How Can I Choose My Seats on Air Canada?

Air canada seat selection

How Do I Choose My Seats on Air Canada Flights?

Do you have an Air Canada flight booking and want a specific seat option? Are you constantly worried about where you’ll be seated on the plane? Set these worries aside by choosing it yourself. With Air Canada seat selection, you can choose seats while booking your flights or after you have already booked one. So, you can choose where you’d like to sit on the plane for a small fee or for free.

Are you willing to leave everything to your luck, or will you take the matter into your own hands? It doesn’t matter what you choose; just take a few minutes out of your day to read through Air Canada’s simple and easy seat selection process as well as the necessary rules. Let’s dive into the details of seat selection with Canada’s flag carrier!

When Do I Choose My Own Seat on Air Canada?

On Air Canada flights, you get two chances to book your seats, one at the time of booking and the other after booking. However, there are different methods you can choose between. Here are the detailed seat selection options and processes you should know of:

Steps to Select Seats at the Time of Air Canada Booking

  • Go to the Air Canada Website (
  • Enter the trip type.
  • Provide your desired flight details.
  • Click to search for flights.
  • Find a suitable one and continue to book.
  • A seat selection option will prompt.
  • Choose seats you like, and you’ll see their fare.
  • Continue to enter the traveler’s information.
  • Confirm everything and pay.
  • Process the booking and check your email for confirmation.

You can also choose seats while booking your flights offline through the Air Canada customer service team. Just ask the airline executive for seat information and availability to check the seat map and confirm your seats.

Steps to Select Seats with Air Canada Manage Booking

  • Open the Air Canada official website.
  • Find the My Bookings Option and click it.
  • You can retrieve your booking in this section.
  • Enter your booking reference or ticket number.
  • Provide the last name as per the ticket.
  • Click Find.
  • You can also sign in to view your bookings.
  • Click on the Select Seat/ Change Seats option.
  • Choose an available seat.
  • Find the price information and confirm.
  • Pay the seat selection fee and complete the process.
  • Check your email for seat confirmation.

You can also call Air Canada with relevant booking information after reservations and ask an agent to help you manage itinerary and choose seats. We still recommend you choose the website manage booking option to have a more transparent approach.

Are There Other Ways to Choose Air Canada Seats?

Yes, you can choose seats on Air Canada in other ways. Air Canada lets you choose seats while checking in for your flights. The option is available while checking in online, through the mobile app, and also at the airport kiosks. But this method is least recommended due to the lesser availability of seats at that time.

Most people make advance seat selections on Air Canada to get their desired seat. Therefore, the later you choose a seat, the fewer becomes the chance that you’ll get one that you want. Also, remember that the advance seat selection option is complimentary with selected fares only. For other fares, you must pay a fee to choose.

How much is the Air Canada Seat Selection Fee?

If you have specific seat choices like an aisle or window seat, you can select it free of cost while checking in. However, if you want to pick a seat in advance, the Air Canada seat selection fee depends on your fare. Whether you want a seat or not, you can decide after checking the table below:

Type of Fare Basic Fare Standard Fare Premium Economy/ Business/ Comfort/ Latitude/ Flex Fare
Within Canada or Canada and US $14 to $60 $14 to $60 Free
Mexico and the Caribbean $30 to $60 USD/ CAD NA Free
International Destinations $30 to $90 USD/ CAD $30 to $90 for select locations Free
The rest of the Itineraries NA Complimentary Free

If you want a little more space on the plane, you can go for preferred seating options. The Air Canada seat selection cost for preferred seats starts at $20. These prices apply per passenger on a one-way segment and include the applicable taxes.

What is Air Canada Seat Selection Policy?

Want to choose seats of your liking on Air Canada flights? You can check the Air Canada seat selection policy to choose the seats that you want and make sure there are no troubles in or during the process.

  • Advance seat selection is subject to a per-passenger fee.
  • All the related seat charges as mentioned in the fee details, apply to every flight segment you take in your itinerary.
  • You can get a refund of the cost if:
    • Air Canada moves your seat to a different one because of an involuntary change or airport change. You can request a refund in this case for seat charges.
    • You don’t take a flight you paid for advance standard seat selection, the cost won’t be lost. You can use it to select seats on a future Air Canada flight as long as you don’t cancel your original booking.
  • You have up to 2 hours before your departure to select seats through My Bookings.
  • You can select seats free of charge within 24 hours of the departure at check-in.
  • Codeshare flights do not allow seat selection on Air Canada.

All these conditions and other added rules apply to your booking on selection seats with Air Canada. Make sure to check the details and confirm your seats only after you understand all the rules in the policy above.

Air Canada Exit Row Seats Restrictions

If you want to select an exit row seat, you may not be qualified for it. Here are the restrictions on Air Canada exit row seat selection which you must remember before choosing the seat:

  • Exit row seats are preferred seats and can cost you somewhere between $20 to $199 USD/ CAD to select.
  • You should be of age 18 or older to choose this seat,
  • You must be well-versed in English or French and must understand or provide instructions in either one.
  • The airline requires you to be visually able to assess whether it is safe to open the emergency exit.
  • You must be physically capable of opening an emergency exit.
  • You must be willing and able to operate and evacuate through the emergency exit in case of an emergency.

If you no longer meet the requirements outlined above between the time of booking and the day of your flight, it is important to inform Air Canada. Failure to do so may result in you being moved from your exit row seat at departure time.

Final Words

By following the easiest instructions and process, you can select your seats on the plane. So, decide whether you wish to book your preferred seats in advance or not and continue to follow the process above. Make sure to consult an airline representative at Air Canada and confirm your seating choices.

How Can I Choose My Seats on Air Canada?
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