What is Avianca Airlines Policy to Change Flight Schedule?

Avianca Change Flight

Does Avianca allow You to Make Flight changes?

Yes, Avianca allows customers to make flight changes and adjust the date, time, or schedule. The Avianca Flight Change Policy permits customers to choose a new flight date depending on their fare type and conditions. You can use the online manage booking facility on the Avianca website to make the necessary adjustments.

Although unexpected changes can be disappointing, Avianca provides the necessary tools and guidelines to make the process less burdensome for you. You can take advantage of their flexible flight change policies to make required alterations and choose a new date or time schedule for the flight. To understand Avianca’s flight change policy in detail, check the below subsections.

Can I change my flight with Avianca Online?

Yes, you can. Avianca Airlines change policy allows customers to change their flights before the flight’s departure. Although additional charges may apply for the flight change, the overall fee depends on the type of fare you have. If you are willing to make a change of flight and adjust the dates, timings, etc., you can easily do it online.

Avianca allows customers to access the Manage Booking portal on their official website and change their booking, including name changes. Now, let’s find out how you can make Avianca changes online:

Steps to Change a Flight with Avianca

  • Open the Avianca.com website and login to your account.
  • Straight go to the Manage Your Booking option.
  • Here, check or change your booking through your reservation number and last name.
  • Enter the details as available on your ticket and continue.
  • Check which flight you want to change to and follow the screen instructions.
  • Click on the new flight option you like and choose a suitable time.
  • Confirm your selection and complete your booking changes.
  • Pay the fare difference and associated fees(if any).

The airline will send you a confirmation via email or message with the updated ticket details and a new reservation number for further processing. You can keep this information at hand if you want to make changes to your ticket again.

What are the Reasons for the Avianca Flight Change?

If you have any concerns regarding changing flights, you must understand the different reasons for making the changes. Once you know your options, you can go on and request a change in flight as per the booked fares. Here are the two major reasons for making flight changes with Avianca Airlines:

Voluntary Change- Your Plans Changed

If your plans have changed, you need to delay your trip, and for that, you either change to a different flight date, time, etc., or you cancel your tickets. Avianca Flight schedule change policy allows you to change your flights before the departure as per different fare conditions. You can check each fare’s rules and then alter your flights online.

Involuntary Change- Issues with your Flight

Many unforeseen circumstances cause a flight delay or cancellation from the airline’s end. In that case, you can alter your flights before the scheduled departure time and request a refund if necessary. Check out the Avianca Airlines flight cancellation policy when there is an involuntary change that you do not like.

Unplanned Events

If there are any unplanned events like medical incapacity, illness, or death, you can also request to change your flights. The airline will not charge you extra for changing a flight in these situations.

What is Avianca Airlines Flight Change Flexibility Policy?

Avianca Airlines’ policy regarding flight change flexibility varies depending on the fare type and the route. Generally, passengers can make changes to their itinerary for a fee, and some fare types also allow changes for free. You can check the Avianca Schedule change policy for more details or take a look at the table below to decide when to change your flights.

Redemption date Flight b/w Mar 4th 7 Oct 31st, 2020 booked by August 31st. Booking b/w Sep 1st & Dec 31st, 2020 regardless of flight dates Booking b/w Jan 1st and Aug 31st, 2021 regardless of the flight dates Booked b/w Sept 1 and Oct 19, 2021, regardless of the flight dates
Which Routes are applicable? All routes operated by Avianca
Maximum Date for Re-accommodation Before 31/Dec/21 12 months from the redemption date
Is there a Fare Difference Waiver?- Only available on changing before Nov 30th, 2020, on the same route or to common destinations No
Can I Get Flight Change Fee Waiver? Available for Flights Changed to fly before 31/Dec/21 Available for changes to fly before the maximum re-accommodation date
How Many Times Can I Make The Changes? Multiple times before 30/Nov/20 & one time change after 01/Dec/20 One (1) change Three (3) changes One (1) change

After you pick the date you want to travel, you need to change your ticket. You can do this by calling Avianca’s customer service center or using LiveCHAT.

Important Points to Remember:

  • If you redeemed your ticket with miles and is less than a year old and unused, you can change the date and time or request a miles refund. However, if your ticket is partially used or more than a year old, you can only change the itinerary.
  • When redeeming mileage tickets with Avianca, availability in the same fare class as your original purchase is not guaranteed. However, if you redeem tickets with one of Avianca’s partner airlines, availability in the same class as your purchase is required for any changes.
  • The voucher can’t be used for tickets redeemed with miles, so if you entered a reservation code for a ticket redeemed with miles in the voucher link, the response message won’t apply to that type of ticket.

You can also check Avianca Airlines COVID change policy for any changes required due to the same. Also, consult an expert for more help regarding your flight changes.

How Much is the Avianca Change Flight Fee?

Some Avianca fare options incur a flight change fee when requesting a change from the airline. The purchased fare divides the total price into three types of charges.

  1. Flight Change Fee
  2. Difference in Fares
  3. Taxes Differences

Avianca is a Colombian Airline spread across the borders to many international destinations in South America and more locations. The flight change fees and taxes always depend on the laws and regulations of each country. Here is a simple Flight change fee break-up on Avianca Airlines:

  • Flights Scheduled within Colombia: COP 110
  • International Flights within South America: USD 170
  • Flights Scheduled within Ecuador USD 28
  • Other international flights USD 200

The international fare even applies to flights to/from North America, Central America, Mexico, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Fare Difference and Taxes

The flight fare difference is the amount difference between the original ticket price and the price of the new booking. This is applicable to pay with all Avianca fare bookings. On the other hand, the differences generated by taxes are always applicable according to each country’s regulations.

Are There Any Additional Rules for Making Avianca Flight Changes?

Yes, here are the basic rules that customers need to take note of before making changes to their Avianca flight through Manage Your Booking.

  • Changes to flight dates and times are only allowed per route.
  • XS fare ticket holders purchased before May 3, 2023, cannot make itinerary changes.
  • L or XXL fare ticket holders can change their flights without a fee but may incur fare differences and taxes.
  • Domestic flights allow changes or ticket purchases up to 35 minutes before departure.
  • International flights allow changes or ticket purchases up to 1 hour before departure.
  • The cost for changes made before flight departure is the same for one-way and round-trip flights.

If your ticket was purchased through a third-party or travel agent, check the Avianca Airlines schedule change policy at their end. You can check with a customer service expert and understand your options accordingly.

Final Words

That’s all you need to know about Avianca Airlines flight change policy. If you want additional information, check with Avianca’s customer service team, or speak to someone at Tripohlz for help. Your flight changes won’t be a hassle anymore with proper guidance.

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