How Do i Change Flight with Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines change Flight

How Can I Request a Flight Change with Turkish Airlines?

When you have already booked a flight with Turkish Airlines but can not fly anymore, you can request a change of date or schedule. Turkish Airlines has a convenient flight change policy that allows you to change a flight’s date, time, schedule, and even route in select cases.

However, you must abide by the underlying fare rules to make sure you can still fly with the airline when your situation improves. Usually, we change or cancel flights due to an emergency or uncertainty of plans. But, to make sure you can still use the ticket value you paid, you must understand the Turkish Airlines change flight rules in detail. The below subsections explain how you can change a flight ticket and the associated conditions that you need to follow.

How Do I Change My Flight Tickets with Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines allows customers to change their flight tickets and itineraries in different ways. If you wish to request a date or time change on your booking, you can visit the airline’s official website, call customer service, or visit the airport desk. The details of each method of change are explained below:

Turkish Airlines Flight Changes Via Website

  • Open the site.
  • Click on the Check-in/ Manage Booking tab.
  • Provide your ticket number or reservation code.
  • Enter your surname as per the ticket.
  • Click the Right Arrow.
  • Locate the reservation you wish to change.
  • Follow the screen instructions.
  • Check the rules and eligibility on the screen.
  • Proceed to accept the charges (if any).
  • Complete the request.

Turkish Airlines Flight Changes on the Call

  • Dial Turkish Airlines phone number [1 (800) 874-8875].
  • Follow the automated voice commands.
  • Press the number associated with flight changes.
  • Wait to connect to a live customer service agent.
  • Explain your needs for the flight change.
  • Provide the agent with the necessary information he asks for.
  • Also, mention your mandatory trip details.
  • Get help in requesting a new itinerary
  • Pay any dues and confirm.

Turkish Airlines flight Changes at the Airport

  • Visit the Turkish Airlines airport desk or self-service kiosks.
  • If the kiosks have a change option,
  • follow the prompts to complete the change.
  • Else, request a change from the airport desk agent.
  • Share the necessary information.
  • Confirm your details.
  • Pay necessary change flight costs.
  • Complete the request.

That’s how you can change your flights. But whether you’ll be able to complete a change request with Turkish Airlines depends on the carrier’s fare rules. Let’s proceed to understand them before we follow these steps above.

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy and Different Fare Rules

Fare rules apply differently to each cabin ticket. However, a few rules apply to all types of Turkish Airlines change flight requests. Let’s study them one by one!

General Rules for Changing Domestic Flights

  • You can not change any domestic flight within one hour of the departure time.
  • A certain fee applies to change your tickets 1 to 12 hours before the departure time.
  • You can not change a domestic flight to an international flight.
  • All flight change rules will apply to connecting flights when you change your date/ route domestically.
  • You can not change a flight schedule after departure.

Turkish Airlines Change Rules and Fee for EcoFly

  • Any changes to domestic tickets between 1 to 12 hours before departure cost TRY 400.
  • Domestic ticket changes 12 or more hours before departure cost TRY 350.
  • A fare difference in addition to the change flight fee will apply to change a domestic Ecofly ticket.
  • International EcoFly tickets are non-changeable whether it’s branded or non-branded fare.
  • Changing a Northern Cyprus Ercan Turkish Republic flight will cost you TRY 500 12 hours before departure and TRY 575 within 1-12 hours before departure.

Turkish Airlines Change Rules and Fee for ExtraFly

  • Any changes to domestic tickets between 1 to 12 hours before departure cost TRY 350.
  • Domestic ticket changes 12 or more hours before departure cost TRY 225.
  • A fare difference in addition to the change flight fee will apply to change a domestic Extrafly ticket.
  • For any Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus-Ercan flight with a scheduled departure in less than 1 to 12 hours, you may pay Turkish Airlines a TRY 500 penalty fee with a fare difference.
  • International Branded tickets can be changed for 60 EUR or 70 USD.

Turkish Airlines Change Rules and Fee For PrimeFly & BusinessFly

  • No penalty or fee will be charged to change a domestic ticket upto one hour before the departure.
  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus-Ercan flights also do not impose a charge if changed up to one hour before departure.
  • A fare difference may exist between your old and new domestic fares.
  • You can change PrimeFly to an earlier flight on the same day for international routes without penalty.
  • International BusinessFly Tickets charges include a 60 EUR or 70 USD fee for re-issuance.
  • BusinessPrime international tickets are changeable free of cost and have no deductions except a fare difference.

Besides this, if you have a flexible ticket, you can change it free of cost, and a semi-flexible ticket may cost you a small penalty with a fare difference. You can call the Turkish Airlines flight change phone number, and connect to one of their customer service experts for more information.

What Are My Rights When Turkish Airlines Changes My Flight?

If Turkish Airlines changes your schedule, it usually notifies you right away via email or text messages. In case, you miss the notification, you can check your flight status through the airline’s official website or mobile app. When you get affected by an involuntary flight change, you have the right to make sure your entire plan does not get affected that much. But before we explain those to you, take a look at why these changes usually happen!

Why does Turkish Airlines Change schedules?

A schedule change is the type of flight change that occurs because of any operational reasons in-flight information. The airline changes your flight’s date, time, and flight number as they can not provide you with the scheduled flight on time.

Passenger Rights in Case of Schedule Change

  • You can confirm the new flight offered to you.
  • Request to change it if you are dissatisfied.
  • You can cancel it and ask for a refund.

Remember that for any dissatisfied response, you should give a valid reason to Turkish Airlines change flight department. If you can not provide a valid reason, the airline may reject your request.

Do I Need to Pay a Ticket Service Fee to Change Turkish Airlines Flight?

Yes, if you want to change your flight date or time with Turkish Airlines, they will charge you a ticket service fee. This fee may vary based on your flight route and cabin class, but it exists with almost every ticket you book, be it domestic or international, promotions or flexibility. This is a non-refundable fee, and you can not get any rebate options at any chance.

Final Say

With the above steps and procedures, you can change your flights according to the underlying fare rules of Turkish Airlines. If you still face any troubles with the flight change process or rules, you can connect with our expert team. The airline’s special executives can also assist you with flight change requests if you ask them. Remember to request them before the departure date, and get a new flight at no extra costs or a small payment.

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