Can I Pick Seats of My Choice on Avianca Flights?

Avianca Airlines seat selection

How Do I Select Seats on Avianca Airlines Flights?

Got an upcoming Avianca flight and want to sit somewhere you like on the plane? If you have a preferred seat, you can select it in advance for a small fee depending on your fare type. Avianca Airlines allows you to make a selection before departure and book a seat on the plane for your maximum comfort.

You may have different seating preferences, such as a window or aisle seat. Some customers prefer extra legroom and book emergency exit seats. However, remember to follow Avianca’s rules regardless of your seat choice. Read on to learn about seat selection with Avianca and your eligibility in detail.

What is the Avianca Airlines Seat selection process?

Choosing your favorite seat on Avianca Airlines requires a few simple steps, and you can even do it yourself. However, if you want assistance, you can call the airline to check for the available seats and book them accordingly.

If you miss selecting your seats using any of these methods before getting your boarding pass, you can also choose them at check-in (airport or online)

Avianca Airlines Seat Selection Steps (Online)

Online seat selection with Avianca Airlines is available through the airline’s website or mobile app through manage booking or during the web check-in period. Here are the steps for checking in after you have booked flights:

  • Visit the official website of Avianca Airlines (
  • Go to the Your Booking Check-in section.
  • Click on Manage Your Booking.
  • Find the Seat selection option.
  • Click “Choose Your Seat”.
  • Retrieve your trip information with
    • Reservation Number
    • Last Name of Primary passenger
  • Click Search.
  • View the seat map for available seats.
  • Select one in your ticketed cabin.
  • Confirm the selection.
  • Pay if there is a fee.
  • Complete the process and check your email for confirmation.

If you have not already booked your tickets, you can choose seats directly while booking flights. However, there may be a small seat selection fee whether you book online via or by calling their customer service.

Avianca Airlines Seat Selection (Offline)

Offline seat selection on Avianca is available via many options. You can contact their sales office, call the contact center, visit a travel agency, or go to the airport to select your seat. Here are the details:

Seat selection on the Phone

  • Call the Avianca Airlines contact center/ Sales Office in your location.
  • Follow the automated menu to connect with an airline agent.
  • Ask him for available seat options.
  • Book a seat you like.

Seat Selection via a Travel Agency

  • Contact your travel agent/ agency.
  • Give him your booking information.
  • Get help with seat selection.

Seat selection at the airport

  • Visit your local airport in advance.
  • Look for the Avianca Airlines counter/ desk.
  • Ask for a seat option.
  • Get the available details.
  • Confirm a seat you like.
  • Pay if necessary.

With these simple offline seat selection options, you can get an amazing seat on the Avianca flights and enjoy your trips in comfort.

How Much Do I Need to Pay to Select a seat on Avianca Airlines?

You must pay a certain fee to book the Avianca Airlines seat of your choice. The airline’s seat selection charges depend on the country you are traveling from. Here are the details:

Travel Originating From North America & Central America except Cancun

  • Economy Seats start from USD 15
  • Emergency Exit seats start from USD 30
  • Plus seats start from USD 40
  • Premium seats start from USD 85

The exact seat fee of Avianca Airlines can vary depending on your exact departure and destination location. Check with an Avianca Airlines customer service department for a better idea or review the seat map.

Travel Originating From South America

  • Economy Seats start from USD 15
  • Emergency Exit seats start from USD 30
  • Plus seats start from USD 40
  • Premium seats start from USD 60

Travel Originating From Europe

From Spain

  • Economy Seats start from EUR 19
  • Emergency Exit seats start from EUR 53
  • Plus seats start from EUR 68

From the UK

  • Economy Seats start from GBP 18
  • Emergency Exit seats start from GBP 49
  • Plus seats start from GBP 62

Travel Within Colombia

  • Economy Seats start from COP 6.000
  • Emergency Exit seats start from COP 28.000
  • Plus seats start from COP 33.000
  • Premium seats start from COP 80.000

Travel Originating From the Caribbean

  • Economy Seats start from USD 10
  • Emergency Exit seats start from USD 33
  • Plus seats start from USD 43
  • Premium seats start from USD 40

Travel Within Ecuador

  • Economy Seats start from USD 5
  • Emergency Exit seats start from USD 12
  • Plus seats start from USD 15
  • Premium seats start from USD 15

Cost of Flatbed Seating

The fare of Flatbed seats depends on your travel region. If you are traveling between Bogota and Miami, the cost is 250 USD each, whereas, for Bogota and Los Angeles flights, it is 450 USD each.

Remember that the seat selection cost is directly affected by your country of origin for departure and the place of arrival. The currency is also different depending on the same. Check with an expert before continuing with the seat selection process.

Different Seat Types Offered By Avianca Airlines

Avianca offers you different seating options and types, and you can choose a specific one depending on the ticket type you have. Check with an airline representative, or see below the details of these seats:

Avianca Airlines Economy Seats

These are the cheapest and most booked seats available on the back of the Avianca Airlines aircraft.

Avianca Plus seats

These seats offer a bit more space for you and have adjustable headrests with a recline option.

Avianca Premium Seats

These seats are located in the first 3 rows of the airplane. The space is more premium, and these recline more than the Plus seats.

Avianca Flatbed (Business Class) seats

The maximum comfort comes with these seats offering up to 160-180 degrees recline, depending on the plane. Exclusive available on Business class flights, these have maximum flexibility and entertainment options

Emergency Exit Seats

Located as the name suggests, near the emergency exit of an aircraft, these offer amazing legroom but come with some restrictions. Some of them include,

  • Only passengers over 15 years or older can book these seats.
  • If traveling with an infant, you can not choose this option.
  • Pregnant women can not book them.
  • You should be physically fit and by no chance require any special assistance.
  • Your English and Spanish must be good enough to provide instructions in times of need.

If these conditions are upheld, you can easily book your seats in the emergency exit row. For more, check with an Avianca airline agent.

Final Words

With these steps and conditions above, you can choose your preferred seat on the plane. Remember to check the details and eligibility requirements before you select and view the seat map to choose one with Avianca Airlines. If you have additional questions regarding seat selection, you can contact an Avianca Airlines agent and confirm your bookings.

Can I Pick Seats of My Choice on Avianca Flights?
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