Does Allegiant Airlines Allow Same-Day Flight Changes?

How to Change an Allegiant Airlines Booking on the Departure Date?

Is there a last-minute change of plans, and you want to push your Allegiant Air flight to a few hours later schedule? Well, you can request Allegiant Airlines same-day change for your flights. Although it is not available for everyone, there are still ways you can switch between flights on the day of departure.

Flight changes are inevitable, and they require a lot of attention, but to actually request it on the departure date, you should understand your options. Take a look at the details below and understand how you can change your Allegiant Airlines flight on the same day!

How to Make a Same-Day Flight Change Request on Allegiant?

Allegiant Airlines allows customers to change their ticket schedule online or offline, depending on their choice. We recommend that you contact their customer service team for a better response, but each method is equally useful. To request a same-day flight change from Allegiant Airlines, you can follow the simple steps outlined below.

  • Online Request for Same-Day Change

    • Visit the official Allegiant Airlines website (
    • Go to the My Trips section.
    • Find your trips using the necessary details.
    • Click on the Change Flight option.
    • Review the terms and conditions.
    • Follow the screen instructions.
    • Choose your new flight with available seats
    • Confirm the changes.
    • Pay the same-day change fees, if any.
    • Confirm the changes.
  • Same-Day Changes Over the Phone

    • Call Allegiant Airlines Customer service
    • Follow the automated voice menu.
    • Connect to a live agent through prompts.
    • Ask for a flight change on the same day.
    • Get the available options.
    • Inquire about the fees.
    • Pay and confirm the changes.
    • Get new ticket details over the email.
  • Flight Change at the Airport

    • Go to the Allegiant airline desk at your local airport
    • Find the airline agent and request a same-day flight change.
    • Check for any available seats on the desired flight.
    • Ask about the cost of changing your flight.
    • Confirm your new flight details with the representative.
    • Pay any fees.
    • Get a new boarding pass.
    • Check the departure time & gate information.
    • Arrive at the gate on time for your new flight.

Through these steps, you can easily change your Allegiant Airlines flight on the same day as departure. If you need additional information, feel free to call their team again or check your fare rules for the entire terms and conditions.

Are All Fares Eligible for Allegiant’s Same-Day Change?

Well, Allegiant only offers Economy fares and offers an additional advantage. If you add a Trip Flex purchase at the time of booking, you can save more and enjoy more flexibility. But if there are not many fares with Allegiant, how does same-day change work? Here are the details on how you can request a same-day change:

  • Allegiant offers you an option to select Trip Flex while making a purchase.
  • If you choose Trip Flex, your booking becomes totally flexible.
  • Now that you have flexible booking, you can easily make changes to it.
  • This gives you an option to adjust your schedule on the same day as the departure of your initial flight.
  • You can not request to change your origin or destination airport with the airline.
  • The airline will not let you change your nonstop to a connection or connection to a nonstop.
  • Passengers without Trip Flex can not change their trips less than 7 days before their departure.
  • So, you can only request a same-day flight change with Trip Flex protection.
  • You can only change to another flight if there are available seats on the plane.
  • If the airline does not allow same-day changes on your reservations, you won’t see the option online.

In simple words, you can request a same-day change only if you purchased a trip using Trip Flex and have not changed your Allegiant Air flight since.

Can I Also Change A Vacation Package on Same-Day with Trip Flex?

According to the Allegiant Airlines official website, vacation packages purchased with Trip Flex can not be changed on the same day of departure unless specified otherwise. The airline requires that you request a change to these packages at least 72 hours before your scheduled departure time.

If you have any worries or questions, you can contact Allegiant Airlines for more information and to understand the airline’s policy on how it works.

Final Words

That’s all about requesting a same-day change from Allegiant Airlines. Remember that you have to follow the change terms and conditions as well as understand the same-day flight change terms in detail. Also, as you can only request changes to a ticket with Trip Flex on the day of departure, you can check the related rules to be more careful. Feel free to contact the airline’s customer service team for a better idea about changing flights on the same day as take-off.

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