What is Delta Airlines Same-Day Change Policy?

Delta Airlines Same Day change Flight

How to Change A Delta Airlines Flight Same Day as Departure?

If you are supposed to fly on Delta in less than 24 hours, but you can’t anymore, you must change your flights. Such last-minute plan changes are not easy but inevitable. With Delta Airlines same day flight change option, you can adjust your flight timings to a later or an earlier schedule without much hassle.

Delta offers customers multiple options to change their flights, and for same-day adjustments, you also get different options. Generally, any change within 24 hours of the flight’s departure time counts as same-day change. So, read more and understand this service in detail to make sure you don’t have to terminate your plans even in sudden emergencies.

Types of Delta Airlines Same-day Changes

Delta offers two different types of same-day change options to customers, which include,

  • Same-Day Confirmed Changes – Your seat on a new flight is confirmed.
  • Same-Day Standby- you will fly standby on the new flight.

Whichever option you choose, you can fly to your desired location without actually having to cancel trips. However, remember that these changes are not available for all the locations, and you can only request this on domestic flights in the USA.

What are the Basic Conditions for Same-day changes?

  • You can only change a flight scheduled for travel within the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, or USVI.
  • You can not use same-day change on international flights.
  • Refundable tickets are changeable free of cost.
  • Can not change a destination or departure location.
  • You can not change your connection flight to nonstop or vice versa.

How Do I Change a Delta Flight on the Same day?

To change a flight on the same day, you can simply follow the Delta Airlines change flight routine online. As long as your current fare is eligible for such changes, you’ll see an option on the screen. Let’s see different methods to request a same-day change:

    Online Request for Same-Day Change

    • Visit the official Delta Airlines website(www.delta.com).
    • Go to the My Trips section.
    • Find your trips using the necessary details.
    • Click on the Change Flight option.
    • Review the terms and conditions.
    • Follow the screen instructions.
    • Choose your new flight with available seats
    • Confirm the changes.
    • Pay the same-day change fees, if any.
    • Confirm the changes.

    Same-Day Changes Over the Phone

    • Call Delta at +1-800-221-1212.
    • Follow the automated voice menu.
    • Connect to a live agent through prompts.
    • Ask for a flight change on the same day.
    • Get the available options.
    • Inquire about the fees.
    • Pay and confirm the changes.
    • Get new ticket details over the email.

    Flight Change at the Airport

    You can even visit your local airport desk to ask for the same day change. If you arrive at the airport early, you can be lucky enough to get a chance for same-day change requests. Here are the steps you can follow:

    • Go to the Delta airline desk at your local airport
    • Find the airline agent and request a same-day flight change.
    • Check for any available seats on the desired flight.
    • Ask about the cost of changing your flight.
    • Confirm your new flight details with the representative.
    • Pay any fees
    • Get a new boarding pass.
    • Check the departure time & gate information.
    • Arrive at the gate on time for your new flight.

    This way you can change flights on the same day as departure. Now, let’s study the two types of Delta same day flight change options in detail.

    Delta Airlines Same Day Confirmed Changes

    In this option, if a seat is available on the fare you purchased, the airline allows you to easily change your ticket to a confirmed seat on the new desired flight. The same-day confirmed flight change fee starts at $75 USD and varies depending on your ticket type on Delta.

    Here are the further details & conditions:

    • Main Cabin fare tickets are only valid for changes to the same fare if available in the new flight.
    • You can not change the origin or destination airport in this option.
    • Basic Economy passengers can not change using this option.
    • This option is complimentary if you are a Diamond, Platinum, or Gold Medallion member.
    • Higher cabin passengers like Delta One, Premium Select or First class can choose a lower cabin as long as a seat is available.

    Delta Airlines Same Day Standby Option

    The airline will ask you to wait for a seat on an earlier or later flight than your scheduled one when the same day confirmed is not available for you. In this option, you get to fly standby on the same fare on a new flight at no extra cost.

    Here are the details and conditions for this option:

    • Unless the airline assigns you a seat on your new flight, the current flight will be in your name.
    • This option is only available when confirmed changes are not available.
    • You can only request an earlier flight being a Skymiles or silver medallion member, and even a nonmember.
    • If you are a Gold, Diamond, or Platinum Medallion member, you are free to choose standby for any flight on the same day as originally scheduled.

    All these conditions apply when you choose to request a same-day change. Remember to make payment whenever necessary. Also, you are not liable to pay any flight change fee in same-day change options with Delta Airlines.

    Final words

    That’s how you can fly on the same day as departure but on a different Delta flight schedule. For more information on Delta Airlines same-day flight change rules, you can connect to their customer service team

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