How Can I Change My Flight Booking with Air Canada?

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What is Air Canada flight change policy and process?

If you have booked your flights with Air Canada, its flight change policy allows you to change your date when required at no extra charge within five days from your scheduled departure. The Air Canada change flight policy also allows you to cancel your flights on the same day for a small fee.

Well, changes are inevitable in this world of unending possibilities, therefore, Air Canada makes sure that you can change your flights at no extra effort. So, when you have a situation where you can not fly on the scheduled date, you can change your flights as per your new plans.

Read below the details on changing a booking with Air Canada and find out the entire change flight process!

How Do I Change my Air Canada flights?

Before you move anywhere towards changing flights with Air Canada, you should know the process to change your flights. The airline allows you to change or cancel your flight schedule directly from their website or other available official channels. However, third-party bookings can be changed via the original booking source.

Steps to Change Air Canada Bookings Online

  • Open the official website
  • Enter the Manage Booking section.
  • Retrieve your booking using
    • Your booking reference number & last name.
    • Your Air Canada account credentials.
  • Click the booking itinerary you wish to change.
  • Tap on the Change Flight button.
  • Follow the screen prompts to select a new flight.
  • Pay any necessary fee if shown.
  • Complete the process.

The online flight change is also available through Air Canada official mobile app. You can directly go to the Manage Your Booking page on the app and follow the prompts to change your Air Canada flights.

Steps to Change Air Canada Bookings Via Phone

  • Call 1-888-247-2262 to connect to Air Canada customer service.
  • Follow the voice menu to choose your concern.
  • Dial the number associated with the change flight.
  • Get in touch with an Air Canada representative.
  • Explain your concerns and reasons for change.
  • Provide your itinerary and other mandatory information about the flight.
  • The agent will find you a new flight within a few minutes.
  • You can confirm the new one and book it instead of the earlier flight.

After these steps, you will receive a confirmation email from Air Canada, including your new booking details and reference ID.

How Do I Change Air Canada Aeroplan Points (Award) Bookings?

The online method mentioned above can easily help you change your flights booked with the Aeroplan points. You can access the manage your booking section on the official Air Canada website and log into your Aeroplan account to follow the online change flight steps.

Otherwise, you can call the Aeroplan Contact Centre and connect with the associated customer service team at 1-800-361-5373. Follow the IVR menu to select your concerns and request a new flight according to your changed schedule.

We recommend you cancel your booking with Air Canada when you are not sure whether you can fly recently in the near future. This is essential when you can not fly on the current schedule and are not sure when you’ll be traveling again.

What if I Booked an Air Canada Flight with a Third-Party?

If you booked your Air Canada flights via a third–party travel agent/ agency, you need to contact them to request a change. Although the airliner’s flight change policy is different, these agencies may have their own criteria. So, make sure to contact your original booking source when requesting a change of flight with Air Canada in any situation and ensure a hassle-free process.

Air Canada Flight Change Rules per Your Country of Travel

The Air Canada change flight rules may vary based on your country of travel and travel class. So, if you want to change your ticket before the date of departure or on the same day, these rules below may apply:

For travel within the US and Canada,

If you are traveling within the US or Canada, the Air Canada flight change policy applies as mentioned below:

  • If you have an Air Canada Basic ticket, it is non-changeable before or on the date of departure.
  • A Standard ticket change is allowed for a small fee; however, you can standby for free on selected routes.
  • If you change a Flex ticket before departure, only a fare difference will apply. But, to change it on the same day, you can pay a small fee or standby for free on select routes.
  • Passengers with Comfort or Latitude fare tickets can change flights at any time by paying a fare difference only, and same-day changes are included with the ticket.
  • Premium Economy & Business Class Flexible allow complete change flexibility, whereas their Lowest option includes a fee for changes except for same-day standby, which is free on select routes.
  • Business Class includes same-day change confirmed in both its fare options (flexible and lowest)

A fare difference will always apply as long as the change is permitted with the booking, whether you change your Air Canada flights before or on the same day as departure.

For Travel To International Destinations

  • Basic tickets do not permit any type of changes
  • Standard and Flex d tickets are changeable for a fee before or on the same day of departure, whereas the Standby option is not available.
  • Latitude tickets only cost you a fare difference to change before departure, and same-day changes are also included with the fare.
  • Premium Economy Lowest and Business Class Lowest cost a small fee when changing before the departure date, and Same-Day changes may also require a fee.
  • Premium Economy Lowest does not have a Standby option, whereas Business Class Lowest includes it.
  • Premium Economy and Business Flexible allow completely free changes except for the fare difference, which applies if it exists.

Remember that any time change is requested up to two hours before departure through the official channels of Air Canada. Also, if your fares do not include any unlimited free changes, special change and cancellation rules apply to your tickets.

How Much is the Air Canada Flight Change Fee?

To understand the flight Change fee, check the details below depending on your fare and ticket type.

Standard Fare:

  • Within Canada & the USA:
    • Any-Time: $100
    • Same-day: $150 or $100 (flexible)
  • To Intl. Destinations:
    • Any-Time: Small Fee
    • Same-day: $100

Flex Fare:

  • Within Canada & the USA:
    • Any-Time: $100
    • Same-day: $75
  • To Intl. Destinations:
    • Any-Time: Small Fee
    • Same-day: $100

Comfort Fare:

  • Within Canada & the USA:
    • Same-day: $100
  • To Intl. Destinations:
    • Not Applicable

Latitude Fare:

  • Within Canada & the USA:
    • Same-day: $100
  • To Intl. Destinations:
    • Not Applicable

Premium Economy Fare:

  • Within Canada & the USA:
    • Any-Time: Included
    • Same-day: Included
  • To Intl. Destinations:
    • Any-Time: Included
    • Same-day: Included

Business Class Fare:

  • Within Canada & the USA:
    • Any-Time: Included
    • Same-day: Included
  • To Intl. Destinations:
    • Any-Time: Included
    • Same-day: Included

Additional Details:

  • Standby:
    • Within Canada & the USA:
      • Free for Premium Economy and Business Class
      • Flexible: Included for Flex Fare, Lowest: Free
    • To Intl. Destinations:
      • Not Applicable for Standard, Flex, Comfort, and Latitude Fares
      • Flexible: Included for Premium Economy and Business Class, Lowest: Not Applicable

After this, you may have understood the entire flight change policy and the airline’s fee for changing flights. If you have more questions regarding a particular Air Canada flight change cost, you can consider the airline’s official website and check your fare rules.

Final Words:

That’s how you can change or manage a particular Air Canada flight booking and enjoy exceptional benefits with the airline. For more information on changing a ticket or requesting a new booking date, you can call Air Canada or check their flight change rules online. Complete the process without a hassle by contacting your original booking source and keep on with your flight plans even when you can’t fly on the initial departure date.

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