How to modify the Passenger name on Air France Itinerary?

Air France Name Change

What is Air France Name Change Process & Policy?

Did you misspell your name on an Air France ticket or notice a typo while preparing to check in? You should change the name on your ticket before it’s too late and Air France cancels your ticket under the TSA regulations act. The airline will not allow you to modify the names to somebody else’s, but you can still make changes if there are some silly mistakes.

Name misspellings are a common issue, and Air France will help you solve that in no time. Also, if your names have changed since the day you booked tickets, you can make a request and update it on your itinerary. Find the details on the Air France name change service and enjoy your trips without any interruptions.

How Do I Request Name Changes on Air France?

To request a change of name due to an honest spelling mistake or a legal name change, you can call Air France. The airline only helps you adjust the names on your tickets through its phone customer service. Here are the details:

  • Open the Air France official website (
  • Find the Contact Us section.
  • Locate the General or Customer relations team phone number.
  • Dial the phone number and follow IVR instructions.
  • Choose to connect with an Air France live person.
  • Share your concerns with the designated executive.
  • Request for name change.
  • Provide the supporting documentation, if required.
  • Confirm your name updation.
  • Complete the process and hang up.

This way, you can easily change the name on your Air France ticket. Once the passenger information is updated, you can wait for the confirmation email and check-in for the flight with the new details.

What Are Air France Name Change/ Correction Rules?

Before you go on and request the name change/ correction from Air France, you should follow some rules. If you agree to the conditions below, you can fulfill all the requirements regarding the name correction and process the changes.

  • You can change the name on the ticket for minor corrections or legal reasons.
  • The entire name can not be changed to another person,
  • You can change a few characters on the name.
  • The airline will require proper legal documentation to make the request.
  • Your name should totally match the government-issued ID card.
  • If you are changing names due to marriage or divorce, submit a marriage license or divorce decree to validate.
  • These rules apply to flights operated by Air France or KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

After you follow these conditions above, you can easily request the airline to change your name. But remember, name modifications are not available.

What Documents Are Necessary to Request A Name Change From Air France?

If you wish to request a change of name on your ticket because of a typographical error or legal change of name, you need to contact the airline. Typos can be corrected simply by showing your government-issued photo ID/ passport to the agent, whereas legal name changes need the submission of supporting documents. Here are the basic documents that Air France requires for name correction:

  • Passport
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Court certificate of name change
  • Adoption certificate.

So, depending on the nature of your name change request, you can process your changes by submitting a relevant document. The airline may also ask you for additional charges to process your request. The name change fee, however, varies depending on several factors.

Is it Necessary to Correct the Name on a Flight Ticket?

Yes, it is. All the major and minor airlines, including Air France, have to comply with the TSA’s regulations, which clearly state the requirement. The airline matches the name on your ticket to your supporting document for travel and then clears you to go through the boarding formalities. If you do not correct your name and want to fly as planned, the airline may deny you to board. Simply put,

  • The security checks are out of your reach.
  • The airline won’t allow you to fly,

The airline also cancels your flights, and you won’t get anything as a refund unless there is a solid reason behind it. So, if you do not act quickly., your supposed travel plans will go to vain.

Can I Request a Name Change at The Airport?

Yes, you can. The airline lets you request a name change at the local airport. You can follow a simple series of steps and instructions to ask the Air France desk agent about it and complete the changes. Here are the details:
Request Air France Name Correction at The Airport

  • Visit your local airport in the city.
  • Go to a Jetblue Airlines helpdesk.
  • Share your concerns with an agent.
  • Ask for name changes.
  • Share your details with them.
  • Provide a supporting document if necessary.
  • Proceed with the change.
  • Confirm the changes.
  • Pay if any fee is there.
  • Complete the process.

After these steps, you will get a confirmation email that includes your updated ticket with the corrected name from Air France. Use this to get a boarding pass later and get ready for the flight.

Final Words

That’s all about name change requests. As long as the Air France flight belongs to you, you are eligible for a one-time free name change, and the rest is chargeable after 24 hours from the booking time. Connect to an expert agent at the airline’s office to confirm that you can easily process the name corrections. If you still have questions, feel free to contact an agent at our end, and we’d be happy to help. Follow for more insights on airline reservations and name change requests.

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