How Do I Book Group Travel on Qatar Airways Flights?

Qatar Airways Group Travel

Does Qatar Airways do Group Travel Bookings?

Yes, Qatar Airways allows a group with 10 or more people traveling together in a single itinerary to book with them. Any party traveling together for one or more flight segments can book Qatar Airways group travel and enjoy top-notch services on the go.

Traveling in groups is always a delight because you get to travel with people you love, and Qatar Airways makes it happen for people. If you are planning a group trip in the near future, read below the necessary requirements for booking in groups and the process of making a request.

Why People Choose Group Travel on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways gives maximum options and a variety of benefits for customers traveling as a group with 10 or more people. There are special fares and dedicated services for the customers. If you want to travel as a group, here are the basic reasons to choose Qatar Airways flights:

  • You can benefit from the special fares designed for groups and get unbelievable offers when booking tickets.
  • Secure your space on the plane with a small deposit fee, and you can easily pay the remaining balance up to 7 days before take-off.
  • Save Your Spot without the names of passengers. You can hold the spaces without all traveler names. This option lets you choose seats within 72 hours of take-off.
  • The airline even offers customers stopover packages, visa arrangements, and group tours as per requests.

Apart from this, there are some additional dedicated services for customers offered by Qatar Airways. Let’s have a closer look at the details:

Get Dedicated Services on Group Travel From Qatar Airways

  • You can purchase extra baggage allowance in advance for your group travel with applicable rates from Qatar Airways.
  • Customers can request dedicated group check-in on counters, and the airline will help you out.
  • You can ask for special meals with dietary or religious requirements from the airline, and they will make proper arrangements.
  • The airline will also allow you group seating onboard as per the seat avavailability.

We advise that if you are planning to fly to the USA, UK, or any other country, you can make a group booking in advance from Qatar Airways.

What Are The Different Types Of Groups On Qatar Airways?

A group travel ticket is where 10 or more people travel together on one or more segments with group fare. This group booking is usually made by QR stations on behalf of their travel agents, where they block 10 seats or more in a single transaction up until the passenger’s names are final. According to these criteria, these are the two basic types of Qatar Airways group booking:


Allotments refer to a minimum of 4 to 10 seats that are reserved for a Tour Operator through a signed contract. These seats are booked in daily, weekly, or monthly patterns across specific periods of time or travel seasons. The required number of seats may vary depending on the season. There are two types of Allotments that a Tour Operator can choose from.

  • Group Series

It is a collection of ad hoc groups that are consolidated and treated as a series with varying conditions.

  • Negotiated Space

It is similar to the Group Series but with a different technical approach to selling it. This special series is exclusively available for Amadeus user agents and is a unique feature of the Amadeus GDS.

Ad-Hoc Groups

These groups are available for all types of customer types and market segments and can be requested anytime. Under this group booking type of Qatar Airways, you need a minimum group size to travel in each cabin. Here are the details:

  • Economy Class – 10 People per departure
  • Business or First Class- 6 People per departure
  • Economy + Business/First 10 People per departure

This group requires a deferred deposit payment with 80% of the group size required for materialization. You can always change the size of the group through Qatar Airways manage booking, but the minimum requirement must be met.

Are There any Additional Group Types?

Yes, Qatar airways has different types of groups that people can book as. Let’s have a closer look at the available options:

  • Sports
  • Education
  • Religion
  • MICE
  • Labour
  • Leisure.

Each of these groups has its special features and categories, as the name suggests. You must mention the type of group when making a booking request with Qatar Airways or filling out the group form.

How to Make a Group Service Request From Qatar Airways?

To make a group service request from Qatar Airways, you can fill out the Group form on the airline’s website or get in touch with their booking desk. Here are the details to make a group request online:

  • Go to the official booking website of Qatar Airways.
  • Click on the “Book” tab and choose the “Group travel” option beneath Group and Business Travel.
  • Find the Group service request form and fill in the information necessary.
  • Provide a place where you will pay for and collect the ticket.
  • Give a name and customer type for the group.
  • Enter the size of the group.
  • Select your journey type.
  • Now, you can provide all the flight details and preferred office.
  • Give any specific requirements, and lastly, enter your/group coordinator’s details.
  • Mention any remarks and click Submit.

This will help you explain your travel requirements to Qatar Airways for group service and you can receive a quote from the airline to lock the fares.

Contact Qatar Airways Group Travel Desk

Below are the different contact emails for the local Qatar Airways office. You can email your group travel form directly to one of these according to your itinerary and get a quote to further confirm your tickets.


Country City Email
Uganda Entebbe [email protected]
Tunisia Tunis [email protected]
Tanzania Dar Es Salaam
[email protected]
South Africa Cape Town
[email protected]
Seychelles Seychelles [email protected]
Rwanda Kigali [email protected]
Nigeria Lagos [email protected]
Namibia Windhoek [email protected]
Mozambique Maputo [email protected]
Morocco Casablanca
[email protected]
Kenya Nairobi
[email protected]
Ethiopia Addis Ababa [email protected]
Djibouti Djibouti [email protected]
Algeria Algiers [email protected]


Country City Email
Qatar Doha [email protected]
Oman Muscat
[email protected]
Lebanon Beirut [email protected]
Kuwait Kuwait [email protected]
Jordan Amman [email protected]
Iraq Baghdad [email protected]
Erbil [email protected]
Sulaymaniyah [email protected]
Najaf [email protected]
Basra [email protected]
Iran Shiraz [email protected]
Mashhad [email protected]
Tehran [email protected]
Esfahan [email protected]


Country City Email
Pakistan Islamabad
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Can I Request Qatar Airways Group Quote for Meetings, Conferences, etc?

Yes, you can request a Qatar Airways Group Quote for Meetings, Conferences, and other events. To request a group fare quote from Qatar Airways for meetings or events, simply fill out a form on their website. They’ll get back to you within 3 business days.

If you are a corporate event manager, meeting planner, or travel agent looking to request a quote for a minimum of 20 passengers traveling from one or multiple origins to one destination for a meeting or incentive trip, you can fill out a form on their website.

Final Words

Qatar Airways offers a dedicated team that specializes in group bookings and event planning. You can visit their website and fill out the group booking request form, or contact their dedicated group booking team for more information and assistance. Get in touch with Tripohlz and finalize your group travel with Qatar Airways without much delay.

How Do I Book Group Travel on Qatar Airways Flights?
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