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American Airlines Manage Booking

Flying is a process that requires so much attention before you actually plan your trips. American Airlines being the best in the industry, brings you the best services. Whether you want to make a new booking or use the American Airlines manage booking section to change an existing flight, all is possible within a few clicks.

Any assistance you need with your bookings, be it new or already booked, AA will help you out. You can use the manage booking option for all the changes you want or make an American Airlines booking for flying in the future. The process is smooth and simple. Let’s move further to understand how this works!

How To Make a Flight Booking with American Airlines?

American Airlines permits customers to book new flights using plenty of options available. However, the easiest is their official website. You can use the AA website and locate the American Airlines book a flight section to process your requests all by yourself. The online booking process is simple and lets you confirm your tickets without extra effort.

If you want, you can also book your AA flights through customer service and speak with a live agent to get help with the flight booking. The airline agent will assist you until your flight is booked and tell you how to manage and modify it later on.

American Airlines Booking Process(Steps for Online booking)

  • To book an American Airlines flight, log in to the official website of AA.
  • You can continue to the book flight section directly if you do not have an existing account with them.
  • Here, provide all the necessary details about your air travel:
    • Trip Type: One-way, Round trip or Multi-city
    • Departure from
    • Destination
    • Preferred travel dates
    • Number of travelers, adults, children, infants
    • Preferred travel class
  • After providing this information, click “Find Flights” to see the list of available flights.
  • Select a flight that suits your needs and budget the best and continue,
  • Now, select a valid payment method in the payment section and process your flight booking.

After all these steps, you will receive a booking confirmation email from American Airlines confirming your tickets. It will contain a reservation number and other relevant details. Use this email to make any changes in the future.

Can I Modify My American Airlines Flight?

When it comes to air travel, changes are inevitable. You may have to modify some details on your flights at any point. The American Airline manage booking service permits the customers to manage tickets and modify some information on their flights. Let’s take a step further and learn more about it.

What are American Airlines Manage Booking options?

Wish to know how you can modify your flight? American Airlines allows you to make changes to your flight as long as you do so within the specified change policy.

With American Airlines, you can modify your flight

  • date,
  • time,
  • route,
  • and even the number of stops.

You can also

  • update your ticket type,
  • cancel your flight,
  • or upgrade your seat

Other Manage booking options include:

  • Adding a meal
  • Requesting a special service
  • Making a schedule change
  • Canceling a ticket
  • Requesting a refund
  • Get extra baggage allowance
  • Check-in, etc.

In addition to the above, American Airlines manage booking service allows you to add additional services to your flight bookings. These include baggage, premium seating, and even food and beverage.

Note: These services may incur an additional fee, so read the details carefully before confirming the changes. You can check the American Airlines cancellation policy to know about the details on ticket canceling and refunds.

Steps to Manage Flight Bookings with American Airlines

  • Log in to your American Airlines account to change your flight.
  • To do this, go to and click on the “Sign in” link at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • Find your flight under the American Airlines Manage my Booking section.
  • Click on the “Manage” link beside the flight you would like to change.
  • After that, select the type of change you want to make.
  • Now, follow the scream instructions to make the change. You must provide some details before completing the change.

By following these steps, you can easily manage your American Airlines flight bookings and change your flight. Be sure to read through the American Airlines change policy before you make any changes to make sure that your changes are allowed.

In Conclusion

Booking and managing flight tickets with American Airlines is a simple and convenient process. With the help of their website, mobile app, and customer service, customers can easily search for flights, book tickets, and manage reservations. Additionally, the loyalty program offers customers great discounts and other benefits, making it even easier to get the best deals and save money. With all these features, American Airlines is sure to make your travel experience easier and more enjoyable.

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