How to Change or Alter Your British Airways Flight?

British Airways Change Flight

Does British Airways Allow You to Change Flight Date or Time?

If you have a booking with British Airways, changing plans is possible. The passengers who no longer wish to fly on their set schedule can use British Airways Change Flight to alter their flights to a later date. The airline has a set of rules that make you eligible to modify your flight bookings. So, yes, you can modify your tickets, change the date or time of the flight, choose a new schedule, etc.

But can you change your flight without a fee? Or will there be charges for flight changes? To know answers to all of your questions, you can read on and find out all the details on changing your British Airways flights.

How Do I Change My British Airways Flights?

British Airways allows customers to change their flight schedules via the official website, or they can use the phone call option to alter their ticket details with the help of experts. Once you are familiar with all the steps, you can first check the change flight rules and confirm your changes afterward. Let’s find out how you can adjust your flight booking details with British Airways.

British Airways Online Flight Change

Use the Manage My Booking option on British Airways to make changes to your flight booking via the official website. The airline will ask you for a little information, provide it on the website itself, and choose a new booking. Here are the detailed steps:

  • Open the official British Airways booking website (, and continue.
  • Click on the Manage options on the homepage.
  • Find your booking using your “Booking Reference” and “Last Name” on the booking.
  • Once you have the details, select the “Change My Flight” option.
  • Choose a new flight after confirming the fare rules.
  • Follow the prompts to confirm the flight change.
  • Make the payment for any difference in fare and pay any associated charges.

The airline will send you a confirmation with your updated flight details. You can check the schedule change rules on British Airways to confirm whether there will be an additional fee for change or not. A fare difference always applies as long as your new flight costs are higher than the initial bookings.

British Airways Flight Change Over the Call

If the online flight change on British Airways is not working, there is always a chance to go the other way. You can call the airline to inquire about changing an existing booking and connect with an expert to process those changes.

You can directly dial the British Airways change flight phone number 1-800-AIRWAYS and request significant flight changes from the experts. The airline experts may require some of the information about your flights, and they will process your change requests after that. Always remember to consult with British Airways and connect to the customer service team for immediate assistance or help in changing flights. There is also an IVR menu to help you choose between available prompts when you call.

What is the change policy for British Airways?

Plans do change, and British Airways understands this and has imposed a schedule change policy for all of your flights. For any customer who is changing his flight booked on or after October 1, 2022, with British Airways, the following rules may apply:

  • The airline allows you to change the flight tickets up to 14 days prior to the take-off.
  • Doing it before two weeks costs you a $1`30 flight change fee.
  • For any flights changed within two weeks of the departure, you need to pay a $650 fee.
  • For changing your vacations or trips to a higher one, the fare difference will also apply.
  • When the new fare is less than the original fare, you will get a refund of the fare difference form the airline.
  • Nonrefundable British Airways bookings are non-changeable.
  • Refundable/Flexible tickets fall under the flexible ticket rules of British Airways.
  • To change complete vacation packages, you can contact the British Airways contact center.

In addition to flight schedule changes, you can contact British Airways for name change and time change of the flight. A certain name change fee applies when you make changes. The airline agents on the call will explain the entire process and policy for making flight changes.

British Airways Flight Change Rules on Different Situations

  • Basic economy flight change is subject to a fee. The change process is also dependent on the availability of flights and a difference in fare.
  • If you want to change to a return flight on British Airways, you need to pay the associated charge. Also, to change only a return flight, you must fly the first segment of the flight.
  • You can also change your flights for only one passenger in a booking as long as you have a flexible fare booking.
  • Customers can change their British Airways flights for free if they have purchased a secure flight or trip insurance with the airline.
  • Main Cabin Tickets are also subject to a fee for cancellations. Make sure to cancel your flight before the departure to ensure a proper process.

How Much Does British Airways Charge for Flight Changes?

British Airways will charge you a fee depending on how many days are left before your flight’s scheduled departure. Let’s say your trip is within two weeks from now, and there will be a 650 USD charge as flight change cost on BA. However, for any flight changes made more than two weeks before the take-off, you have to pay a $130 fee only.

Moreover, the fee will also depend on your particular fare rules and whether there is a new flight available for your next preferred schedule or not. The airline won’t let you change a flight when it already took off from the origin.

Is it Possible to Change a British Airways Flight After Check-in?

Yes, it is possible, but with limited options. Check the booking through British Airways manage tab and find out your trip details. Click on the change flight button to see if you can easily change your flights or not. The checked-in flights are usually considered confirmed, and the change process will fall under the British Airways same-day change policy. According to that, you need to pay a $50-$200 change flight cost for changing flights. This happens because you are changing your flight on the same day.

If you have already boarded a flight and can’t fly due to an emergency, you can take help from the inflight staff and explain your reasons. Though there’s very little chance for a flight change at that moment(equal to null)

Final Say

There are many reasons for plan changes. British Airways handles each and every change separately and offers you a proper way to make sure you can still enjoy your trips. Also, when British Airways changes your flights on its own, there are many options that you get to fly without any further hassles. So, if there are any chances you have to change your flights, feel free to check the change policy and get immediate responses. Connect to someone at Tripohlz for more detailed information on the same and continue your vacation plans.

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