How Do I Plan Travel for a Group Travel with Air Canada?

Air Canada Group Travel

Complete Guide to Plan Group Travel with Air Canada

If you are a group of 10 or more people trying to book your flights to a particular destination, consider booking with Air Canada. The airline gives you excellent group travel options to arrange an itinerary for a vacation with friends, family, or colleagues. You can book Air Canada group travel directly through the airline by making a request. This perk allows you to add extra facilities to your bookings and fly without any worries.

The main reason people worry before making a group travel arrangement is expensive airfare. However, with Air Canada, you can get affordable options to fly as a group. Here are the details of traveling with the airline under their group travel policy!

How Do You Book a Group to Travel With Air Canada?

Groups with ten or more members can fly together to the same destination on the same Air Canada flight in a few simple steps. The airline allows you to book directly or use G-Cubed, a group tool for travel agents.

If you are a general customer, you can connect with your preferred travel agent or service provider to arrange group travel. Let’s move further and look at the process of booking your group travel on Air Canada!

Steps to Book Group Travel with Air Canada

  • The first step is to make complete plans in advance, including deciding on the total group count.
  • Now, get the necessary information like departure, destination, preferred travel dates, desired travel class, etc.
  • After this, contact your local Air Canada Reservations desk via their official phone number. US customers can dial 1-888-247-2262 and connect to a live agent.
  • The call will direct you to an IVR where you can choose the group bookings.
  • Afterward, you can speak to the airline’s team and explain your requirements in detail.
  • The agent will quote you a price for the group.
  • Fill out the group passenger name list form to enter the passenger details by yourself.
  • You can also ask him to send you an email with the quote and reply to it by filling out the Air Canada group booking request and payment form.

The airline will send you a confirmation after you complete the form and send it to them. For further group booking requests, Air Canada has a dedicated form. Here are the details:

Air Canada Group Passenger Name List Form

Air Canada asks you to complete a form with the names of the passengers in the group. You must fill out the complete passenger information and enter their details in the list. This form is mandatory to fill out for group travel with the airline as it lets them know who is traveling in your group.

Air Canada Group Equipment List Form

This form is necessary to fill for Air Canada customers traveling under a group itinerary with oversized baggage. If you have a group booking with the airline and you will travel with large bags like sports equipment or musical devices, you need to fill out this group equipment list form. Let’s say you are a musical group traveling with all your equipment. You must provide the details in this form before traveling to let Air Canada manage your baggage check-in accordingly.

Air Canada Group Payment Request Form

If you want the airline to process your payments, you must fill out the Air Canada Group Payment Request form. The airline will connect with you to get the credit card details for further processing. You can complete this form and finalize a booking to receive your confirmation email and etickets for the group.

What are the benefits of Booking as a Group on Air Canada?

When you travel with Air Canada as a group or plan to travel as a group, you can rest assured that there will be ample perks for you. Therefore, if you are booking together as a group of friends or planning a family holiday, you will get the benefits mentioned below:

Affordable Travel

Air Canada has special fares for groups. Customers can get a group quote up to 11 months prior to their scheduled departure date and get exceptional prices on airfare.

Book Now, Pay Later

This means that you can pay a small amount to confirm your booking first, and then once you are ready, you can make the final payments. In short, secure your group booking for a small fee.

Complimentary Seat Selection

Customers do not have to pay any fee when they select their seats at the time of making their booking. The airline will allow your group to sit together through this benefit.

One Member Flies Free

This may sound weird, but Air Canada does offer you free tickets if the number of passengers in your group is according to their set rule for complimentary ticket offers. You may get tickets for a member totally free of cost if eligible.

One Free Checked Bag

Every passenger in the group enjoys one free checked bag with their booking. The whole group can bring the same number of checked bags as their group number and enjoy the vacation properly.

Dedicated Check-in

There is a check-in desk at most Air Canada airports for group check-ins. This is a counter only for those with group bookings on flights.

Can Group Members Travel Separately under Air Canada Group Travel?

Yes. If you are planning a group travel with passengers traveling from different locations to the same destination, you can coordinate with the group leader to book tickets. The airline has a Meetings and Events travel option for customers who wish to travel together as a group from different locations.

However, this option is generally tailored to accommodate the travel needs for corporate events, meetings, conferences, etc. Whether you need to arrange travel for a small team or a large group attending an event, Air Canada’s Group Travel department can assist you in coordinating the travel arrangements. Generally, this option allows the customers to arrange travel for groups of 10 or more from different origins to a common destination.

Does Air Canada Have Group Packages?

Yes, Air Canada does offer group travel packages for 10 or more passengers traveling together. The group travel program includes discounted fares, flexible booking options, and dedicated support from the Air Canada group reservations team. To learn more about group travel packages, you can visit the Air Canada website or contact their group reservations desk directly.

Final Say

With our easy and simple guide, you can book group travel for yourself and your whole team. Air Canada offers the best deals on group bookings of 10 or more passengers. So, try making a request, get a quote from the airline, and book tickets hassle-free. If you need additional information or help, check with the airline experts and enjoy non-stop assistance. The airline executives will guide you toward the process, and you can look forward to your group travel experience.

How Do I Plan Travel for a Group Travel with Air Canada?
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