What is Alaska Airlines Change Flight Process & Policy?

Alaska Airlines Flight Change

Guide to Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy and Seamless Process

Changing flights can be overwhelming, but you can not always dodge the bullet when such a situation arrives. If you need to change your booking schedule, you can check the Alaska Airlines change flight policy and act accordingly.

The airline understands that plans can change, and their special policy makes it easier for you to change your flights according to the plans. So, if you want to book a new flight instead of an existing one, you can manage your booking online and follow a seamless process.

Before you head to the website/ mobile app, take a look at the below guide to Alaska Airlines flight changing policy and also read more about the process.

How Do I Change My Alaska Airlines Flight Booking?

Alaska Airlines allows you to use both offline and online modes for flight changes. To request a flight change, follow the simple steps through their official website or choose an alternate way to alter your schedule. Let’s check the details:

Steps to change an Alaska Airlines Booking Online

  • Open the official website of Alaska Airlines (www.alaskaair.com) or their mobile app.
  • Login to your Mileage Plan account using the right credentials.
  • You can also directly head to the manage booking section.
  • Here, provide the mandatory information such as your booking reference and last name.
  • Retrieve your flight details and select the one you wish to change.
  • Choose your new schedule and agree to any associated terms and conditions.
  • Pay the fee for changes, if any, and confirm your changes through onscreen prompts.

After a successful change, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Alaska Airlines with the updated flight details. You can use these details to obtain a boarding pass during check-in.

Steps to Change Alaska Airlines Flights Offline

  • Find the Alaska Airlines customer service number or visit the airport desk directly.
    • If you call, follow the IVR menu to select the Cancel Flight option.
    • After that, connect with an airline representative for flight cancellations.
  • The agent at the airport can also assist you with flight cancellations.
    • Visit the airport desk and speak to an agent.
    • Tell him your concern and show him your flight details.
    • Request a ticket cancellation.

In both the offline procedures, a live airline representative will help you change your flights to a new schedule. You can ask the airline agents to confirm your flight departure and arrival times and even check the current flight status.

What is Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policy?

Alaska offers three different types of paid fares— Saver, Main cabin, and First class.

There are different types of policies to change flights for each type of fare including one for award flight.

Let’s go through the Alaska airlines change flight date in different class fares.

Saver Fares

  • These fares are most restrictive when it comes to changes or cancellations.
  • Saver Fares are changeable only under special circumstances apar from the 24-hour risk-free period after booking. 
  • You can check your ticket for peace of mind waiver and make sure to change it accordingly.
  • For changes after 24 hours, you can cancel your saver fares and then request a rebooking.

Main or first-class fares

  • There is no flight change fee to change a main cabin or First class Alaska Airlines booking.
  • You can reschedule it on the date of departure for a fee, else you are not charged a cent.
  • The airline can require you to pay the fare difference if it exists.
  • When the new flight costs less than the initial, you can get a refund of the difference in return

Important Note: If you only wish to change the name on your Alaska Airlines tickets, you can request it under their name change policy and the process remains similar to the schedule change requests.

Same-day Alaska Airlines Ticket Change Policy

You typically have to pay $25 to $50 for same-day modifications, but you don’t have to pay for the difference in fare. You can request same-day modifications during check-in, but you must do so before the original flight’s planned departure time. Your new preferred flight must depart the same day in the week as your original itinerary, with the same origin, destination, through, and connection cities. Alaska airlines change return flight is also possible on the same day.

Refundable ticket holders are excluded from paying the same-day change fee.

Can I Change My Alaska Airlines Flights booked with Miles?

Yes, you can change the schedule of an award flight booked with Alaska Airlines and totally free of cost. The miles are refundable if the new flight costs you less into the mileage plan accounts, but, if your new flight is costing you more, you may need to supplement with extra miles.

Should I call or go online to change my flight?

As we have mentioned, changing a flight online is simpler. If you bought the ticket directly from Alaska’s site, you can change the flight online. However, if you call their customer service team, you can get a clear idea of how the changes work. Suppose you wish to change a flight on the same day as your original Alaska Airlines flight’s departure. In that case, you must consult an airline expert.

Also, if your reservation isn’t eligible for online changes, you can make changes over the phone. Call 1-800-252-7522 to learn more about Alaska Airlines’ change policy.

How to Get Alaska Airlines Change Flight Credit?

Every time you cancel the ticket you get a portion of credits for your next trip. Let’s go through everything on these credit certificates by Alaska Airlines.

Meaning of Credit certificates

You have the option to receive any unutilized portion of a nonrefundable Alaska Airlines ticket as a credit certificate for next travel when you cancel or modify the ticket. Certificates are valid for the greater of 12 months from the day your initial ticket was issued or 30 days from the date of exchange or cancellation.

Receiving Credit Certificates

Your certificate code and PIN are sent to you via email from service. iflyalaska.com when you purchase credit certificates. To use or access your credit balance, you need both the certificate code and PIN. You should have gotten 2 different emails from [email protected]. Your certificate code will be on one, and your PIN will be on the other. You can also check it on the email.

How to Apply for Your Credit Certificate?

Your credit certificate and PIN must be entered on our full site’s payment page. Certificates of credit are not valid on the mobile website or app.

  • See the entire website of alaskaair.com to book flights.
  • Choose your choice(s) and then move on to the payment page.
  • Choose Use certificates or gift cards on the Payment page’s wallet and certificates section. Put additional certificates into your wallet before using them if you want to utilise more than four.
  • Type in your PIN and certificate code.
  • Remember to match the PIN to the appropriate certificate if you have several certificates.
  • Your certificate’s remaining balance is kept there until it expires. A credit card will be needed for the remaining amount of the purchase if the certificate balance is less than the entire amount payable.

Final Words

That’s how you can change a flight with Alaska Airlines and get your new schedule. Remember to go through all the points listed in Alaska Airlines change flight policy and make the most of your booking. Call the airline to know more about your flight change options, or request through their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Alaska airlines change fee 2024?

There will be a $25–$50 fee, but there is no fare difference. Saver fares are non-refundable. Only within the terms of our 24-hour cancellation policy may saver fares be canceled.

Is it Possible to Change Alaska Air Flights After Check-in?

Yes, you can change certain Alaska Airlines fares after checking in online. The eligibility depends on your particular fare type and the time left for departure. Check the same-day change rules to be sure if it’s possible to change your current itinerary.

Do I Get a Miles Refund on Changing to a Lower Priced Flight?

Alaska Airlines refunds you the miles paid for an award flight if you change it to another one that costs fewer miles than the original booking. You can get miles back to your Mileage Plan account and use them for another purchase later.

Does Alaska Airlines Charge for Changing First Class Flights?

No. The airline does not charge you anything to change your first-class flight dates, timing, or schedule. The higher cabin class has the utmost flexibility and no change fee.

Can I Change Alaska Airlines Saver Fare to Premium Class?

No, such changes are not possible nor are they permitted through Alaska airlines flight change service. If you wish to change a fare class to another, you have to request the airline for an upgrade.

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