How Do I Book American Airlines Group and Meeting Travel?

American Airlines Group Travel

Can I Book Group Travel for 10 or More with American Airlines?

Yes. American Airlines offers special rates when planning a group trip. The airline allows you to book a group of 10 or more friends, family members, etc., to travel together in a single itinerary. Anyone who books American Airlines Group travel is guaranteed a special price on flight fares and amenities for the whole group. The airline offers a variety of options for customers, whether planning a small meeting or a large destination holiday.

So, are you ready for an exciting group holiday with your favorite bunch of people? Let American Airlines make it exciting for you. If you are wondering how you can book a group on AA, read on!

Who can Book a Group Trip with American Airlines?

As we mentioned earlier, if you are interested in booking travel for 10 or more people in a single itinerary, you can book a group trip with American Airlines. The airline allows both tour operators as well as travel agents to make a group booking. Any passenger can reserve group tickets with AA, but you must be an authorized travel agent under ARC or IATA to book under your Agency Reporting Agreement.

American Airlines Group & Meeting Travel rates apply to:

  • A Group of 10 people or more
  • Persons traveling from one or more departure airports
  • All travel cabins on American Airlines
  • All destinations under the AA or oneworld alliance

This gives you a flexible schedule for ticketing, and you can even book your seats up to 11 months in advance with your booking.

How Do You Book Travel For a Group with American Airlines?

If you want to book tickets for a group of 10 or more with American Airlines, you may first request the group travel rates. Or, you can directly contact AA for reservations of your tickets. The airline will help you find a good deal for booking and also let you book seats way in advance.

To book Group Travel, you have these two options:

  • Contact AA Group and Meeting Reservations
  • Request a Group Rate

Both these methods allow customers to book travel for a group. In the first method, you can call the American Airlines group travel phone number, while in the second, they will contact you after you submit the details for a quote.

Steps to Call AA Group & Meeting Travel Desk

  • Find the American Airlines group travel phone number.
  • Dial 800-221-2255 for US or Canada Group travel reservations.
  • You can follow the IVR to speak with a live person on the airline.
  • Connect to the Group desk agent and tell him your travel preferences.
  • He will offer you a good quote, and you can decide whether to lock it or not.
  • Finally, you can make payments and look forward to your group vacation.

You will receive the complete group travel quote and a number for your reservation in the email after you confirm your reservation. You can also send an email to [email protected] and get help from the airline’s group reservation desk regarding your group trip.

How to Request a Group Rate From American Airlines?

To request a group rate from American Airlines and plan your travel, check out these steps below:

  • Open the official website of American Airlines,
  • Enter the Group & Meeting Travel Page.
  • Find the “Request a Group Rate” link and click it.
  • A new page will open with Contact American How Can We Help You?
  • On this page, select “Group or Meeting Travel” in the topic and choose the subject as “Request Quote.”
  • Click next, and provide your whole contact information as per screen prompts.
  • Also, enter your group or meeting event information, including all the details of your flight.
  • Add any special message or comments and submit your form.

American Airlines reviews your group travel form and will get in touch with you with a quote that suits your travel needs and preferences. Once you get a quote, you can book your flights or block space for a certain time period without the names of the passengers. When it is closer to departure, provide the names of passengers in the group and check-in for your travel with American Airlines.

What are the Different Types of American Airlines Group Fares?

American Airlines offers two different types of group fares under their subsidiaries for global sales:

  • Air Only Fares
  • Zone Fares

Air-only fares are meant for groups where 10 or more people travel from one or multiple places to a common destination for any reason. On the other hand, Zone fares are multi-origin groups where 10 or more people from 2 or more countries go to the same destination. Both these fares are available for customers to block space for up to 11 months in advance with a guaranteed fare.

Benefits of Booking Air Only Fares with American Airlines

  • Booking and ticketing times are flexible. You can block space up to 330 days before departure
  • Space can be held without names until closer to departure
  • One free name change per ticket is allowed up to 48 hours prior to departure
  • Automatic seat assignments are made upon commitment
  • Itinerary deviations are allowed on return within a six-day window
  • Air-only fares are non-refundable, but flight credits can be used for future group reservations

Benefits of Booking Zone Fares with American Airlines

  • Clear pricing with set fares
  • Refundable tickets and flexible booking options
  • Option to reserve space up to 330 days before departure
  • Option to include additional names at a later time
  • Modify one name free of charge up to 48 hours before departure.
  • Automatic seat assignments upon commitment

Remember to check the American Airlines group travel cancellation policy in detail to understand whether you can cancel your reservations for a full refund or not.

What are the Terms and Conditions for Booking AA Group Travel?

Before you confirm your group travel booking on American Airlines, understand the check-in hours and deadlines, associated travel rules, and more. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind:

  • There must be at least 10 or more people to book as a group.
  • Getting an e-ticket is necessary
  • Travel agent’s bookings are subject to the Agency Reporting Agreement with AEC.
  • The group quote fares will only apply to group travel.
  • All the passengers traveling in the group must have at least one common flight segment in the itinerary.
  • If the itinerary for the group includes an outbound international segment (excluding any U.S. – Canada segment), the group must travel together on that segment.
  • All initial group members must start their outbound travel on the same date.
  • Additional group members can be added but must start their outbound travel on the same date or the day immediately before or after, but not both.
  • It is important that all passengers in a group begin their return travel within a 7-day period. This means that the time difference between the first returning passenger and the last returning passenger should not exceed 7 consecutive calendar days.

Remember that if your group fails to meet these requirements, American Airlines will cancel your group booking and all related reservations. The deposits for the booking will also be forfeited in this case.

Final Words

Planning a getaway with loved ones is a breeze thanks to the convenient AA group travel option. Just be sure to adhere to the booking guidelines and snag your tickets early to avoid any last-minute headaches. Plus, you can even upgrade your boarding status for a smoother and more enjoyable flight experience with the airline. Don’t wait any longer – book your American Airlines Group Travel adventure today and witness the positive impact firsthand.

How Do I Book American Airlines Group and Meeting Travel?
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