How Do I Book Group Travel on Qatar Airways Flights?

Qatar Airways Group Travel

How Can I Book Travel For My Group on Qatar Airways?

If you have a large group with 10 people or more and you all wish to travel together to the same destination on the same flight, book tickets with Qatar Airways. The airline offers an exclusive group travel program using which larger groups can travel with special fares on flights and more.

When ten people or more travel on the same flight under a single booking for one or more segments, Qatar Airways group travel is the best option. Using this feature, you can travel together with your loved ones for a delightful journey. Here on this page, you can find out the entire terminology of booking a group ticket to travel with Qatar Airways to your favorite destinations.

Booking Group Travel with Qatar Airways

Before you proceed to book your group travel or start planning it, you should know the process of booking it in advance. Qatar Airways allows customers to book group travel tickets online or offline, but their best way is to speak to a local customer service expert at their office. Let’s study the details of the group travel process below!

How to Make a Group reservation on Qatar Airways?

To make a group reservation or inquire Qatar Airways about it, you can contact the dedicated group desk at your location. If you are booking flight tickets from the USA, you can contact the Qatar Airways group booking desk at 1-786-232-0461 to make your requests. Here are the details:

  • Call the Qatar Airways office on a dedicated phone line.
  • Follow the voice instructions to choose your option.
  • Select the number or say “group travel” when prompted.
  • Request to connect with a Qatar Airways live person.
  • Share with him your booking information and other details.
  • Request a group quote via email.
  • Check the guidelines and other fare details.
  • Confirm the booking if you like the quote.

This is how you can book a group to travel with Qatar Airways and enjoy vacations with your loved ones. That’s all about offline group reservations with the airline. If you are a registered or certified travel agent, you can even book travel for a group of 10 or more online. Here are the details:

Making a Group Request via Online Form

Fill out the Qatar Airways group booking form by following the steps below and request a group quote to book your tickets:

  • Go to the Qatar Airways website (
  • Locate the Group and Business Travel options.
  • Click on the “Group Travel” link.
  • A new page opens with the details on group bookings.
  • Scroll down to the page where it says

“Log in now and submit your group request”

  • Click on the “Request Group Quote” button.
  • Create a new account and register.
  • Or log in with your existing account.
  • After that, you can proceed with the request.
  • Select the group type.
  • Provide the required itinerary.
  • Mention the size of the group.
  • Also, mention the additional information necessary.
  • Complete the form and submit the quote.

The airline will email you the detailed information and fare after evaluating your request. If you like the given quote, you can confirm it and complete your group booking with Qatar Airways.

What Are the Different Types of Groups on Qatar Airways?

If you are planning group travel with Qatar Airways, there are three major categories of groups that you can book. Here are the details:

Sports Group

If you and your team have a big game ahead, you can let Qatar Airways help you prepare your travel. The airline experts take care of your needs during travel, and the only thing left for you is to cheer up and have a bang at that game.

Education Group

If you are a student or group of students looking for a flight to have a trip with your mates for educational purposes, you can book with Qatar Airways. The airline allows you to get the best options through a dedicated team of travel planners.

Holidays Group

If you and your family/ friends/ colleagues are planning a holiday to a specific destination with Qatar Airways, you can plan it efficiently. They can help your group of 10+ to arrange a holiday itinerary for your family and friends.


If you are planning a group booking with Qatar Airways and you do not have a current group option in mind, or you have meetings, conferences, etc, falls under this category. You can enquire about a booking by locating your nearest Qatar Airways office and confirming your tickets.

Types of Groups for Travel Agents

QR stations make group bookings for travel agents reserving 10+ seats until passenger names are final. There are two types of Qatar Airways group bookings based on these criteria.


Allotments are a set number of seats that are reserved for a Tour Operator through a signed contract. Typically, these seats are booked on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and are reserved for specific periods of time or travel seasons. The required number of seats may vary depending on the season.

  • Group Series
  • Negotiated Space

Ad-Hoc Groups

Ad-hoc groups are available for all types of customers and can be requested anytime. A minimum group size is required for each cabin class, for example:

  • Economy Class – 10 People per departure
  • Business or First Class- 6 People per departure
  • Economy + Business/First 10 People per departure

This group requires a deposit payment to secure the booking, with at least 80% of the group size required to confirm the reservation. You may adjust the group size later through Qatar Airways’ manage booking, but you must meet the minimum requirement.

What Are the Benefits of Group Travel with Qatar Airways?

  • Group bookings have special fares dedicated to customers with exceptional offers.
  • A small deposit can help you secure a space onboard and you can pay the rest up to 7 days before departure.
  • No need to mention the names of passengers and you can still choose seats within 72 hours of departure.
  • You can find customized packages with stopovers, Visa options, and group tours on special requests.
  • Extra baggage allowance is available to purchase in advance for groups.
  • Group passengers have dedicated check-in options at the airport and Qatar Airways also helps to speed up the process.
  • Group customers can request special dietary meals or religious meal requirements from the airline to make proper arrangements.
  • The airline may also allow you free group seating as per availability.

You can book a group with Qatar Airways to fly to the USA, UK, Qatar, Europe, UAE, etc., and confirm your bookings at a reasonable fare.

Final Words

You can find good deals and discounts from Qatar Airways while you confirm your group booking through the mentioned steps and follow the simple rules with the airline. The dedicated group booking desk can also help you with additional information and processes. Consult a Qatar Airways customer service agent for more information and complete your booking with ease.

How Do I Book Group Travel on Qatar Airways Flights?
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