Does United Airlines Allow Same-Day Flight Changes?

United airlines same day change

What is the United Airlines Same-Day Flight Change Process?

Have a flight booked with United that is departing within 24 hours from now, but the situation requires you to change the schedule? Take advantage of the United Airlines same-day flight change option and alter your schedule. The airline will check your eligibility and let you book an alternate flight on the same day or fly on standby on the next available flight.

Emergencies never come with an announcement, and at times, you must change your flight plans for a later or earlier schedule. Take the benefit of the United Airlines change flight option to select and book an alternate flight on the same day or within 24 hours of the departure of your original flight. Read the subsections below about the details and finalize your changes before it’s too late.

How Do I Change a United Flight on the Day of Departure?

You can change your United Airlines flight on the same day by directly following their online process through manage booking. As long as your current fare allows for changes, you should see an option on the screen. Here are a few ways to request a same-day change:

Online Request for Same-Day Change

  • Visit the official United Airlines website(
  • Head to the My Trips section.
  • Enter your trip details to locate your booking.
  • Select the booking itinerary you wish to change,
  • Choose the Manage Booking Service and click Change Flight.
  • Review the terms and conditions before you proceed.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to select a new flight.
  • The screen will show any flight on the same day with available seats.
  • Confirm the changes you’ve made to your booking.
  • If applicable, pay any same-day change fees.
  • Confirm your changes & complete the process.

Same-Day Changes Over the Phone

  • Call United Airlines phone number 00 1 800-864-8331.
  • Follow the IVR Prompts.
  • Choose to speak to a live person.
  • Request him for same-day change options.
  • Get the available flight details.
  • Ask about the fees and difference.
  • Confirm the payments.
  • Get confirmation via email.

Flight Change at the Airport

You can also change a United Airlines flight booking at your local airport. Just make sure to arrive at least 4 to 5 hours earlier than your scheduled flight departure time. For details, here are the steps that you can follow and make the required changes on the same day:

  • Find the United airline desk at your departure airport.
  • Talk to an airline representative present at the desk.
  • Ask for an earlier or later departure flight option.
  • Check for available seats on the desired flight.
  • Inquire about the change flight fees.
  • Book this new flight by paying the necessary charges.
  • Obtain a new boarding pass.
  • Check the departure time & gate information.
  • Arrive at the gate on time for your new flight.

This way you can change flights on the same day as departure. Now, let’s study the two types of United same-day flight change options in detail.

Different Types of Same-Day Changes

There are two types of same-day flight change at United: Same-day change and standby. You can change your flight within 24 hours of an original flight under same-day change, whereas standby puts you on a waiting list till a flight is available.

United Airlines Same Day Changes

As long as you have a flight booking with change eligibility, you can get a new flight on the next plane or an earlier one with available seats on United flights. This option allows you to choose an alternate option by using the self-service options online or connecting to an airline expert over the phone.

United Same-Day Standby

Same-day standby is a little different. It means that United temporarily places your change request in standby status while the system processes your request. This means there isn’t an immediate change if you need one. It also means that your credit card will still be charged for the original ticket price until United processes your request and releases it in real time.

If this sounds like something you need, make sure to look into exactly what is available on United before booking!

What are United Airlines Terms and Conditions for Same-Day Change?

It’s the same-day flight rule that United just announced, and it could dramatically alter how travelers book their next trip. This same-day flight change rule is a boon for those who are looking for flexibility in their travel plans. However, you need to follow the terms and conditions below to complete your changes. Take a look before you follow the process above:

  • United Premier members can get another flight for free on a Same-day flight change.
  • Premier members don’t need to change a difference in fare as long as the new flight is in the same cabin class.
  • All other travelers can get a new flight but have to pay a price difference no matter which class they book their flight in.
  • Make sure your bags get directed to the new plane by connecting to an agent at least one hour before the flight departure time.
  • The new flight should depart within 24 hours of the departure of your original flight.
  • Both flights should be under United Airlines or United Express.
  • If your original flight is more than 24 hours after your time of change, you can easily change it with a simple United Airlines flight change policy,
  • You can not request a same-day change online for a Third-party booking.
  • You can join a standby list at the United website, mobile app, airport kiosk, or through an airline agent.
  • After being added to the list, you can check your name on the screens near your gate. The names would appear like,
    • John Brown as “BRO, J.”
    • Mary Smith as “SMI, M.”
    • Wenda Clark as “CLA, W.”’
  • Check the rules for standby priority if you can not find a new flight as per your scheduled time.
  • Standby passengers get an assigned seat automatically if there is availability.
  • The airline usually assigns seats 30 minutes before the domestic flight and 60 minutes before the international flight.

These rules come into effect as long as you wish to change your flight on the same day as the departure of your original flight.

How Does Standby Priority Work on United Airlines?

The standby option works on a priority list, which gets updated in the following order:

  • Premier members
  • Cabin class
  • United Club Infinite or Presidential Plus card holders.
  • United Corporate Preferred users.
  • Members with United Chase Cards who have $25000 annual spends.
  • Date and Time of Standby request.

If the airline assigned your seat an hour or more before the flight’s departure, you can change it through the official mobile app of United Airlines on the same day.

Final Words

That’s all to change a flight booking on the same day of departure with United Airlines. You can easily follow the steps mentioned and check the rules to comply with them all and choose an alternative flight. The airline will also not charge you any fees as long as you qualify. However, a fare difference will still be applicable. For more, call United Airlines or the given phone number for help.

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