Can I Request Same-Day Flight Changes on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier same day change

How to ask Frontier Airlines for a Same-Day Change?

If you have a change of plans and can not fly at the previously scheduled departure time with Frontier, don’t worry. Frontier Airlines offers a convenient option to request a same-day flight change and shift your travel plans as per your current situation. The same-day itinerary changes usually allow you to select a later or earlier flight that departs on the same day as your original one.

Now, if you are interested in the process, take a look at the subsections below and understand how same-day change works with Frontier Airlines.

How Do I Request a Same-Day Change From Frontier Airlines?

To change a flight on the same day, you can simply follow the Frontier Airlines change flight routine online. As long as your current fare is eligible for such changes, you’ll see an option on the screen. Let’s see different methods to request a same-day change:

Online Same-Day Change on Frontier Airlines Website

  • Visit the official Frontier Airlines website (
  • Click on the My Trips/ Check-in option.
  • Find your trips using
    • Last name on the ticket
    • Ticket Confirmation code
  • Click Search to find your trip.
  • Click on the Change Flight option.
  • Review the terms and conditions.
  • Follow the screen instructions.
  • Choose a new flight with available seats
  • Revisit the trip information and check for errors.
  • Pay the same-day change fees, if any.
  • Confirm the changes.

Same-Day Changes Through Customer Service

  • Check Frontier Airlines Contact Us/ Customer Support page.
  • Use the option to speak to a live person.
  • Ask for a flight change on the same day.
  • Get the available options.
  • Inquire about the fees.
  • Pay and confirm the changes.
  • Get new ticket details over the email.

Same Day Flight Change at the Airport

Customers can also change their Frontier Airlines flight on the same day as departure at the airport. The airline has a desk at your local airport where it has agents who help you with your queries face-to-face. Here are the steps that can help you do so:

  • Find the Frontier airline desk at your local airport
  • Talk to an airline agent to request a same-day flight change.
  • Ask about any available seats on the desired flight.
  • Understand the underlying costs.
  • Confirm the new flight details.
  • Pay any fees.
  • Get a new boarding pass.
  • Check the departure time & gate information.
  • Hurry to the gate for baggage checks and more.

After the same-day change flight requests with Frontier, you get an email with the updated itinerary details on your registered ID. This email can also help you obtain a new boarding pass to head towards your new flight.

What Are Different Types of Same-Day Changes by Frontier?

Frontier Airlines offers different types of Same-day change options to the customers. Depending on your Frontier Miles status and the nature of your trip, you can request the airline for a confirmed change, standby, or alternative airport changes. Here are the details for each option and the necessary rules to make your request:

Same-Day Standby

It is an interesting option for Frontier Miles Elite Level members. This option allows you to stand by for a flight later or earlier than the scheduled one on the day of departure. This option is totally free and requires no extra charges as long as you have a valid status on your MyFrontier Miles account. Here are some necessary details you need to know:

  • The standby option is only available for eligible elite-level members on Frontier Miles.
  • You can request this option at the airport ticket counter or gate.
  • The ticket type and details should remain the same as the original Frontier Airlines flight.
  • You can not change a nonstop flight to a connecting one and vice versa.
  • Unless your standby gets confirmed, do not give up your original flight and make this request at your own risk.
  • The airline won’t offer you additional options for transportation unless you buy a ticket.
  • The stand-by order is decided by Frontier Airlines itself.

Same-Day Confirmed

The same-day confirmed option allows you to get a confirmed seat on an alternate flight on the day of scheduled departure. The Frontier Airlines flight change option allows you to request a change of flight on the day of departure to another flight that has available seats for a small fee. The actual charges may depend on the following rules:

  • You need to pay a fare difference between the original fare and the new flight cost.
  • In case the new fare is lower, you can not get any refund on changing flights.
  • You can only change flights operated by Frontier Airlines.
  • The ticket service fee is nonrefundable.
  • You can visit the airline’s airport counter or call Frontier Reservations for same-day confirmed requests.
  • You can not change destination or departure information.
  • Your flight route should remain the same.

With this option, you can fly on alternative flights, but remember it should be taking off on the same calendar day as your original flight. For more information, contact Frontier Airlines customer service team for assistance.

Same-Day Changes to Alternative Airports or Sister Cities

The same-day standby and confirmed change option requires that you can not change flight destinations or routes. However, this same-day change to sister cities option is available for some selected routes where you can also choose to change an airport. In simple words, if your scheduled flights are to fly within certain airports in each group, you can request a same-day flight change to an alternative flight with confirmed seats or stand-by. The airline may charge you an applicable fee, but that’ll also depend on your current ticket and seat availability.

Final Words

That’s all about requesting a same-day flight change with Frontier Airlines. If you want additional information for flight changes, check out their detailed policy, or connect to an expert team. The airline’s expert team will help you find out all the details on your change requests and more queries.

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