Does Delta Airlines offer Group Travel Booking Services?

Delta Airlines Group Booking

Can I Travel with a Group of 10 People with Delta Airlines?

Taking along a group of 5 to 8 people, even 9, with Delta Airlines is no big deal. You can just follow the general Delta Airlines booking process and confirm your tickets online with the available fares. However, for 10 or more people traveling together, the Delta Airlines group travel booking service is mandatory. The airline has a group of specialists who help you book air tickets for ten or more persons on the same flight.

Group travel works slightly differently than general travel bookings. You can request a group rate and get a contract from Delta Airlines, and dedicated specialists will work with you to make the deposit and pay the final price to confirm tickets. Now, let’s study all of this in detail below!

How Does Group Travel Work on Delta Airlines?

To travel abroad with your dearest friends or family members or to book tickets for your corporate trip where you are at least 10 people, you can arrange Delta group travel tickets. The process is simple, and it offers you plenty of benefits.

You can book a group in advance and connect with the dedicated team during the process until you complete your travel. If you are traveling from the US/ Canada, you can fill out a group travel request form or call Delta’s customer service number for group bookings: 800-532-4777.

Steps to Book Group Travel With Delta Airlines

To book travel in a group on Delta Airlines flights, you can follow the step-by-step process below and arrange your itinerary.

  • Decide Your Itinerary

Before anything, you must decide where you want to go and the total number of people who will be traveling with you in a group. Since it is the initial stage, it is not necessary to have their names, but still, if you have complete information, it’ll help you proceed further easily.

  • Call Delta Group Specialists

Dial the Delta Airlines group travel phone number and connect with the airline’s specialists to let them know about your requirements. The airline agents are available on call Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 8 PM EST.

  • Fill out the Group request form (US/ Canada only)

If your travel has the USA or Canada in your itinerary, you can fill out the Delta group travel request form online. The form is available on their group travel page to help you submit your request by yourself and get a group rate.

  • Get A Group Quote/ contract

You can receive a group quote in both ways: a) from the airline specialists or b) via email after your form request. If you like the offered itinerary, you can proceed to book a formal group contract from the airline. The contract or quote will mention the deposit amount you must pay to secure your group bookings

  • Confirm Group Travel

Pay a small deposit to secure your seats as a group and pay in full as the departure date draws near. The Delta group travel request can be fully paid within 60 days before the travel period to secure seats for everyone in the group.

Remember that the group travel form request option is only for customers traveling within the USA and Canada. Customers from other origin countries can call the given number and receive a group contract through Delta customer service agents.

How Long Before I Can Make a Group Booking?

Delta Airlines allows customers to secure a group booking way in advance as this lets group passengers easily find seats together by selecting in advance. However, the actual time of advance booking varies depending on where you are traveling to/ from. So,

  • If you are traveling within the US and Canada, you can arrange tickets up to 240 days before the departure date.
  • Also, for travel to the Caribbean, Central America, and Asia-Pacific, you have up to 240 days before departure to arrange a booking.
  • If you are traveling to Europe and North Africa, the Middle East, or Southern and West Africa, you can book 331 days before the departure date.

To know more or adjust your group bookings, you can call Delta Airlines customer service team and connect to their live person.

Terms and Conditions for Delta Airlines Group Booking

  • Delta only allows you to request group travel for 10 people or more. If the group does not have a minimum of 10 persons, the airline will cancel the booking and forfeit your group deposit.
  • If you want to change the group contract, the airline will renegotiate the fare and underlying terms.
  • You can even make individual changes in your group reservations for an additional fee or fare.
  • The airline asks for a nonrefundable booking fee/ group deposit in the contract.
  • You can not request skymiles upgrades on the Delta Airlines group booking.
  • All general contract of carriage terms also apply to group reservations.
  • Passengers must ensure they have proper travel documentation, such as passports and visas. Delta is not liable for issues due to inadequate documentation.
  • The transportation and the Group Contract are governed by the laws of the State of Georgia and the United States federal law.
  • Cancellation fees apply for missed ticketing deadlines or unused reserved seats.

You can view the complete terms and conditions for group travel on the Delta Airlines official website ( If you have to make any changes, visit Delta Airlines manage booking section and request the changes as per the terms.

Can We Arrange Corporate Meeting Travel with Delta?

Yes, Delta Airlines has a meeting network of 300 destinations through which you can hold a meeting for 15 people or more traveling from two or more locations. You can get ample benefits while you occupy a meeting room through the Delta Business subsidiary.

They help you arrange a meeting room to conduct successful business meetings and corporate events. You can come from various locations to a single meeting destination with exceptional discounts and a dedicated specialist will be assisting you along the process. This special facility comes with three meeting products that are currently leading the industry:

  • Conferences & Events- for 50 or more customers by a dedicated form.
  • Group Travel- for 10 or more customers traveling together on the same itinerary.
  • SkyTeam Global- for 50+ passengers traveling from two or more countries.

You get multiple benefits and 24/7 assistance while you try to put together a huge or small-scale business event in another country.

Delta Group Travel Benefits

Booking group travel with Delta Airlines offers you amazing benefits. You can grab the best offers from the airline experts and enjoy perks like:

Deals and Offers

Customers can grab the discount options directly from the airline rather than searching it everywhere. The group rates and quotes are derived by Delta Airlines with fantastic discounts.

Customized Packages

You tell Delta what you need, and you receive a quote based on just that. If you want, you can even book a complete vacation package for your group with Delta Airlines.

Hassle-Free Bookings

Customers can book group flights without a hassle. The process is simple: share your group details online or with their live person, and receive a group quote to confirm bookings further.

Apart from these, you can even modify your group bookings as per your needs and request changes like name change or schedule changes. Check the underlying policies and get the best options from the airline.

Final Words

No matter which type of group you want to travel with, Delta will offer you the right path and booking option. So, just share your details and confirm to book group travel with Delta Airlines. Connect with the experts for better insights, or get through the Tripohlz team for further knowledge about Delta group ticket bookings.

Does Delta Airlines offer Group Travel Booking Services?
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