Can I Make a Seat Selection of My Choice on Air France?

How Do I Select Seats for My Air France Bookings?

Need specific seats like an aisle or a window seat on the plane? If you have booked your tickets on Air France, you can make advance seat selection and get your desired seats. The airline lets you select seats while you purchase your tickets or after booking through manage booking.

The Air France seat selection process makes it simple to book your seats on the plane. If you want, you can check the process in detail below and confirm a seat you desire to have a comfortable trip. Let’s get started.

When Can I Book a Seat on Air France?

On Air France, you can select Standard, Premium, or Business Class seats while or after your booking. Use any available online or offline way and choose your seats in the specified time. The seat selection option after booking your Air France flight tickets is available up to 30 hours before the departure.

There are many ways to choose a seat in both the options, and here are the details:

Air France Seat Selection while Purchasing the Tickets

If you do not already have a flight and you want to book it with Air France, you can also choose seats while you are at it. Here are different ways to select seats while booking your tickets:

Online Seat Selection (Website or Mobile App)

  • Go to the Air France website ( mobile app.
  • Start a new booking.
  • Choose the desired itinerary details.
  • Enter complete information and search flights.
  • Choose one and continue.
  • Open the seat map to see the available seats.
  • Choose one you are eligible for.
  • Complete the selection.
  • Continue to enter the traveler’s details.
  • Confirm your booking by making a payment.

Offline Seat Selection (Customer Service)

  • Call Air France customer service.
  • Dial 1800 419 2033
  • Follow the IVR instructions.
  • Press the number associated with new bookings.
  • Or connect with a live agent.
  • Share your itinerary requirements.
  • Get relevant flight options.
  • Choose an option you like.
  • Tell him your seat preferences.
  • Confirm an available seat you like.
  • Share your personal information & contact.
  • Complete the seat and flight booking.
  • Pay for the booking.
  • Check your email for confirmation.

You can also make seat selections while booking flights at the airport. Just share your requirements, check for seat availability, and confirm the booking with the help of the Air France airport help desk.

Air France Seat Selection After Purchasing the Tickets

Even if you have purchased your Air France tickets already, you can still book your seats on the plane. Here are the detailed methods to choose seats after booking:

Select Seats via Manage Booking

  • Go to the Air France website/ mobile app.
  • Check the Your Bookings section.
  • Retrieve your booking itinerary.
  • Check the option for seat selection and continue.
  • Follow the screen prompts to open the seat map.
  • Select a seat that you like.
  • Check the associated fare and confirm.
  • Complete the payment and check your email for seat confirmation.

Choose seats through Air France Customer Service

  • Call Air France customer service.
  • Dial 1800 419 2033
  • Follow the IVR instructions.
  • Press the number associated with seat selections
  • Or connect with a live agent.
  • Share your itinerary information.
  • Tell him your seat preferences.
  • Confirm an available seat you like.
  • Pay for the seats if necessary and confirm.

With these simple processes above, you can make seat selections and confirm seating choices with Air France. For more details on a selection of your desired seats, read on.

How Much Does it Cost to Select a Seat on Air France?

The Air France Seat selection cost depends on the type of ticket you have, your selected fare, your date of travel, and your destination. International flights charge you more to select seats, whereas on domestic flights, the prices are comparatively low. You can pay for an advance seat selection using your Flying Blue Miles or Blue Credits/ Cash.

What is the deadline for seat selection on Air France Flights?

If you want to select a seat on Air France, you either choose to select seats at the time of booking or through manage booking. The airline lets you select your favorite seats up to 30 hours before the flight’s departure time. So, you can do so at check-in or make an advance seat reservation to not miss any available seats due to early occupancy.

What is Air France Seat Selection Policy?

Before you follow any of the mentioned methods to choose your seats with Air France, take a detailed look at their seat selection policy and rules below:

  • For short and medium-haul flights, you can only choose the “Extra Legroom seats.”
  • You can book these seats online if:
    • You have reduced mobility and need special services.
    • Booked under the Kids Solo service from Air France as an unaccompanied minor.
  • Flying Blue members can buy seats using Miles under My Bookings after booking their tickets.
  • One with reduced mobility can not book any seat with Extra legroom or exit row seats.
  • You can refund a seat fare in these conditions:
    • For the flight that is canceled by the airline and the new flight does not have the same seat availability.
    • If the airline assigned your reserved seat to someone else because of any special requirements.
  • If you bought Flex Fare and canceled your entire reservation.

Air France Seat Selection for Families with Children

  • Air France tries to make sure that you and your family sit together and next to each other.
  • The airline reserves flights for the family with children free of cost 2 days before the departure of a flight.
  • Remember that for a family with a child of age below 2 years old, seat selection for standard or business fares is not available online and you must call Air France for it.

Seat Selection Rules for Children Traveling Alone

  • Unaccompanied minors have standard seat choices free of cost while booking tickets.
  • You must indicate that your child is traveling alone at the time of booking.

In addition to this, you can change or transfer your pre-selected seats in Standard, Premium, or Business fares to the new flight free of charge. If the seat is not available, you can get a refund from the airline.

Final Words

That’s how you can choose your preferred seats with Air France. If you want additional information, consult an airline agent about it and confirm your options with the airline. The Air France Seat selection process will be simple and straightforward and you can also get seat bookings in advance.

Can I Make a Seat Selection of My Choice on Air France?
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