What is Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Process & Policy?

Hawaiian Airlines Name Change

How do I Change My Name on a Hawaiian Airlines Ticket?

Did you accidentally misspell your name on the Hawaiian Airlines ticket, or has it legally changed since you booked your ticket? Well, whatever the reason is, you can request a Hawaiian Airlines name change on the ticket as per your requirements. The name change policy set by the airline allows you to request minor spelling corrections and legal name updation on your tickets as well as your Hawaiian Airlines accounts.

Read on to find out how you can correct an accidental misspelling or legal name change to make sure you change it before the departure date.

How to Request a Name Change From Hawaiian Airlines?

To request a name change from Hawaiian Airlines, you can call the Hawaiian Airlines reservations phone number and request it from a customer service agent. The airline does not have any other option for you to change your name. Here are the detailed steps for you:

  • Find the Hawaiian Airlines phone number online.
  • Or dial 800-367-5320 directly.
  • Follow the prompts by IVR and choose your case.
  • Connect to a live person.
  • Share your concerns in detail.
  • Get the options from the agent.
  • Provide the supporting documentation.
  • Pay the fee necessary.
  • Complete the process.

The airline will share a confirmation email with the updated name, and you can print a boarding pass using that information. Remember that to submit your documents, you have to use the Hawaiian Airlines Contact Us section.

Steps to Submit Your Documents for Name Change

  • Go to the Hawaiian Airlines Contact Us page.
  • A form will open on your screen,
  • Under the Make a Request section,
  • Enter your Topic and then Subtopic as “Other.”
  • Write your contact information
    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone number
  • Enter your Traveler Information
    • Name
    • Hawaiian Miles number
    • Confirmation Code
    • Ticket Number
    • Flight Number
    • Departure information
  • Now comes your Message.
  • Type your name change reason and request in the box.
  • Attach any documents related to your request.
  • Click to Submit.

You can submit documents while you are on a call with Hawaiian Airlines executives regarding your name change requests. For more get in touch with an airline representative and ask away all your queries.

What are the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Rules?

Before requesting a name change from Hawaiian Airlines, you must comply with the airline’s rules and regulations. Here are the detailed instructions for name changes and your eligibility:

  • You can make legal name changes due to marriage, divorce, or adoption with valid documentation.
  • You must call the airline to request any name changes,
  • The airline does not ask for any documentation for Misspellings.
  • You can request to add your middle name or change your nickname to the full version from the airline.
  • You can not transfer your tickets to someone else.
  • The airline restricts any such ticket transfers.
  • You can not add another passenger to your booking under a name change.
  • The airline will charge you a service fee to request changes for tickets booked through third-party agencies.
  • You can not request a name change service online.
  • You can change a maximum of 3 characters in a name.

With these rules above, you can easily change the name of a passenger on your tickets. Find the airline’s customer service fee details ahead of time and complete your requests.

How Much is the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change fee?

Hawaiian Airlines does not charge you a change fee at all. However, remember that their tickets start with 173 and have a 13-digit code number. If your tickets do not start with the characters “173” in that order, it means you are booked through a third-party. For any such bookings, the airline will charge you a $25 service fee per ticket to complete the name change request.

You can pay the fee using the provided method of payment when you request it through the Hawaiian Airlines reservations department.

Which Documents are Necessary for Hawaiian Airlines Name Change?

To request a change of name on the ticket or minor corrections, remember to have these documents with you:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Government-issued passport.
  • Legal identification document.
  • Court orders
  • Adoption certificates

You must provide the documents to the airline while requesting the name change through the method already mentioned in the previous sections. This will help Hawaiian Airlines identify your request and validate it.

Final Words

That’s how you can request a name change on Hawaiian Airlines flights for your next trips. You can also ask the airline agents to update your names on your HawaiianMiles account. This will help you redeem your miles rewards and book flights without much hassle. To be clear about your requests, feel free to talk to an agent before you proceed and get a hassle-free flight experience later.

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