How Do I Correct/ Change a Name Spelling on a British Airways E-Ticket?

British Airways Name Change

What is British Airways Name Change Process and Policy?

An unintentional spelling error is possible when you are under pressure to book a British Airways (BA) flight as soon as possible. But the key is to amend such mistakes right after you find out to make sure your travel plans are not affected, The British Airways name change policy allows customers to do just that. You can request a change of name on a British Airways flight ticket and follow their convenient policy to process this.

The name change process is quite simple to comprehend. Here are the details on requesting a ticket name change from British Airways.

How Do I Ask for a Name Change On British Airways?

As long as you are not transferring your tickets to someone else, you can request a British Airways name change on your tickets. However, there are some conditions to process that request. The airline allows you to change/ correct your name spelling or add your legal name to the booking as per your requests. Here are the details:

Steps to Change Name on your BA flight

You can call the British Airways customer service phone number to request a change of name on your tickets. Here are the detailed steps:

  • Go to the British Airways official website (
  • Find their customer service contact on the Contact Us page.
  • Dial the phone number and follow the instructions.
  • Select the option to connect with a live person.
  • Share your concerns with the agent.
  • Tell him your correct name and submit the documents.
  • Get your name changed.
  • Pay the necessary fees.
  • Confirm with the agent and hang up.

Soon after, you will receive a confirmation email from British Airways with your updated name on it, and you can use this information to get your boarding pass later. Remember to be quick with the change process, as if you delay more, your charges will increase.

What is British Airways Name Change Policy?

When you decide to change the name on a British Airways flight ticket, you can contact them directly by phone, which incurs charges. But this process also has some restrictions. The British Airways name change policy is convenient yet strict. Here are the details you should know about it to proceed with the changes:

  • You can only request a name change on flights booked directly with British Airways.
  • Third-party bookings can only be adjusted through them.
  • You have to pay the charges to request the name change.
  • Ticket transfers are totally out of scope.
  • To change the name to another person, you can cancel flights within 24 hours’ risk-free policy and book a new flight in his name.
  • You can not update your name on the ticket online.
  • If you use the online process to change your Advance Passenger Information (API), it won’t reflect on your e-ticket.
  • If your itinerary has a connection with other airlines, name change has more complications and British Airways suggests not to request it.
  • You can only correct a few characters in your name on the booking.
  • Legal name change requires additional supporting documentation.
  • If you can not provide a validating document before the departure date and change your name, you can be denied boarding.
  • Only one change per passenger is allowed.

Following these rules, you can make name spelling corrections or amend your name on the British Airways tickets. Make sure to have all the necessary documentation handy when you call and request it.

Important Documents Required for a BA Name Change

Upon requesting a name change from British Airways, the airline requires you to submit some documents. These documents validate your identity and act as a solid proof regarding your name change/ correction requests. Here are the documents you should submit:

  • A marriage license or certificate
  • A divorce decree
  • An adoption certificate
  • Affidavit of court
  • The legal court document
  • Your photo ID issued by the government.

Submit these documents depending on the nature of your request, and BA will process your name change accordingly. Remember that name change is always necessary as long as it doesn’t match your government-issued photo ID.

Why Do British Airways Require Name Correction?

Well, the TSA has set a particular standard for customers’ well-being and safety on the plane. To put that into action, British Airways takes extreme caution matching names on the ticket to the passenger’s ID proof is a part of the protocol.

So, if you ever misspell your name on tickets or your name changes after booking, you must request British Airways to update it as per your current documents. Because if you don’t, the airline won’t let you fly and cancel your ticket itinerary unless otherwise specified.

Final Words

That’s all about making name change requests with British Airways. If you have any problems, check with the airline representative and make sure you understand everything in detail. The airline agents will also assist you in updating your names on the tickets if you want, or you can simply ask about the existing policies that assist you in name changes. So, get ready to travel your heart out with British Airways and never miss the chance just because of a minor spelling mistake.

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