How Do I Request a Lufthansa Flight Rebooking on the Day of Departure?

Does Lufthansa Allow To Change Flights on the Same Day?

If your travel plans change and you want to rebook your flights for a later time on the day of the scheduled departure, it’s possible. Lufthansa Airlines allows customers to request same-day changes depending on the type of their tickets. There are several fare options offered by Lufthansa Airlines, and each fare has a separate set of amenities as per the travel origin. So, the airline’s change policy always depends on which type of fare you have and your country of travel. Find below the details if you wish to change your travel schedule on the day of departure!

How to Change a Lufthansa Flight on the Day of Departure?

To request a same-day change on a Lufthansa Airlines flight, you can simply follow the flight change steps you generally use or connect with an airline representative. Here are the details:

Online Change Request

  • Go to the official website of Lufthansa Airlines (
  • Find the View and Amend Flights section.
  • Or search for the Rebooking link.
  • Here, enter your Travel ID or 6-digit booking code.
  • Provide your last name.
  • View the flight you wish to change,
  • Follow the screen instructions and choose a new flight.
  • Note: you’ll only see this change flight option for eligible fares.
  • Continue to select the flight and review the details.
  • Pay any fee and/ or difference in fare.
  • Complete the process.

Offline Change Request

If you do not see a flight change option online for same-day changes, you are not eligible. But still, to be sure, you can call Lufthansa Airlines flight change phone number, and speak with a customer service representative. Here are the detailed steps to request same-day changes over the call.

  • Dial Lufthansa Airlines customer service number,
  • Follow the IVR voice menu to connect to a live person.
  • Share your concern, aka Same-day flight change request.
  • Provide your itinerary details.
  • Understand the airline rules and your eligibility.
  • Find a suitable flight and proceed with the changes.
  • Pay the necessary fee using the payment link provided.
  • Complete the same-day change request.

After any method, you receive a confirmation email from the airline with an updated ticket and boarding information. You can head to the self-service kiosk to check-in for your flight at the airport or obtain your new boarding pass online to get ready for your new flight instead.

What are the Lufthansa Airline Rules for Same-Day Flight Change?

Lufthansa Airlines offers different fare options for continental and intercontinental travel. The flight change rules, especially for same-day changes, depend on this fare option. Here are the basic details for requesting same-day changes or what they say on Lufthansa- Rebooking:

Continental Travel

  • Economy Light & Business Saver customers can not change their flights after 24 hours of the booking.
  • Economy Classic & Business Flex customers are allowed to make same-day changes for a small fee.
  • The Green Fare passengers for Economy & Business is flexible and allows free rebooking options to the customers.

Intercontinental Travel

There are four different fares, and each fare has a subcategory when it comes to Lufthansa Airlines intercontinental travel. Let’s find out the same-day change option for each category in detail:

  1. Lufthansa Economy
    1. Light, Saver, and Base Fare customers in Economy can request a rebooking for a fee. Same-day requests depend on the exact route and booking time.
    2. Flex fare is unrestricted and offers a free rebooking service to the customers.
  2. Lufthansa Premium Economy
    1. Saver and Base options of the premium economy fare are changeable for a small fee. If you wish to request a same-day change, it can also be possible at a small cost.
    2. Flex Fare is again the only premium economy fare with free rebooking.
  3. Lufthansa Business Class
    1. Saver and Base fare customers in the Business class can change or rebook their flights for a small fee depending on their routes and eligibility as per fare terms for same-day changes.
    2. Flex Fare is again the only Business fare with free rebooking.
  4. Lufthansa First Class
    1. Saver and Base fare customers in the first class can change or rebook their flights for a small fee depending on their routes and eligibility as per fare terms for same-day changes.
    2. Flex Fare is again the only first class option with free rebooking.

In short, you can change the route and travel date for any fare depending on its restrictions. You just can not rebook Economy light fares for travel to/ from the US/ Canada and Central America.

Final Words

Remember that despite the Lufthansa Airlines change and rebooking rules, a same-day change to a new flight is not guaranteed. You must connect to a Lufthansa Airlines customer service agent for details.

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