How To Manage or Modify Air Canada Flight Booking?

air canada manage booking

Can I Modify My Flight Itinerary with Air Canada?

Yes, you can change or modify your flight itinerary with Air Canada if you want. To make any adjustments to your flight schedule or choose an extra service on the flight, use the Air Canada Manage Booking tool and confirm the changes. You can easily alter your booking information through this option.

By using the flight manage booking service, you can enhance your travel experience or mold it as you like free of cost or for a small fee. Some airline services are chargeable, and some require eligibility. To know whether you can make a selected flight modification on your Air Canada flight or not, read on. This article contains all the rules and regulations, including the eligibility criteria to make some flight adjustments.

Air Canada Manage Booking- How Does It Work?

To facilitate customers with their choice of bookings until the very end, Air Canada has this special Manage booking option available on their official channels. If you want to add or remove a service from your booking, make some changes to your schedule, or want to choose a new seat on Air Canada, this option comes in handy.

The manage booking service is available on Air Canada’s official website, mobile app, and also via their customer service team. You can follow a simple series of steps to manage your flights online or just connect to their team for offline assistance. Check your Air Canada flight under the My Booking Tab on the homepage and continue by following the onscreen instructions.

How Do I Manage/Modify My Air Canada Booking?

To manage or alter your Air Canada booking online, you can retrieve your flight details under the manage booking section and make any necessary requests. The airline offers the below process to help you modify your flights easily.

  • Access your booking using the “My Bookings” option on the official website/app.
  • Provide your Booking Reference or Ticket number along with the last name on the flight.
  • Click “Find” to retrieve the booking details.
  • You can even Sign in to your Aeroplan account to retrieve the Air Canada booking information.
  • Once you have your booking information, you can:
    • Change or Cancel Flights
    • View or Print the Itinerary Details
    • Ask for an Upgrade
    • Update your passport information
    • Check-in, etc.
  • Now, choose any available option under the manage booking and continue.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  • Finally, pay for the service you requested if there is a fee.

You will receive your updated ticket with detailed information about the changes made as soon as the airline confirms your alteration.

Can I Change/Alter my Flight Pass Bookings with Air Canada?

Yes, if you are having problems with your Air Canada online flight pass bookings, you can manage them or make some changes accordingly. Just access your booking using your flight pass account details and make possible changes. Use the Air Canada change flight option under the manage booking section by logging in with your account credentials.

The Flight Pass account can be the same as your Aeroplan account. You can use the credentials for your Air Canada booking and log in. After that, simply follow the screen instructions to make the necessary alterations to the bookings.

Is it Possible to Modify my Air Canada Vacations?

Yes, You can modify your Air Canada Vacation packages through My Booking. Simply log in to your account and review your vacation details. After that, see the available manage booking options and follow the screen prompts to alter the details.

Here are the different vacations that Air Canada offers to the customers:

  • Flight+Hotel packages to Hawaii, Las Vegas, Orlando, or California.
  • Vacation Packages to Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America.
  • Canada & Europe Tour Packages

Now, you can skip the wait and manage the vacations. However, if you made phone reservations, or the reservation number starts with “3,” call Air Canada booking number US 1 866-529-2079 or retrieve your booking details online.

Will Air Canada help me Modify my Hotel bookings?

If you booked a hotel with Air Canada under their vacation bookings, you can change it without any hassle. The airline gives you the benefit of modifying your hotel reservations booked with Careflex or Careflex Plus at least 21 days before for maximum benefits and a maximum of 3 days before your flight’s departure.

You can check the complete details through Air Canada my flight information, or retrieve your vacation info online. The airline will also assist with your reservations through cxLoyalty, given to only Aeroplan members.

Can I Also Change/Cancel my Car Rentals?

Yes, you can review, change and cancel your can rental via the Air Canada website. The airline will help customers to make, alter, or terminate a car rental request through its vacation option. You can connect with the airline for more information or simply check with an expert in your dedicated location.

The Air Canada manage booking option is available for all customers in the UK, US, or Australia, depending on the destination it serves and your fare type.

What are the Different Ways I Can Modify My Booking?

If you want, you can alter your Air Canada online booking through the manage booking tool. The airline allows you to access your flights and make necessary changes which include the following:

  • Changing Flights or Canceling tickets
  • Making a Booking After First Cancelling it
  • Seat Selection or upgrades
  • Linking Your Booking to your Aeroplan Account
  • Modifying passenger details
  • Request add-on baggage
  • Change name, date, etc., on a flight
  • Adding or removing a passenger from the booking
  • Changing Vacation plans or canceling them
  • Adding some service to your hotel or flight
  • Reviewing and printing E-tickets

Use the Manage My Booking option on Air Canada official website, and select one of these available options to make flight changes. If you want additional information, you can communicate with a travel agent at the airline and get proper help.

Which Manage booking services are not available on the Air Canada website?

When you choose to manage your booking with Air Canada online, some of the services are unavailable. To use these services, you need to contact the airline’s official team through the Air Canada phone number. Here are the services that aren’t available online:

  • You can not change a passenger’s information online. You have 24 hours after completing your bookings to contact the airline directly for this change.
  • The airline does not allow customers to make special requests online. If you need accessibility assistance or special meals on flights, please contact Air Canada customer service.

To fix errors in your Air Canada flight booking, contact them within 24 hours of booking(wrong date or a misspelled passenger name).

How to Choose or Upgrade Seats on Air Canada?

Passengers can even choose or upgrade their seats with Air Canada. The manage booking service can allow you to select your seats on the plane wherever you want as long as your fare rules allow it. There are even some bookings that are eligible for an upgrade on Seat reservations and get a higher cabin class on Air Canada flights.

The manage booking option on the official website gives you this option, and you can easily choose seats or upgrade them. You can check the flight details under my bookings on Air Canada and then follow the onscreen instructions to choose seats and upgrade them.

Process for My Seat Selection on Air Canada

  • Log in to My Bookings using Aeroplan membership details.
  • You can also retrieve your booking using the booking reference and last name.
  • Click on Choose Seats/Upgrade seat option as per your requirement and eligibility.
  • Select a seat you wish to upgrade to and confirm.
  • Now, pay if there is any charge to complete the transaction.

You will receive a confirmation about the Air Canada my booking seat selection on your registered contact after it is complete. For more details, connect with a live Customer service agent at Air Canada.

Final Say

The Air Canada manage booking option will let you make the right choice and help you out properly. If you want additional information on one of these, you can check with Tripohlz. We have a dedicated team that can help you out with all your Air Canada flight-altering needs. Check out the list of options today!

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