What is the Allegiant Seat Selection Process & Policy?

How Do I Choose a Seat on Allegiant Airlines Flights?

If you are booking an Allegiant Airlines flight, and have no idea about their seating options and policies, you have come to the right place. The airline offers various seating options to meet the different needs of customers. With the Allegiant Airlines seat selection option you can choose a desired seat in advance & make sure you feel comfortable throughout your journey.

So, you can choose a seat whether you are traveling alone or with a group, and make sure you sit together. Find more details you wish to know about flying Allegiant Airlines with a and how to select one in the subsections below!

How Do I Select a Seat of My Choice on Allegiant?

You can select a seat you desire on an Allegiant flight for a nominal fee. The airline lets you reserve seats while you book your tickets or after that through the Manage Travel option.

The Allegiant Airlines mobile app for iPhone or Android also comes in handy for seat selection after booking. Just make sure you choose a seat before getting your boarding pass, and you can get one from the available options.

Let’s find out the detailed steps to choose seats on Allegiant:

What is the Allegiant Seat Reservation Process at the Time of Booking?

Allegiant Airlines allows you to choose seats along with the reservation process. Here are the details to select seats at the time of booking:

  • Go to the Allegiant Airlines official website (www.allegiantair.com).
  • Open the Booking section on the homepage.
  • Enter your trip information.
  • Search for flights available as per your needs.
  • Select one you prefer and continue.
  • Choose or change a cabin if you want.
  • Continue to the seat map.
  • Select a seat you would like to sit in.
  • Remember, you can choose seats for all the people here./
  • Continue to provide traveler’s information.
  • Complete the entries and review the details.
  • Confirm and proceed to pay.
  • Finalize the booking by making payment.

You will receive a confirmation from Allegiant Airlines soon after you complete these steps. The airline may also provide you with seat confirmation and complete ticket information in the booking email.

How do I Select Seats After Booking with Allegiant Airlines?

You can select seats through Allegiant Airlines Manage Travel option up until you check-in for an existing booking. This option is available on the airline’s official website as well as the mobile app. Let’s study the steps in detail!

Website Seat Selection

  • Go to the official website of Allegiant.
  • Find the Manage Travel option.
  • Locate your trip with the details required.
  • Click on “Edit” and then choose “Seat Selection.”
  • The new page will open a seat map.
  • Choose an available seat.
  • Pay the charges associated with the seats.
  • Confirm and complete the selection.
  • Receive confirmation.

Mobile App Seat Selection

  • Open or download the Allegiant Airlines mobile app.
  • Login to your account.
  • Go to the manage travel section.
  • Find the option to choose seats.
  • View the available seats.
  • Check the associated fee.
  • Make payment to complete the selection.
  • Finalize your seat.
  • Check your email for confirmation.

After these steps, you can easily select your seats with Allegiant Airlines and comfortably travel throughout. For more information, check with an airline’s customer service agent and get help.

When Can I Select Seats For Free on Allegiant Airlines?

You do not get to choose Allegiant Airlines seats free of cost, but you can get a free seat assignment at check-in. In short, as long as you do not select a seat until you check-in, you get a random seat assignment for free based on availability.

Allegiant won’t charge a single cent from you and even try to seat families together. However, it always depends on the seat availability. So, don’t risk getting split up with your party to get free seat assignments. Besides, the airline’s seat fee is not too much to be concerned about.

How Much Do I Need to Pay for an Allegiant Seat Selection?

Allegiant will charge you a seat selection fee for choosing a seat in advance. The fee typically ranges from 0 to 80 dollars, depending on the type of seat you select.

The seat fee payment is mandatory, and it applies per passenger. So, make sure to pay for the seat selection to confirm your seats on the plane.

Can I Select/ Change Seats at Allegiant Airlines Check-in?

As already mentioned, the airline does allow seat selection at check-in. In other words, you can change the randomly assigned seat to your desired option at check-in. The airline’s check-in option opens 24 hours before the departure of your flights. So, as mentioned before, you will be assigned a random seat when you check in.

However, you can request a change of seat by checking the other available seats. You can view the seat map at check-in, choose the seat available, and change it from your current seat.

But make sure to verify the added fee, as it may not be free. The airline charges a seat selection fee when you choose or change your seat. Make sure to clear all the fees and charges to confirm your seats and obtain your boarding pass after that.

What are the Rules to Sit in an Exit Row of Allegiant Planes?

There are federal regulations that require all the passengers to meet the following requirements to occupy an exit row seat on the Allegiant Airlines planes:

  • Only an adult of age 15 or older is allowed to sit in this row.
  • Book this seat only when you can read, speak, and understand English well enough to follow instructions from the crew during an emergency.
  • You are ready and have the ability to assist the crew in the event of an emergency. This includes,
    • being physically capable of opening an exit door
    • lifting a 50 lb window exit
    • quickly activating the evacuation slide to help others off it
  • You should not be responsible for any other passenger on board and must not be traveling with a cane, wheelchair, crutches, or any other assistive device.
  • You don’t need a seat belt extension due to the hazard of entanglement and must be able to perform the listed duties without the assistance of visual aids, except for eyeglasses and contacts.
  • You are free from any injury or condition that could cause harm if called upon to perform one or more of the listed duties.
  • Finally, you shouldn’t be carrying a pet or service animal.

When these requirements are met, you can easily book Allegiant Airlines exit row seats. But remember that the seat fee will surely apply when you choose it in advance.

Final Words

With all the steps and rules above, you can easily understand how seat selection works on Allegiant Airlines. If you want, you can contact an airline representative and get help with selecting a preferred seat onboard. Make sure to abide by the airline’s policy to have an unforgettable and comfortable journey.

What is the Allegiant Seat Selection Process & Policy?
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