How Can I Travel With My Group on Air France?

What is the Air France Group Booking Process and Policy?

If you are 10 or more looking to fly abroad, you can arrange a group trip for your easy ventures. Air France is a well-known European career that can help you plan a journey with your friends/family/colleagues. The airline offers you amazing group travel fares and adjustable conditions as per your needs.

Want to request a group booking quote from Air France? Check out the details below to understand their process and policy for groups of 10 or more people.

How Do I Book Group Travel with Air France?

To book group travel flights on Air France, you can request a quote and then proceed with the booking. You can access the official Air France website to find the group travel option or follow the simple process mentioned below.

Requesting Air France Group Travel Quote

Air France offers different options for customers to receive a group travel quote for their next group trip. If you are someone in the United States, you’d probably be redirected to Delta Airlines to make a request. However, for customers in France, the airline allows direct group travel requests. We have explained both options ahead for you to understand the detailed process of requesting a Group travel quote from Air France.

Group Travel Request in the US

  • Visit the official website of Air France for your region.
  • Search for the “Traveling in a Group” option.
  • Find the Request a Quote link.
  • You will get redirected to the Delta Airlines Group form request page.
  • Provide the Group Travel Information in this page.
  • Next, add the Customer information.
  • Enter your travel details.
  • Put any special requests if you want.
  • Submit your request.

Air France redirects US customers to Delta Airlines for group booking because it has partnered with Delta to offer better services in the US 50. After you submit the request, you will receive a confirmation of your submission in your email. The airline usually sends you a relevant no-obligation group quote within 2 or 3 days

Group Travel Request in France

If you are from France, you can directly request group travel quotes from the Air France official website. Follow the below steps to submit your request:

  • Go to the Air France official website for France,
  • Find the Group Travel section.
  • Click on the Request a Quote option.
  • The new page will open with a form.
  • Make a group travel request here.
    • Enter your Travel information.
    • Provide Group Details
    • Make any Special Requests
    • Add remarks, if any.
  • Confirm at each step and continue.
  • Click on “Send my Request.”
  • Your group travel request will be sent to Air France.

Soon, you will receive an acknowledgment with your group booking request information from Air France via email. The airline will also send you a quote within a few business days.

What is the Air France Group Booking Rate?

The overall amount and group fare for your requested itinerary depends on several factors, as it is a customized quote offered to you. Here are the major causing factors:

  • Total Number of Passengers in a group(Min. 10)
  • The number of available seats on the plane.
  • Your preferred dates for travel.
  • The average cost of selected fare cabin per passenger.

Remember that these same factors also decide your group fare conditions. Some additional factors that underlie are:

  • The total number of days left for departure.
  • Country of Origin of Travel.
  • The promotions period.
  • Your payment mode.

All these factors play an important role when you book to travel in groups with Air France and want additional perks for your itinerary.

Are There Any Age Requirements for Book Groups?

Yes, Air France does not allow all minors to travel unaccompanied in a group. The airline requires at least one adult of 18 years old or above to take a maximum of 12 members in a group booking.

The age of the minors can be:

  • Below 15 for international travel networks.
  • Below 12 within Metropolitan or France Overseas networks.

Apart from these, if you have a child or infant below the age of 2 and can sit on your lap, he/ she won’t count as your group member. So, make sure to maintain a minimum of 10 people in the Air France group booking, excluding lap infants.

What are the Benefits of Group Travel Bookings with Air France?

If you continue with your group travel plans with Air France, there are several amazing benefits that follow suit. Here are the details:

  • In group bookings, there’s no extra fee, but a single fare for all, which includes children under 12 years old.
  • If your flight has a connection with Air France, Delta, or KLM, you can make just one booking and add it.
  • Every passenger in the group gets one free checked item option to bring with them.
  • You will get group seating on the plane.
  • You can earn Flying Blue miles or Blue Credits for your group/company.
  • The airline also offers reduced fares for infants who are younger than 2 years old in a group.
  • Group bookings can be made up to 11 months in advance, and there is a monthly installment plan for the fare as well.
  • Before your tickets are issued, there is no name change fee for passengers.
  • You can add more people to the group after confirming with a few at first. (fares may apply)
  • You can combine group travel with Air France’s Conference and Trade Fair offer to hold a special event.
  • The airline also assists you with a team that helps you organize your plans throughout.

With all these benefits, you can feel at ease when booking group travel fares on Air France.

Final Words

Air France airlines offers its customers group booking options. The airline has partnered with Delta and KLM as well. So, if you are flying in the USA, you can fly Air France, or Delta as a group and enjoy maximum benefits. For increased comfort, remember to call Air France customer service for details and get help.

How Can I Travel With My Group on Air France?
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