Guide to Air France Deals and Discount Fares for Students

air france Student Discounts

Students always struggle with airfares being too expensive, and when they can’t find a proper way out, they have to cancel their plans. However, with Air France giving student discounts, they can plan a voyage with maximum benefits.

The airline offers special student fares and deals to its customers and provides them maximum flexibility. So, if you are a student going back to your university or on a holiday with friends, you can take advantage of this special deal by Air France. However, before you go ahead to book student fares, you can read more about the airline’s benefits and the associated terms for student fares.

How Do You Book a Student Fare Ticket on Air France?

Booking a flight ticket as a student is not a big deal with Air France. You can just do it online via their official website. Here are the easy steps to book a student fare with the airline:

  • Go to the Air France official website (
  • Enter the Book a Flight section.
  • Select the type of your trip.
  • Choose your origin and destination from the list.
  • Provide your preferred travel dates.
  • Enter the number of passengers.
  • Choose Student Major as Passenger type.
  • Search for flights.
  • Review the fare and benefits.
  • Complete the booking by paying for your flight.

Remember that Student fares are available under the Air France Economy fare option and offer general benefits to travelers with some added flexibility due to their student status.

Terms and Conditions for Air France Student Fares

If you want to book a student discount fare on Air France, you must abide by the general terms and conditions. The airline will not allow you to travel on student deals if you fail to meet any of the terms mentioned below:

  1. Student fares are only applicable to Economy class tickets on Air France and are subject to availability.
  2. You must be a full-time student enrolled in a higher education institution.
  3. Your age should be between 18 and 29 years to become eligible for the discount.
  4. Every student fare passenger may present documents for proof of them being an academic student.
  5. All necessary travel-related documents are also a must.
  6. Student fares require a minimum trip duration of 21 days, except for France and Guadeloupe/Martinique/Réunion/French Guyana, where it’s 7 days.

Mandatory Documents for Student Flights and Discounts

Any student traveling with Air France has to present the documents mentioned below to avoid any hassle at the time of booking:

  • Student Identification Card
  • University Enrollment Letter
  • Proof of Admission
  • Fees Slip

Bring these documents with you to qualify to fly as a student with Air France Airlines.

Also, to avoid additional fees while booking a student discount fare on Air France, read and follow the terms and conditions carefully. If you do not meet these conditions, the airline will charge you the full-published price of the ticket.

Does Air France offer Flexibility on Student Discount Fares?

Yes, although the student fares are available in Economy cabins on long-haul flights, the airline tries to give maximum benefits to the customers. With student discounts, you get maximum flexibility, no matter how your plans change. So, you can change Air France flights as many times as you can for free with the applicable difference in fare.

Moorever, all student fare tickets are changeable under the same rate and conditions. The airline also offers a refund for students who want to terminate their travel. However, in that case, there may be a EUR 200 cancellation fee. Most promotional fares are excluded from these refund conditions.

Note: To be eligible for student discounts, Air France requires you to verify your student status with valid proof of documentation.

What Else do Students get with Air France Discount Rates?

Other than flight fares at discounted rates and added flexibility, here’s a detailed list of perks customers can enjoy:

  • A free hand luggage allowance and one personal item with a combined weight of 12 kg
  • Two free checked bags weighing no more than 23 kg
  • Free ticket changes with applicable fare difference

The airline offers these benefits with student fares. However, there are some exceptions to these discounts as well. Check the details below and understand what you won’t get at an Air France student rate:

Exceptions to Air France Student Discount

  • Seat Selection is not possible before check-in.
  • Student fares do not include SkyPriority benefits
  • Flights are refundable, but a cancellation fee applies.

Apart from the mentioned exceptions, customers can enjoy exceptional rates and benefits from Air France by verifying their student status. But remember to check the latest air travel and entry regulations of your country before booking.

Do Third-Party Sites also offer Student Discounts on Air France?

Yes, there are many third-party vendors and agencies that offer net-fare discounts for a student. As per resources,

  • EaseMyTrip provides a 10% discount on the actual fare with student offer for specific routes.
  • StudentUniverse also guarantees upto 15% off on flights booked as students.
  • Discount sites like StudentBeans also provide exclusive discount codes to student travelers, which they can apply during booking checkout.

Aside from the above options, Air France Youth Pass is also an exciting option. You can get up to a 30% discount after properly verifying your student identity. So, keep checking your travel plans and decide soon to get the maximum benefit.

What Are the Benefits of Student Discounts on Air France?

As we already mentioned in what you get with student airfare, you get amazing benefits from Air France. Let’s make it more straightforward for you:

Added Flexibility

Usually, economy fares come with a limitation to changes when needed. After the 24-hour flexible period, all changes are chargeable or not possible at all. However, student fares give added flexibility, and you can change your flights by paying nothing else but a difference in fares.

Extra Checked Bags

Carry-on allowance comes with almost every Air France fare. But, with student discount rates, customers can enjoy checked baggage allowance in the Economy fares. The airline permits students to bring two free checked bags with them for free. Each baggage has a maximum weight allowance of 23 kg.

For more information, you can contact a live person at the Air France customer service team and connect to the best agents for assistance.

Final Words

So, now you clearly understand how you can enjoy Air France student discount fares and their benefits. It’s time you can proceed to book your flights with the carrier and enjoy the mentioned perks. Get ready to fly high while you maintain your student budget intact.

Guide to Air France Deals and Discount Fares for Students
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