Can I request a Name Change on Delta Airlines?

Delta name change

Guide to Delta Airlines Name Change Process and Policy

If you have a misspelled or incorrect name on your Delta Airlines ticket, there can be additional problems when you arrive at the airport. So, you must change the name on a Delta Airlines flight ticket before checking in or obtaining any related documents for your flight.

The airline allows you to change a misspelled or incorrectly added name depending on your eligibility and the type of change you wish to request. However, changing a ticket name to someone else’s name is not possible using this option.

Read more to understand the detailed policy of Delta Airlines for requesting a name change on your ticket!

How to Request a Name Change from Delta Airlines?

You can easily make a name correction with Delta Airlines for a small fee, but only small corrections or legal changes are possible. If you are ready to request a change, take a look below to check the steps you can follow:

Online Name Changes

  • Open Delta’s official website (
  • Find My Trips.
  • Enter your Booking reference.
  • Provide your last name.
  • Click Next.

You will see the itinerary you wish to correct your name on. Now, follow these instructions:

  1. Find Change Flight option.
  2. Choose the Option to Change Your Credentials.
  3. Follow the screen prompts to make the necessary changes.
  4. Click Next and Verify your email address.
  5. Get the New Ticket over the email.

Remember that you must submit any legal documents necessary to confirm the changes to your name spelling. If there is no supporting documentation, the airline will not allow you to change your name.

Offline Name Changes

  • Call Delta Airlines customer service number.
  • Or find any number associated with Name change requests.
  • Follow the IVR menu to speak to an airline representative.
  • Share your concerns and supporting documentation.
  • Confirm the changes and receive an e-ticket over the email.

There may be a name change fee, which Delta Airlines asks for, depending on the type of ticket you have and the reason for requesting the change. Further, if you can not change an incorrect name spelling like this, visit the airport.

How to Request Delta Airlines Name Correction at The Airport?

If you want to make name corrections, and you have been waiting for airport check-in, it’s better that you visit an airport desk agent to make a request. Delta Airlines can help you if you visit the airport ahead of time and ask an airline representative at their desk.

You can pay the name change fee directly to the agent and show the mandatory documents, which can help the agent identify you and make the necessary changes for you.

What Are the Type of Name Changes Permitted By Delta Airlines?

If your name is misspelled or incorrectly entered on your ticket issued by Delta, you can make changes by requesting the airline through the steps above. However, you can only make name change requests due to the following reasons:

  1. Correcting First Name
    1. From Smith to Smythe
  2. Correcting Last Name
    1. From Tailor to Taylor.
  3. Correcting Middle Name
    1. From Caren to Karen
  4. Adding last name to the booking
    1. From Smith to Smith Jones
  5. Reverting the First and Last name
    1. Rose Emilia to Emilia Rose
  6. Adding your Maiden Name/ Marriage name
    1. Mandy Rogers to Mandy RogersSmith
  7. Changing name due to Divorce
    1. Mandy RogersSmith to Mandy Rogers

Simply, either minor name corrections or legal name changes can be possible on Delta Airlines. If your name change requires minor spelling corrections of 2-3 letters, you do not need assistance from the airline. However, for name changes with major corrections or legal requirements, you must contact Delta airlines for assistance.

What is Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy?

To correct a name spelling or anything related, you must review the following rules set by Delta Airlines and then proceed with the steps above.

  • Change or correct your names within 24 hours of the booking, and there won’t be any additional charges.
  • For name changes beyond 24 hours of the booking time, you have to pay a fee.
  • The fees vary between a range of 75 USD and 500 USD.
  • The name change fee depends on the departure date and routes.
  • Your name change eligibility is also determined by the time left in the flight’s departure when you request it.

Whether you wish to request a name change on domestic or international tickets, make sure to follow the above instructions for better options.

Are there any Exceptions to Delta Airlines name Change Policy?

Yes, there are. If you are requesting a name change from Delta Airlines, you must understand the additional exceptions. In simple words, some bookings and individuals do not qualify for name corrections at all. So, you must contact Delta Airlines Global Sales support department for help in any such situation:

  • When the flight has a connection with any other airline.
  • Flights including travel to or from China.
  • Name correction is necessary for more than 3 letters in your name/ last name.
  • When you have already corrected your name once and require further changes.
  • If you need a ticket re-issuance for the second time.
  • All tickets included in your itinerary are operated by Delta.
  • You do not meddle with the Secure Flight Passenger Data.

If you abide by all these rules, you can easily request a name correction from Delta. However, you won’t be able to transfer your tickets. So, make sure you submit details of the ticketed passengers only.

Final Words

With the above policy, you can easily request a Delta Airlines name change on tickets and get to your desired destination at ease. If you don’t change your name according to your government identification proof, the airline may deny your boarding at the airport. So, make sure to utilize the above information for your benefit.

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