How Do I Request a Name Change on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier name change

What is the Frontier Airlines Name Change Process and Policy?

You were looking forward to a vacation with Frontier Airlines, but you noticed that you had entered your name incorrectly on the ticket. Well, if it is so, you should request a name change from Frontier Airlines as soon as possible because if you don’t, the airline’s policy won’t permit you to take that flight.

But, to request the name change, there are certain conditions that must be followed. Read on to understand the process for name changes on Frontier Airlines and find out about the name change rules set up by the airline.

How Do I Change My Name on a Frontier Airlines Booking?

To request a name change on Frontier Airlines, you have to pay a small fee set up by the carrier. In simple words, to request a name change, remember a few rules and follow the simple instructions we have mentioned ahead in the below sections.

To do so, you can visit their official website or call customer service. Let’s see the detailed steps to request a name change with Frontier Airlines:

Steps for Frontier Airlines Online Name Change Process

  • Visit the official website of Frontier Airlines (
  • Go to the My Trips/Check-in section.
  • Provide your booking reference and last name.
  • Click Next to proceed.
  • Select the itinerary with the misspelled or incorrect name.
  • You can select to change the credentials and follow the screen instructions.
  • Click Next to confirm and verify your email ID to receive a new ticket.

That’s it; the airline verifies your information through some valid documents you provide and sends you the updated ticket with the booking confirmation code.

Steps to Request Frontier Airlines Name Change Offline

You can also contact Frontier Airlines customer service number to request a name change on the tickets. The airline experts are available regardless of the time to help you make any necessary name changes without any hassle. Here are the detailed steps:

  • Find a method to contact Frontier Airlines customer service team.
  • Follow the prompts to connect to a live person.
  • Choose the name change request.
  • Or select to connect to a live person.
  • Share your concerns regarding the name change.
  • Submit the important documents through the provided links.
  • Confirm the changes and complete the process.

Frontier Airlines shares a name change confirmation with you after these steps above. You can get your new boarding pass with the updated details using the information in that email. If there are any more concerns, ask the airline agent again for help.

What are the Name Change Rules of Frontier Airlines?

Before you follow the steps above to request a name change from Frontier Airlines, you must understand the airline’s rules in detail. The name change process is a critical step when it comes to ensuring your air travel at last. So, make sure you comply with the below information and change names accordingly:

  • You can not transfer your ticket to another person not listed in your itinerary.
  • The airline won’t allow changing dates or cities in name change requests.
  • The fare difference according to the current price on your existing flight will apply if you request a name change.
  • The airline will also charge you an additional 75 USD name change fee to choose an alternate Frontier flight.
  • The airline cancels a ticket if someone else other than the ticketed passenger comes to present the ticket.
  • If you wish to give away your ticket to somebody else, we recommend trying the risk-free 24-hour cancellation method instead.
  • The 24-hour window after booking gives you a safe time to cancel flights and get a refund to book a flight for someone else.
  • But you can only make minor spelling corrections and legal change requests for the mentioned fee.
  • Remember to give a valid reason for the name change, even if you are changing it for yourself.
  • The airline will allow you an itinerary change and a flight change if you pay both the name change fee and flight change costs set by Frontier

If you follow these easy-to-understand instructions, you can easily make a name change request from Frontier Airlines. The airline experts will also be able to help you regarding the same, so feel free to use any option to contact the Frontier customer service team when necessary.

How much Does Frontier charge for Name Corrections?

If you wish to request a name correction of no more than 3 letters or a legal name change, you must pay Frontier Airlines a small fee. The name change cost for such changes is around 75 USD each, in addition to the fare difference according to the charges of your itinerary at that time.

The airline will charge you both to process your name change requests. If you clear the fee and offer validating documents, you can make the changes.

Can I Request a Name Change at the Frontier Airlines Airport Ticket Counter?

Yes, you can. The airline allows you to request a name change at the airport ticket terminal. If you have valid documents to prove your claim, you can arrive at your local airport early and head directly to the Frontier Airlines desk.

An airport desk agent will ask you about your concerns, and you can request him to update your information on the ticket. For more details, you can speak with the agent regarding them and update your itinerary information as per requirements. Do not forget to pay the necessary fee, which may apply as mentioned before.

Final Words

That’s all you should know about changing names on Frontier Airlines tickets. For further questions, you can speak with an experienced professional at the airline’s office and make a request. The airline will also assist you with your future trip plans if you ask. So, get ready to head towards a hassle-free holiday.

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