What Happens if you Miss Your Flight with American Airlines?

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I Missed My Flight on American Airlines, What Should I Do Now?

You can not control time, and that’s when something unexpected happens. Let’s say you had a flight with American Airlines, and you overslept. Now, you can not reach the airport on time and will miss your flight. In this case, you must understand the American Airlines Missed flight policy in detail. So, when you miss your flight or can not catch the plane on time, you can get an alternate option.

The American Airlines missed flight program usually lets you rebook a flight at no extra cost, as long as you inform them about missing a flight in advance. For anyone who does not show up for a flight unannounced, the airline will apply its no-show policy, and you may lose your whole booking amount. Read the further details about American Airlines missed flight policy ahead.

Quick Guide to American Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Those who miss their flight because they overslept or the traffic was rough on their way, they have a chance at flying again as long as they utilize the airline’s policy in such situations. If you missed a flight with American Airlines, the airline makes sure you do not lose your booking amount. But remember to follow the policy and rules mentioned ahead to get the best options.

American Airlines Rules for Missed Flights

  • You have until 15 minutes before and after the departure of the flight to inform and rebook your missed flight. After that, you will be a no-show.
  • If there is a delay due to American Airlines internal/operational concerns, the carrier will automatically book you on an alternate flight to your route. This is a form of compensation for AA flight delays to ensure you do not miss your trip because of their fault.
  • For any delay of more than three hours(flights departing or arriving EU), customers can get up to 700 Euros as compensation.
  • The airline does not charge you anything for missing flights and rebooking them during a delay.
  • Except for some emergencies, you will not get a refund in case of a no-show on AA flights.
  • If you deliberately miss your flights completely because of your fault, you will not receive any compensation from the airline.
  • The US Department of Transportation has set a 2-hour rule for every airline. Under this rule, passengers running late for their flight can choose a standby on the next available flight free of cost within 2 hours from the departure.

Make sure to inform the airline in advance to take advantage of the missed flight policy or compensation by American Airlines. The airline also doesn’t let you check bags on a missed flight standby option unless you have AAdvantage Elite Status.

What Should I Do If I Miss My Flight with American Airlines?

If you miss your flight on American Airlines, you can inform the airline that “I missed my flight” over the phone and request an alternate. To know precisely, please read the steps below:

Contact American Airlines

  • You can dial the American Airlines missed flight phone number as soon as you know that you’ll miss your flight.
  • Tell the airline expert on the phone about your situation, and with his help, rebook a flight within 2 hours from the original booking.

Reach Out to the Airport Agents

If you already arrive at the airport and still miss your flight, don’t waste time, and inform the airport agents. Who knows? If you are lucky enough, you may get a seat on the next immediate flight.

Connect with Your Travel Agent

Make sure to connect with your travel agent/agency if you miss the flight booked with third-party options. The airline will make sure that you do not have any inconvenience. They only require you to inform them in advance, and they will offer you convenient options.

After you are done with these steps, you can continue to get a rebooking from American Airlines. The agents may require some additional information about your flights in order to help you rebook. After that, you can continue your trip without a hassle.

What number do I call for a missed flight on American Airlines?

If you want to get the missed flight alternatives, you need to connect with American Airlines. Dial the American Airlines missed flight phone number or connect to the general reservations team at 800-433-7300 and get help in English. For help regarding missed flights or anything else in the Spanish language, call 800-633-3711, and the airline agents will get through to you for better help.

What are the cases where I Can get a Rebooking?

If you missed your American Airlines flights and wish for a rebooking, there are only certain cases where you can request one. The airline will rebook you on an alternate flight after missing the original one in case you,

  • Get late to arrive at the airport
  • Did not have appropriate travel documents
  • Arrived at the wrong airport mistakenly
  • Didn’t apply for ESTA authorization

Due to any of the above reasons, if you miss your AA flight, you can get a booking for an alternate flight to your preferred destination.

How do I Rebook My Missed Flight with American Airlines?

To rebook an American Airlines flight after missing your original one, you can first follow the missed flight steps. Once the AA team comes to know why you missed it, it will clear you of rebooking. After that, use American Airlines manage booking to view the details or follow these steps:

  • Login to the AA official site or access manage booking.
  • Retrieve the booking details for the flight you missed.
  • Call American Airlines customer service and inform them of all the details.
  • Ask them for a new flight or get flight credit to rebook yourself.

If there are still 15 minutes in the departure or it’s not over 15 minutes after that, you can easily get a new booking with the same carrier to the same destination.

Final Takedown- Do American Airlines reimburse for missed flight

Yes, it does, but only in a few cases. American Airlines will reimburse you for your missed flight in some selected situations. Otherwise, you can ask for an alternate flight booking; this is available even when there’s been more than 15 minutes after the take-off. However, to get a reimbursement or refund, here are spoke key points:

  • Show the proper documents regarding a death in the family and get a refund.
  • If you have serious health issues, you can get compensation.
  • For missing flights because of a natural disaster, you can ask for refunds,
  • The airline may even refund you for flights missed due to delays.

Remember to check the important key points and get a refund for your missed flight. Or connect with Tripohlz to ask for an alternate option to get a new flight ticket with AA.

What Happens if you Miss Your Flight with American Airlines?
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