How to Request name Correction on Air Canada?

What is Air Canada’s ticket Name Correction Policy?

If you notice an error in the passenger name on your Air Canada ticket after booking, you have the right to request a correction from the airline. The Air Canada name change and correction policy permit you to change the spelling to match your passport and ID and travel without any complications.

So, if you ever have any questions or concerns, or else you wish to correct your misspelled name, feel free to contact Air Canada. Read below to understand the complete details on requesting a name change from the airline.

How Do I Make a Name Change/Correction Request At Air Canada?

If you wish to request name correction or fix a spelling error in passenger names, you can contact Air Canada. If your online or offline booking shows such errors, the airline does not have any options to let you modify it by yourself. So, here’s a series of steps you can take and make your requests:

  • Open the official website of Air Canada (
  • Find their Contact Us page.
  • Look for a number to call their customer service.
  • Dial using your own device.
  • Wait for the automated menu.
  • Choose the option to speak with a live person.
  • Share your concerns.
  • Tell him your correct name and request a change.
  • The agent will need your flight number and current name.
  • Share your supporting information and documents.
  • Confirm the changes.
  • Pay the necessary fees via a provided method of payment.
  • Complete the process.

You get a new confirmation email from Air Canada with the updated name and confirmation code. Use these details to get your new boarding pass for the departure.

Advance Passenger Information System- And Its Importance for Passenger Name Change

All airlines, including Air Canada, adhere to the APIS or Advance Passenger Information System, which requires the passenger to submit specific information when traveling to Canada, to/from the US, and some other countries. This information’s main purpose is to ensure the safety & security of passengers when flying. You enter this information when you check-in for your flight using any available method.

Information Required under APIS

  • Full name as per passport.
  • Gender
  • DOB
  • Nationality
  • Country of Residence
  • Type of Travel Document
  • Document Number
  • Unless you are a US resident, your address at a US destination

So, you can see, your name also consists of the APIS, and, according to the US secure flight program, it should match the passport and other government-issued ID. Therefore, it becomes necessary to provide the correct details.

When Does Air Canada require this Information?

According to the TSA’s secure flight program, you must provide APIS at least 72 hours before traveling for advance bookings and at the time of booking for flights departing within less than 72 hours.

So, the rule says your name should be corrected before you provide Air Canada this Advance passenger information in their system. You can follow the steps we mentioned already to change the name before check-in and ensure a smooth travel experience.

What are the Rules for requesting Air Canada Name Correction?

Before you proceed to the next step, you should read and understand the necessary rules and guidelines that aid your name change requests. Air Canada has set up these basic rules that you must comply with:

  • Your flight should be operated by Air Canada.
  • You can not request a name change online on the airline’s website.
  • The airline won’t allow you to transfer your tickets under a name change.
  • Air Canada’s website does not have a direct provision stated for legal name changes, so call their customer service for such details.
  • You have to try and request a name change within 24 hours of the booking to avoid complications.
  • The name change or correction can result in a higher ticket fare.
  • You have to pay the higher fare or you can request a refund for the ticket price.
  • The airline asks to immediately check the name details after booking to avoid these complications later on.
  • If you want to change the passenger’s name to another person, you can cancel and rebook the flight for them instead of requesting a name change directly.
  • Validate your booking right after you make a reservation online or offline to stay clear of such errors later.
  • The APIS can not be changed once provided, so you must make sure that the information is correct before that.
  • The airline policy usually covers name spelling mistakes. However, you can request a flight date or route change by calling the airline as well.

If you make the necessary changes as per these instructions, you can likely get on the plane in time and have a vacation without further problems.

What if I Do Not Change the Name on My Air Canada Booking?

Failing to change the name or being late to request a name change can result in repercussions you do not want. For example:

  • Air Canada may cancel your ticket.
  • You will be denied boarding with incorrect information.
  • You have to wait for long hours at the airport checking areas unless you correct it.
  • You can miss your flight.
  • The airline will forfeit your booking amount.

So, make sure you request a name spelling correction from Air Canada before its too late and get ready to fly with the least of trouble. The airline’s customer service team can help you do it for free within 24 hours of the booking time.

Final Words

That’s all you need to know about Air Canada name change process, and by understanding the policy in detail, you can process the requests. For more information on changing names on the tickets flight dates, or routes, connect to the expert team and get immediate help. Feel free to connect as you like, and the airline will help you make sure there is no issue when you are ready to travel with them.

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