travel with an original ticket with no name correction, you need to add an SSR DOCS file to your booking that includes the full and correct name.
  • The best way is to cancel the ticket and get a refund within the grace period (24 hours of booking).
  • New Ticket issuance depends on the current fares, availability of seats, and the fare terms at the time of booking.
  • You can use an SSR DOCS format and share it with the airline to process the name changes,

For more details or to proceed with the name changes, contact Lufthansa Airlines directly and understand your options.

Final Words

That’s all about the name change policy of Lufthansa Airlines. If you need additional help, feel free to check out the airline’s official channels or contact their customer service department. They will assist you with the details.

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