What is Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy?

Allegiant Name Change

Can I Correct a Misspelled Name on Allegiant Air Tickets?

If you made a mistake while entering your name during the flight booking process of Allegiant, you should change it before its time for departure. The airline strictly follows the TSA rules, and one of those requires that your name on the government-issued photo ID and your ticket booking should match each other. So, use the Allegiant Airlines Name Change option to request a correction before it’s too late.

Name change by no means is similar to transferring your tickets to another person than the people in your itinerary. To understand more details on name change requests, you can check the subsections below!

How Do I Change My Name on My Allegiant Air Reservation?

You can change your name on the ticket simply by contacting the person responsible for flight adjustments at Allegiant Air customer service. The name change requests are simple as long as you do not transfer airline tickets to someone else. Here’s a quick overview of when you can change your name before we take you to the necessary steps:

You Can Change/ Correct Names if,

  • You recently changed your last name.
  • Your name is misspelled on the reservation.
  • The name is inverted (Last Name/First name).
  • You got married or divorced after the booking was made.

In any of these cases, you can follow the steps below and request a name change/ correction from Allegiant Airlines.

Steps to Request Name Change From The Airline

  • Go to the Allegiant Airlines official website,
  • Find their Contact Us Page.
  • Choose a relevant option.
    • Email
    • Text
    • Live Chat
    • Physical Mail
    • Phone Contact Numbers
  • If you choose phone contact, dial (702) 505-8888.
  • Follow the IVR voice menu.
  • Listen to the instructions and choose to speak with a live person.
  • Share your concerns and trip details with him.
  • Send your relevant documents through the provided methods.
  • Verify the information with the agent.
  • Pay any necessary fee.
  • Confirm the name change.

You will receive updated ticket information from the airline after these steps. The new ticket contains the correct details you just requested.

Live Chat for Quick Name Change Requests

If you only wish to correct a name spelling or change your last name due to legal reasons, you can check the Allegiant Airlines live chat option. For the details, follow these steps:

  • Open the contact us section of the Allegiant website (www.allegiantair.com).
  • Click on the Blue Chat icon on the bottom right.
  • A chatbot will greet you in a new popup.
  • Ask your question.
  • The chatbot guides you through basic questions.
  • Type “Agent” to get a representative.
  • Once the line connects to a live person, ask your query.
  • The agent will help you after you provide your trip information.
  • Ask for name correction.
  • Share relevant documents via attachments.
  • Change the name under the specific guidelines.
  • Get a confirmation for the updated name.

Remember to follow the name change guidelines to make sure you can get a new PNR without much hassle. If your request does not comply with the rules, the airline will deny it, and you have to cancel a booking & rebook.

What are Allegiant Airlines Name Change Guidelines?

Before you move forward to request a name change, you should understand the detailed name change guidelines from the airline. So, here are the basic rules you must follow:

  • You can not change your name to another person or transfer your tickets to anyone.
  • The airline only allows minor name corrections like minor spelling mistakes.
  • You can also change an inverted name or adjust first or last name.
  • The airline only allows correcting up to 3 characters in a spelling majorly.
  • If you change or correct your name within 24 hours of booking flights, the airline won’t charge you any fee as long as the departure date is seven days away.
  • You can only change your last name when it is legally changed due to marriage or divorce.
  • Any changes after 24 hours of the booking are subject to a fee, and for name change you can inquire about it while talking to an airline’s agent.
  • If you wish to change your whole name (first name especially), cancel your booking and then request a rebooking.
  • You can only make name changes for flights operated by Allegiant Air.
  • If there is a connecting flight with another airline, you have to call both airlines and check their name change policy.

Check the necessary documents required for name change or correction on Allegiant Airlines bookings and call their phone number for any updates.

Documents Needed For Name Changes

If you wish to change your name on an Allegiant Air ticket due to incorrect spellings, you can change or alter it simply by providing a copy of your government-issued photo ID. however, for legal name changes such as due to marriage, divorce, or adoption, you need:

  • Marriage License
  • Divorce Decree
  • Court-stamped adoption certificate
  • Government-issued photo ID with the correct name.

Provide the document and confirm your name change with the airline for a small fee. If you want additional help, feel free to check with Allegiant Airlines name change customer service department.

Final Words

Always remember to request a name change under the provided guidelines because you won’t be able to fly unless the name on your boarding pass matches the government-issued photo ID. So, make sure you request a name change and follow the instructions to get on with your travel plans without any hassles.

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