Delta Airlines Discounts Students

Student discount on Delta Airlines

Are Students Eligible for Discounts on Delta Airlines?

Flying always puts a huge burden on pockets as air travel tends to be more expensive than other means of transportation. Students and the Elderly are the major customers affected by this as, most of the time, they are dependent on their guardians. But Delta Airlines makes the best effort to undo this hazard by offering discounts on their flights. To get a discount specifically for students, check the subsections below and understand the airline’s take on this offer.

Do College Students Get a Delta Airline Discount Option?

If you are enrolled in a university in the USA, you can get a discount from Delta Airlines for flights. College students can get up to 10% instant discount on flights by providing some of their information while booking. The only condition is that the university must be listed on the Delta Airlines website under the student discount section. The percentage of discount on Delta Airlines can vary from student to student, based on their university and some underlying factors. Also, remember that the airline does not have any direct discount named as students. There are third-party websites that offer this service which Delta has partnered with. So, make sure to check with the service provider before requesting a student deal.

What do you get under the Delta Student Deal?

If you are looking for a Delta Airlines student discount offer in 2023, you will not get any on their official website. But with some websites like StudentUniverse and Studentbeans, you can get lucky and obtain a 10% discount on the total fare. The fare can be one-way or a return trip based on your choices.

How to Obtain a Student Discount on Delta?

To obtain this discount, you need a Delta student discount code which you must apply while booking your tickets. The overall process is simple; you just need to know how you can get the discount code.

Although there are multiple websites offering you the option to get a student deal, remember that the clock is always ticking. In other words, Delta may stop giving out these offers and deals at any time. Always check before you apply the coupon code to see whether it has expired or not.

After that, you can book a Delta Airlines ticket and avail yourself of this deal without any further hassle in the future. Find more details below.

Get Deals Through Official Website

You can check the official deals section on the Delta website or follow these steps to get a student deal:

  • Open the official website and select new flight booking options
  • Provide the necessary details, including travel dates and destinations
  • Enter the total passengers
  • Find the booking page and apply the discount coupon by Delta Airlines for students.

In case you can not see the discount option on the page, you can connect with Delta Airlines experts and ask about the benefits for students in the USA. You also have more options, like using your valid student ID at the airport and other third-party deals for getting good offers.

The official site bookings have an added advantage, Delta Airlines manage booking service. Passengers can easily handle and manage their flights while they plan their vacations without a hassle.

Use StudentUniverse to Apply the Discount

StudentUniverse and Delta have teamed up to come up with the best offers for students traveling with Delta Airlines. You can log on to their website and check the offers for travel on Delta as an academic scholar.

The website may require you to create an account before you apply for the deals. Once you have a valid account, you can avail the best sale on airfares. During the summer break, Delta itself offers some great deals for students, and they can avail of discounts without looking for other third-party sites.

Do Students Get Baggage Discounts on Delta Flights?

It is possible that students get baggage deals from Delta. If you are a student traveling to the UK or any other destination, the student discount offers may also make you eligible for baggage allowances.

There is a certain amount up to which your baggage flies free as a student. So, any Student who purchased their flights through credit card or student promotions can get a baggage discount on Delta Airlines. For more information, speak with an expert agent and get full insights.

Delta Airlines Student Offers- Is There anything else that we must know?

There are specific instructions for the student discounts and some valid points set by Delta Airlines, such as the age limit and where the offer applies. If you want to get the maximum benefits, you must know these options:

  • If applicable, there may be a convenience fee for the process.
  • Delta Airlines’ offer is specifically designed for students aged 18-29 years old with valid identification. This offer is applicable for both one-way (OW) and round-trip (RT) flights originating from India and heading to North America. Please note that the offer applies only to Economy cabin bookings.
  • To take advantage of this incredible opportunity, students must comply with certain conditions
  • A minimum stay period of 21 days is required for the return trip. It’s important to note that all applicable airline rules will apply to these flights, ensuring a seamless travel experience.
  • While changes to flights and dates are permitted, they will be subject to change fees and fare differences.

However, please be aware that name changes are not allowed. Additional factors such as child or infant discounts, flight date or schedule change requests, refund fees, weekend surcharges, blackout periods, travel restrictions, and flight restrictions will also apply in accordance with the fare rules.

Are There Any Other Ways I Can Score Discounts?

Usually, most of the customers try to find a way to save on the booking. And, if you are not a student, or you think the student discount deals are not quite a money-saver for you, there are many other options. You can grab Delta Airlines flight deals and discounts in many other ways that have more rebates on the base fare. So, read the points below before you decide on a student offer:

  • Delta Airlines frequently offers flight discounts for customers, encouraging them to choose air travel more often.
  • The airline has a low-fare calendar where you can find the cheapest fare for a particular month to a specific destination.
  • On major holidays like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Independence Day, Halloween, etc., the airline always has some offers or others available.
  • If you are a frequent flyer and a skymiles member with Delta, you will get customized deals offered from time to time.

Other than that, you can follow the basic tips to get cheap flight Deals with Delta Airlines at any time and enjoy a good vacation. However, to proceed with the student discount offers, you can contact Delta customer service or speak to the third party offering student promo codes.

Final Words

Though Delta does not have any benefits directly, there are many websites that still offer discounts. This third-party offer provides an excellent opportunity for eligible students to make their journey to North America with Delta Airlines even more affordable and convenient. Remember, don’t forget to present your valid student identification to avail of this exclusive discount.

Delta Airlines Discounts Students
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