How Do I Change My Name on Southwest Flight Booking?

Southwest name change

What is the Southwest Airlines Name Change Process & Policy?

Do you wish to change the name on your Southwest ticket? Go through the Southwest Airlines name change policy and make your decision. The airline does not allow name changes to another person, like ticket transfers, but you can correct your name spellings before departure.

Ready to fly? Do not get hindered by a minor spelling mistake or legal name change! Correct your name on the ticket by calling Southwest Airlines or check out the detailed options you have below!

How Do I Request a Name Change on Southwest?

To request your name change from Southwest Airlines, please make sure that you should be requesting it for yourself or an existing passenger on your booking. After that, you can give Southwest customer service a call at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA. You can also use the following ways to request the same:

  • Direct Message, Aka DM Southwest Airlines on their Twitter account.
  • Send a Private Message to Southwest Airlines on Facebook.

No matter which of these social networks you use, the further name change steps include,

  1. Click a picture of your government-issued photo ID on your mobile.
  2. Send this picture via the DM.
  3. If you are changing name due to Marriage or Divorce, you can also send the corresponding certificates to complete your request.

In case, you do not want to go through social media options for name changes on your Southwest flight booking, you can try to call them.

Steps to Call Southwest for Name Change

  • Dial Southwest customer service number 1-800-I-FLY-SWA.
  • Follow the voice instructions.
  • Choose to speak to a live person for direct assistance.
  • Ask him to change your name.
  • Provide the necessary information and documents.
  • Understand your eligibility.
  • Confirm the changes and make payment, if any.
  • Complete the process.

The airline will update your itinerary details and send you confirmation of your changes with the new details on your e-ticket. This will further help you obtain a boarding pass and get ready for your departure.

What are Southwest Airlines Name Change Rules?

Southwest Airlines has set up some rules and regulations that help you request a name change on your ticket. Read below to understand when you can request a change without any hassle:

  • You can change the name on the ticket for minor corrections or legal reasons.
  • The entire name can not be changed to another person.
  • You can change a few characters on the name.
  • The airline will require proper legal documentation to make the request.
  • Your name should totally match the government-issued ID card.
  • If you are changing names due to marriage or divorce, submit a marriage license or divorce decree to validate.
  • Make sure your flight is operated by Southwest Airlines only.

If you withhold these conditions, you can request the name change without trouble. For more details, give a call to the airline’s customer service team and get the assistance you need.

Can I Also Change my Name on My Rapid Rewards Account?

Yes. If you follow the rules above, and request a name change on the ticket, you can also update it on your Rapid Rewards Account profile. With the same process you follow for flight ticket name change, you can do it.
So, when you call Southwest Airlines for name change options, you can also ask them to update your rapid rewards account name. The agents will help you do it, and you can make sure you earn points for future trips at ease.

Is it Necessary to Correct the Name on a Southwest Flight Ticket?

Indeed. The airline allows you to fly only under the condition that your name on the government-issued ID and your boarding pass should exactly match. Suppose you do not correct your name and go on with your flight as planned. In that case.

  • You can not get past the airport checks.
  • The airline does not allow you to fly.
  • You have to immediately change the name or give up your flight booking.
  • If the flight departs, your booking amount will be forfeited.

In short, you’ll be in big trouble if you leave the name as is and do not change it to correctly match your ID. So remember to check and update your name as per the guidelines.

Final Words

That’s all about changing your name on a Southwest Airlines ticket. So, hurry up and request a name change from the airline for a small fee or free of cost depending on your fare. Usually, the airline allows one time free name change per ticket and after that it is chargeable. For more details, contact the customer service department available 24/7.

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