What is the Air France Flight Change Policy and Process?

Air France Change Flight

Can I Change or Reschedule an Air France Flight?

If there’s an emergency or your current flight timing does not align with your schedule, you can change your Air France flights and request an alternative. Air France’s flight change policy allows you to request a new flight ticket and change your existing schedules to fly without any hassles.

But before you adjust your departure time or dates or modify a few details in the booking, you must understand the entire policy and process in detail. Here are the detailed steps to change your schedules with Air France.

What is the Air France Change Flight Policy?

Life is uncertain, and so do your travel plans. Understanding this essential need, Air France created a well-designed flight change policy to address unforeseen events, crises, or other factors that may trigger adjustments.

But before you put this policy into action, let’s find out all the terms and conditions associated with the same in detail.

  • Passengers can make free flight changes within 24 hours of the booking, irrespective of the fare class and ticket type. However, additional charges will be applicable to modify the flight once they exceed the risk-free window.
  • The airline’s Change Flight Policy allows travelers to adjust their flight time, date, seats, and meals.
  • Travelers must pay the fare difference to save changes if their new flight tickets cost more than the previous one. However, if the fare of your new flight is lower than the existing one, the airline will compensate the remaining amount.
  • Are your travel dates flexible? If so, consider choosing an alternate flight (from the listed options) and get a voucher in return. If you accept the offer, the airline will send you a confirmation email within 72 hours, along with the voucher for each passenger included in the booking.
  • Have you made a round-trip booking and wish to change the flight only one way? Don’t worry; the airline allows you to change return flight or outbound flight via the Air France official website or over the phone with the one-way change fee.

You can now visit the Air France Manage Booking page and complete the modification of the flight schedule. The airline’s policy remains unchanged unless stated otherwise.

How Do I Change My Air France Flights?

There are multiple ways to modify your current Air France itinerary. You can either visit the airline’s official page and use the Manage Bookings section to alter your flight details or call the airline’s expert to get the job done. Scroll through these options and choose whichever seems more convenient.

Change Air France Flight Online Via Manage My Bookings

Why rely on others when you can change flight tickets with a swipe of your fingertips? Connect your system to a stable internet connection and follow the steps below to execute the process. Here’s how.

  • Launch the official website of Air France (wwws.airfrance.us) and scroll down to the “My Booking” tab.
  • Select “Log in with Booking Reference Number” and enter the required information, like Booking Reference and the Last Name in the respective fields.
  • Click “Search” and access your booking details.
  • Scroll down the Air France website and locate the Change My Flight Date tab.
  • Continue to make further changes and pay the fare difference, if any, to complete the process.
  • Once done, the airline will send you a new ticket confirmation mail to the registered email ID or phone number.

Modify Air France Itinerary Over a Call

Not a tech-savvy flyer? Don’t lose your mind and call Air France customer service immediately to adjust your flight tickets in the shortest possible time. The airline’s executives are readily available to assist travelers in their hour of need.

Wondering how to connect with the live agent? The steps are as follows.

  • Call the Air France Customer Support number and choose your preferred language.
  • Follow the IVR instructions and select the appropriate option to connect with the live agent.
  • Once you connect with the airline’s executive, share your itinerary details and discuss the desired changes.
  • The executive will then make necessary amendments as per your ticket eligibility. Remember that modifying your itinerary over a call is chargeable. Hence, you must ask the Air France customer care representative about the award flight change fee and complete the payment to save the changes.

What is the Air France Change Flight Fee?

Air France allows free flight changes within the risk-free window. However, if you exceed the time limit, you must pay additional charges to get it done. Also, Air France charges no fees for changeable and refundable fares.

Here are the further details for the Air France Change Flight Fee. Let’s have a look.

Service Fee for Changes Online Over a Call
Ticket purchased via the official website or Air France Ticket Counter No Fee EUR 15
Flights booked on a third-party site or through the travel agency No Fee EUR 30

Key Takeaway

That’s all about the Air France Change Flight Policy. Do you have a question? Please seek further support from the Air France customer care representative and put your queries to rest. Besides you can also turn to Tripohlz and get immediate assistance regarding the Air France flight change and other requests.

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