Can I Change My Flight With Qatar Airways?

Does Qatar Airways Allow Voluntary Changes on Flights?

Yes, Qatar Airways allows customers to make voluntary changes where they decide to change their flight schedule to a new one or make certain adjustments to their booking itinerary. If you are also looking to change your booking with the airline, simply retrieve your details under Manage booking and make the desired changes. However, before you complete any alterations, it’s important to understand Qatar Airways change flight policy and fees. You can find the complete policy on the airline’s official website or in the subsections below. Keep reading to understand each airline rule in detail.

When Can I Make Changes to My Qatar Airways Flights?

Qatar Airways allows customers to make changes as long as there’s still time in their flight’s departure. However, after that, the airline considers the passengers a No-show, and they have to reissue the ticket. If you wish to change your flight date or time with Qatar Airways, here’s when you can do it:

Flight Change Before Departure Date

Customers can change their flights with Qatar Airways before the departure date without a hassle. The airline may or may not charge you a change flight fee based on your fare type and membership plan. However, paying a difference in fare is a must if it exists and the new ticket costs higher than the initial fare.

Flight Change After Departure Date

When you change your flight after it has departed, it is not possible. The airline considers you a no-show, and you need to pay the associated charges. The only way out is to rebook a ticket or get a reissue to the same itinerary for a different time/date based on the situation.

Same-Day Changes

As per the Qatar Airways change flight policy, changing the date of the ticket on the same-day as departure is a matter of great concern and requires proper knowledge. If you want to make same-day flight changes, you can check the airline’s policy for making such requests.

When you make a voluntary change to either your outbound or inbound flight, the airline will recalculate the fare based on the new fares & rules in effect on the date of the change.

How Do I Change My Qatar Airways Booking?

If you wish to change your Qatar Airways flight to a new date or time, you need to understand the process in detail. To make the necessary changes, you can use Qatar Airways Manage booking service and retrieve your booking. After that, you can choose a new flight instead of your original one.

Please Note: Changes are only applicable to reservations where the fare type allows you to change your tickets.

Steps to Change Qatar Airways Flight Bookings

  • Open the official website and log in to your Qatar Airways account.
  • You can also enter the airline’s Manage/Check-in section and retrieve your booking details.
  • Provide your ticket number or PNR and your last name to view the flight details.
  • Click to edit the details of your flight or choose the “Change Flight” option.
  • Follow the screen prompts to select a new flight.
  • Now, you can check the flight’s price and pay the difference in fare, if there is any.
  • Complete your change and confirm.

The airline may send you a confirmation email with the complete details of your new flight and an e-ticket for the best options when coming to the airport.

How much does Qatar Airways change Flight Fee?

Please note that a change fee will be applicable on making Qatar Airways flight change based on your membership tier and per-ticketed passenger. If you make changes over the phone or at the airport, the airline will charge you a 25 USD service charge as well. Here is the detailed information on who will be charged:

  • If you make the change more than 24 hours prior to departure, there will be no change fee for Platinum or Gold main members.
  • However, for Silver, Burgundy, or family/guests of Platinum and Gold members, a fee of USD 25 will be applied.
  • In case you request a flight change between three hours and 24 hours prior to departure, there will be no change fee for Platinum or Gold main members.
  • However, for Silver, Burgundy, or family/guests of Platinum and Gold members, a fee of USD 100 will be applied.

Please note that any changes made within three hours of departure or after will be considered a no-show. In such cases, Avios and Cash charges get forfeited, and you will only get refunds on airport and government taxes.

What are the Additional Terms for Rescheduling Qatar Airways Flights?

As per Qatar Airways flight reschedule policy, below are the general rules for making changes to your flights. The airline may forfeit the charges in special scenarios and cases. Refer to these terms below and request flight changes accordingly.

  • One can only request Qatar Airways flight changes if their fare rule permits it.
  • A change fee is applied for each transaction.
  • The change or no-show fee must be entered as XP in the tax field.
  • If there is a no-show, only one fee will be charged, whichever is higher between the no-show fee and the change fee.
  • Please refer to the definition of no-show for related scenarios
  • Revalidation is not allowed for QR Market fares (including published, private, and paper fares).
  • In case of any change, ticket re-issuance is mandatory, regardless of ADC or NO ADC.
  • There is an exception for group PNR tickets issued by travel agencies with passive segments using GDS other than Amadeus. In this case, revalidation is permitted to associate a ticket number with the group PNR.
  • However, any ADC collection requires the ticket to be reissued adhering to the group policy.

If you do not agree to these terms, or these are not favorable to you. We recommend adhering to the Qatar Airways cancellation policy to cancel tickets and rebook them for flying later.

Can I change my return flight date to Qatar Airways?

Yes, as long as there is still time for your flight’s departure, you can change or reissue an unused portion of your itinerary to another one. The airline allows this option either for free or at a simple charge. You can choose to change the date of travel on the ticket and fly later when it is suitable. The airline permits you to do so from anywhere on this planet at any time of the week.

You can even change a Qatar Airways change flight free if you request it within 24 hours of the booking.

Final Words

Qatar Airways allows voluntary changes on flights, and the process to make changes is relatively simple. However, it’s crucial to understand the airline’s change flight policy and fees before making any alterations to your booking. You can contact the Qatar Airways customer service team or someone at the Tripohlz team for better instructions and information regarding changes.

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