What is British Airways Seat Selection Policy and Fees?

British Airways Seat Selection

Can I Choose a Seat for my British Airways flight in Advance?

Yes, you can choose a seat for your upcoming flight with British Airways in advance. The airline allows you to make a British Airways seat selection early and sit together with your friends or family. The seat selection may cost you a fee per passenger seat, or you may be able to choose one for free. You can review the airline’s seat selection policy and fee structure in the below subsections to select a seat for your itinerary through manage booking. Read on and find out about every step and rule in detail.

How do I Choose a Seat with British Airways?

You can choose your British Airways seat when booking a flight, through Manage My Booking, or at check-in. The seat selection process remains almost the same:

  • you get a seat map,
  • you look for empty and available seats,
  • check the price set by British Airways,
  • select the seat you want and pay to confirm seats.

However, if you choose your seat at the time of booking, the first step will be selecting all the necessary details of the flight, including your fare class. If, by any chance, the British Airways website is not working or seat selection is unavailable at the time of the booking, you can try your luck later through Manage Booking.

Selecting Seats via Manage Booking

You can choose your preferred seats through the British Airways Manage Booking tool after booking your flights with the airline. This tool allows you to find a seat to ensure you sit together with your family or friends. Follow the steps below to choose your seats:

  • Open the British Airways(BA) official website.
  • Log in to the Manage My Booking section.
  • Choose the Flight number to log in
  • Below the seating option, select “View or Change Seats.”
  • Follow the screen prompts to choose a seat,
  • Pay for the selection and confirm seating.

British Airways will send you a seat selection confirmation to your registered email address, and you can look forward to a pleasant journey with your family or friends.

BA Seat Selection at Check-in

Check-in for flights on ba.com is available from 24 hours before your scheduled departure time. This allows you to select your preferred seats and print your boarding pass (if available). In case you face any issues while checking in online, arrive at the airport & check-in as early as possible. You can check the exact opening time for check-in at the airport by logging in to Manage My Booking. The seat selection option is not available after you check-in, and British Airways will assign you a random seat based on availability if you do not choose a seat.

Do I Need to Pay to Choose My Seats on BA?

The seat selection prices depend on many factors, including the type of British Airways fare class, ticket type, route, and other underlying details. Except for a Basic Economy fare, passengers can choose a seat for free at check-in (i.e., 24 hours prior to take-off). So, if you select a fare that does not include a free seat selection before or after checking in for flights, you have to pay for the selection.

Who Can Choose British Airways Seats for Free

Check below the group information where you have options to make a seat choice on BA flights for free:

  • First Class Cabin Seats are free of charge from the moment you book your flight for the same.
  • If you are an oneworld executive club member, you can select seats at different aspects of the flight as per your tier & status:
    • Gold or oneworld Emerald members can select any seats for free for each person on their same itinerary and travel class.
    • Silver or oneworld Sapphire members can choose seats for free at the time of booking, except for exit row seats on long-haul flights. They must wait until the check-in window opens to choose them for free.
    • Bronze or oneworld Ruby members can select their seats for free starting seven days before departure, except for exit row seats, which are available 24 hours before take-off.
    • Blue Members can select Seats 24 hours prior to the take-off, excluding the exit row seats and basic fares travel. You can, however, purchase seats for a fee when booking.
  • Flexible Fares or Plus Flex options allow free seat selection when you book your tickets.
  • Semi-flexible fares allow you to make a British Airways seat selection from 48 hours prior to the departure.
  • Choosing a seat due to a disability incurs no extra charge.
  • Seat selection is free for a group booking with nine or more passengers.

If you wish to sit together with family or friends, you can choose seats in advance. British Airways reviews for seat selection on Reddit and other platforms guarantee they offer affordable seat costs for customers.

What is British Airways Policy for Selecting Seats?

When you choose paid or free seats, review the British Airways rules for seat selection, changes, and requesting seat refunds. Here are the details:

  • Paid seats are subject to availability, and you can only book them after you pay the price.
  • The passengers can only choose paid seats when they have a confirmed reservation.
  • You can choose seats on flights operated and marketed by British Airways. Seat changes are also available for such flights only.
  • When you change a seat to a low-priced one, you can not request a refund of the price difference.
  • You need to pay the difference in cost for a seat with a price higher than the initial seat.
  • BA never guarantees a seat you paid for. The main reason for this is any operational, security, or safety issue.
  • Everyone is not suited for exit row seats, so only some customers can book them.
  • Executive Club Members can utilize Avios to fully or partially pay for British Airways flight seats.

There are additional rules when changing or refunding a seat. Also, exit row seats are limited due to some basic reasons. Have a quick look at the below options before you leave the page.

Why can’t I Select Exit Row Seats on BA?

Those who select exit row seats are expected to assist British Airways in an unfortunate emergency evacuation event by opening the exit door. Therefore, the airline won’t let you sit or choose an exit row seat if you do not withhold the following:

  • You are over 12 years old.
  • You are not pregnant.
  • You do not have any accessibility requirements.
  • You are fit enough to operate the emergency doors.
  • You can understand any verbal or written English instructions.
  • You are willing to assist in case of emergency.

The airline may ask you to verify your eligibility when you book exit row seats. If you can’t do so after booking exit row seats, contact the British Airways phone number at least 48 hours prior to take-off and change your seat selection.

In what case will I or won’t get a BA Seat Refund?

Your Paid seats on BA are nonrefundable in most cases; however, you can get a refund if:

  • If British Airways changes your seat and you are unhappy with the alternative, or if they cancel your flight.
  • You are not fit to travel in an exit row seat, and you inform at least 48 hours prior to take-off.
  • When you pay for a cabin upgrade, the airline asks you to pay an additional fee to select your seat in the upgraded cabin.

On the other hand, you do not get a refund when:

  • You cancel your flight.
  • Your flights get a complimentary upgrade.
  • You are not fit for the type of seat you have chosen.
  • You used a booking voucher which had paid seats.

For more details, you can review British Airways refund policy, in particular for getting seat refunds.

Final Words

That’s how selecting seats on BA is easy and simple. Just follow the basic British Airways rules for seat selection and enjoy exclusive options for your flights. Get qualified assistance from British Airways if you want more information about choosing or changing your seats.

What is British Airways Seat Selection Policy and Fees?
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