Can We Change Passenger Name on a JetBlue Ticket?

JetBlue Name Change

How to Change Name on My JetBlue Airlines Flight Ticket?

If you mistakenly entered your name incorrectly while booking a Jetblue flight, fret not. JetBlue has a convenient name change policy, which helps you make the necessary changes to correct your name.

Anyone can make a spelling mistake or add a nickname instead of their original name while booking hurriedly. But if you are quick to identify the mistake and inform the airline about it, you can change it in time before your flight. Let’s study how we can change a passenger name on a Jetblue flight ticket in detail.

How Can I Change My Name on JetBlue Flight Booking?

If you notice a name error while checking in for a flight or just reviewing your ticket information, you have to change it before it’s too late. To avoid any inconvenience in the future, you can follow a simple method to request a change in name. Here are the details:

Change Name Online Via JetBlue Website

  • Go to the JetBlue Airlines official website (
  • Click on the Manage Trips tab.
  • Enter your ticket confirmation number.
  • Also, enter your last name as per the ticket.
  • Click on the edit option next to passenger information.
  • Enter the new name instead of the current one.
  • Click Continue.
  • Review your change and check if it matches your ID.
  • Confirm and complete the name change process.
  • Get an email from Jetblue with updated flight details.

Change Name Offline via Customer Service

  • Find Jetblue customer service phone number.
  • Dial 1 (800) 538-2583 and carefully listen to IVR.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Choose to speak to a live person with JetBlue.
  • Share your concern about the incorrect name.
  • Request the airline agent to change the name on the ticket,
  • Share the relevant reasons.
  • Provide supporting documents if necessary.
  • Confirm the changes.
  • Pay if there is any fee necessary.
  • Get confirmation from the airline representative.

Change the Name on the Ticket at The Airport

  • Visit your local airport in the city.
  • Go to a Jetblue Airlines helpdesk.
  • Share your concerns with an agent.
  • Ask for name changes.
  • Share your details with them.
  • Provide a supporting document if necessary.
  • Proceed with the change.
  • Confirm the changes.
  • Pay if any fee is there.
  • Complete the process.

You will receive a confirmation email from the airline once you confirm the changes with the airline. The email contains your updated ticket information and you can use it to further prepare for your boarding.

What is The Name Change/ Correction Policy of JetBlue?

To make name corrections on your ticket, follow the JetBlue name change policy. You can correct all the errors in your name as long as you comply with the following rules set by JetBlue:

  • Your ticket should be a direct booking with JetBlue.
  • You can only make one name correction for free and get a reissue of the ticket.
  • To make name changes twice, the airline charges you a change fee and an increase in fare.
  • Under the name change policy, you can not change the date or fare class.
  • You are allowed to make minor name corrections to match your government-issued photo ID.
  • You can not request to change the DOB or gender along with the name correction, but they may fall under the name change policy.
  • Name Change and name correction are two separate things, as you can correct a misspelled name in the latter, whereas the former includes name change due to legal reasons or court orders.
  • One customer can only make a name correction one time, and after that, the name change rules apply.
  • You can not change your name to someone else’s.
  • Ticket transfers or reselling are not possible.
  • You may change the full name because of adoption, marriage, or divorce.

Remember that a name correction does not require any additional documentation, but a JetBlue name change requires legal documents as proof.

Ticket Terms for JetBlue Name Correction

If you inadvertently add the incorrect name on the reservation, you must change it to match your government ID because if it doesn’t, you will have problems boarding the flight. But before you make corrections, take a look at these detailed ticket terms:

  • As per the rules of JetBlue, changing the name on the ticket is possible only for marriage, divorce, adoption, or court orders.
  • You can make name corrections in a limited number of characters decided by the airline.
  • The maximum character limit you can correct depends on the length of your name.
  • You can not change a name if you entered it wrong with the intention to transfer it in the first place.
  • The airline will require a name change fee to add the new name to your boarding pass for easy travel.

According to these name correction terms on Jetblue plane tickets, you can update your name only. For other necessary changes, you must check the Jetblue flight change policy for flexible adjustments to your schedule.

What Types of Name Changes Are Possible with JetBlue?

There are different name corrections and changes that you can make depending on your eligibility. JetBlue accepts the following changes to your names if you fulfil the requirements below:


  1. Changes to First, Middle, or Last name.
  2. Change Nickname to a Legal Name.
  3. Correct Inverted Names
  4. Add or remove the Middle Name.
  5. Add an additional last name

The JetBlue Airways name correction policy will allow you to make any of these above changes as long as they match your government-issued ID.

New Legal Name

  1. Due to Marriage
  2. Due to Divorce
  3. Adoption-related name change

For all these changes, JetBlue requires you to submit a validating legal proof such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or adoption certificate.

Correcting Names Mid-Travel

If the name was not corrected before the first leg of travel, you can change the name mid-travel. The airline will allow this if you do not make changes to the DOB or Gender on the ticket. However, this type of correction requires that you make the name corrections by rebooking your tickets in a new reservation.

Final Words

If you follow the above instructions, you can easily correct a misspelled name or make changes due to legal reasons for your JetBlue flight. For more information, call JetBlue customer service or inquire about the same in the name change policy. The airline agents can further help you resolve any issues.

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