What is Spirit Airlines Pet Travel Booking Process?

Spirit Airlines pet policy

Does Spirit Airlines Accept Pets Onboard?

Yes, Spirit does accept pets onboard. If you are flying with Spirit Airlines, you can bring your small domesticated pets on their planes. The Spirit Airlines Pet Policy allows you to bring your little furry friends on the flight for a small fee. If you have a cute little pet at home, you do not have to worry about leaving it behind anymore. Spirit tells you to book flights in compliance with their pet travel rules and fly with your winged or pawed friends at ease.

Are you ready to take off with your dearest little friend on Spirit Airlines? Take a look at the airline’s pet travel policy in detail below!

Which Domesticated Pets Are Allowed on Spirit Flights?

Although most popular domestic pets are cats, dogs & birds, many people keep reptiles, pigs, and other mammals as pets. But, if you are traveling with Spirit Airlines, you can not bring them all. The airline has some exceptions for pets traveling with you on their planes. Here is a simple list of pets that you are allowed to bring on your flight:

  • Small Breed of Dogs
  • Small Breed of Cats
  • Household Small Rabbits
  • Little Household Birds

You can bring Dogs and Cats to all the domestic flights, including Spirit Flights to Puerto Rico, U.S.V.I., and St. Thomas. However, birds and rabbits can not travel on flights to/from the U.S.V.I. and Puerto Rico.

Birds that are not considered Household Pets

  • Farm Poultry
  • Waterfowl
  • Birds of Prey
  • Game Bird
  • Flightless Bird

All these birds are not considered household birds under Spirit Airlines’ Pet Policy, and you can not bring any pets on international flights. Remember to speak with an airline agent if you need more help with this information.

How do I Book Flights for My Pet with Spirit Airlines?

If you want to add a pet to your existing Spirit Airlines flight or book a reservation where you wish to bring them with you, you can contact the airline. Once you understand the rules under Spirit Airlines pet travel policy, you can dial Spirit’s phone number 1-855-SAVE-555 (7283) and get in touch with their experts. Below are the different ways you can contact the airline for booking pets:

  • Call Spirit Airlines customer service number 1-855-SAVE-555
  • Text the airline at 48763.
  • Whatsapp at 855-728-3555

You can use either method and book a flight with the airline. Remember that the airline limits the number of pet containers on each flight to a maximum of six. You should try and connect with the airline as soon as possible to confirm your pet’s travel arrangements.

How much is the pet fee on Spirit Airlines?

Traveling with pets is allowed, but not for free. Each pet container on Spirit Airlines will only be accepted for a fee. You must pay a $125 each way price per pet container under Spirit Airlines Pet policy. This is a non-refundable fee charged to accept pets on the plane.

Once you have booked a pet with Spirit Airlines, you can plan to fly. But remember to check-in at the airport ticket counter. The airline does not allow curbside or self-service check-in, which means you should have extra time at hand to travel with your beloved pets.

What are the Spirit Airlines Rules for Pet Travel?

When you are ready to bring your pets on travel with Spirit Airlines, you must remember some of the basic guidelines for guests put up by the carrier. Although the airline does not need you to bring a health certificate for your pets traveling in the cabin, if your flights are to/from USVI, you need one. For the rest, see these terms below:

  • You need to provide a rabies vaccination certificate for pets traveling in the cabin to/from Puerto Rico.
  • Exotic Pets are not welcome on Spirit Airlines flights.
  • Each passenger can only bring one pet container with them.
  • Per container, only two pets of the same breed can travel together.
  • Your pets should be able to stand and move comfortably inside their container.
  • Remember that your animal can not be out of its carrier throughout the flight duration.
  • The minimum age requirement for the pets is 8 weeks old
  • You must fully wean your pets before bringing them on the plane.
  • In case the animals are offensive or cause disturbance before leaving, the airline will cancel the pet travel.
  • Your pet should be harmless, odorless, and may need no special attention during the flight.
  • Ill, violent, or physically distressed pets are not welcome.
  • You need not notify in advance, but the airline recommends that you do so anyway.
  • Pet parents can not sit in the first or emergency exit rows.
  • The maximum weight of a pet and its carrier can not be over 40 pounds.

Also, per Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minor policy, minors can not bring pets onboard with them. Make sure to abide by these rules if you wish to travel with your furry animals on Spirit Airlines planes.

Can Pets Travel in the Cargo Compartments of Spirit Airlines?

No, Spirit Airlines does not allow pets to be transported in their cargo compartments at all. If you want to bring a pet, make sure to comply with the travel rules and book flights. You can also check with a Spirit Airlines customer service representative regarding travel with the pets. Consult them and then book your flight tickets.

Pets On International Spirit Flights

Spirit Airlines does not accept domestic pets to travel with them on international routes. If you are traveling with a service animal, you can bring them with you as a pet. However, it’s important to note that specific documentation may be required depending on your international destination. To make sure you have all the necessary information, you can contact Spirit at 855-728-3555. One of the airline agents will check the destination rules for you.

Emotional Support Animals(ESANs)

Effective January 11th, 2021, Spirit Airlines only allows trained service animals on board, as per the updated requirements set by the Department of Transportation. Emotional support animals (ESAN) will no longer travel as ESAN, but normal pets. The Spirit Airlines pet policy for emotional support animals will no longer apply. To travel as a pet, the animal must meet the below requirements and comply with the new regulations.

What are the Spirit’s Pet Carrier Guidelines?

Apart from the Spirit Airlines pet transport rules, these are the basic guidelines for your pet carrier which you need to follow:

  • The pet must be in a container approved by Spirit.
  • Container dimensions must not exceed 18″x 14″ x 9″.
  • The combined weight of the pet and carrier may not exceed 40 pounds.
  • The pet must remain in a carrier at all times.
  • Soft containers are allowed, but you can not bring those with a pet’s head outside.
  • Containers must comply with government transportation requirements.

Remember that once all these conditions have been met, you can get ready for the flight. When at the airport, the pet will go through security screening checkpoints. This is a mandatory thing, so prepare yourself for the same.

Final Words

You can book flights for your pets in these simple steps and comply with Spirit Airlines pet travel policy. If you want more detailed information, connect to the airline experts for assistance. You can also contact Tripohlz and get answers regarding your concerns.

What is Spirit Airlines Pet Travel Booking Process?
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