How to Travel as a Group on a Lufthansa Flight?

Lufthansa Airlines Group Travel

What is the Lufthansa Group Travel Booking Process?

Planning a team outing or a much-needed vacation with your friends? Book a Lufthansa group travel flight and book tickets for 10 or more persons in a single itinerary. This option lets you fly to a common destination under an individual booking.

If you want to fly off to attend your bias concert with your whole gang, Lufthansa has just the way for you. Besides, on the airline’s website, you can request a group booking directly and conveniently. Wondering about the airline’s policy and the entire process for group flight reservations? Check the details in the subsections below and understand the chronology of booking trips as a group with Lufthansa!

How Many Passengers for Lufthansa Group Travel?

A travel group on Lufthansa flights should have at least 10 passengers traveling together with confirmed seats. These passengers should have the same departure and arrival locations, and if the age of passengers is under 12 years old, they should have accompanying adults traveling with them.

A group trip with Lufthansa is available for the best price if you complete the qualifying criteria of at least 10 passengers.

How Do I Book a Group of 10 or More People?

If your travel starts from Germany, Switzerland, or Austria, simply make a group travel request online using the online e-mail form on the Lufthansa Booking website. However, when your departure airport is not in these countries, you can consult your usual travel agency. Let’s traverse through the details of booking group trips in detail:

Online Group Booking Process Via Lufthansa Website

  • Visit the official website of Lufthansa Airlines (
  • Find the Group Trips section.
  • Scroll down to find the “Book Now” option.
  • Enter your Name, Address, Email, etc.
  • Provide your Contact number.
  • Start with your trip details now.
  • Provide departure and destination information.
  • Your preferred dates for travel.
  • Whether you need travel flexibility.
  • Your choice of fare and cabin class.
  • Now enter the Group name and size.
  • Mention if you have special baggage.
  • Add special Remarks, if any.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Click Send.

This will send an email to the Lufthansa Online group booking team, and you will soon receive a response within the specified time. After requesting a quote Lufthansa usually takes up to 7 business days to respond to you with a relevant quote.

The screenshot above is an email example that you receive after sending your request to Lufthansa for booking a group trip. However, if your departure originates from a country other than the three options, you can contact your travel agency to connect with their relevant Lufthansa team and help you arrange a group booking.

How Far in Advance Can I Book Group Tickets on Lufthansa?

You can request and book a group trip with Lufthansa 344 days before a trip for their individual flights or connecting flights with SWISS and Austrian Airlines. However, the departure and return flights should be within the same time frame.

Key Things to Remember About Group Booking on Lufthansa Website

  • The airline offers you a group booking quote with no obligation to actually purchase your tickets.
  • You need to make payments for Lufthansa group tickets within seven days of booking using a credit card or bank transfer.
  • Group Booking is only available for flight departure from Austria, Germany, or Switzerland.
  • You can also book Open-Jaw tickets or simply Outbound flights.
  • You can connect your flight either with Austrian Airlines or SWISS.
  • Lufthansa allows you to first book tickets without passenger names, but you have a deadline of up to 14 days before departure to submit them.
  • The airline cancels your tickets if you fail to provide the passenger names within the deadline.
  • You will get your tickets 14 days before the departure.
  • If you cancel the flights before the documentation, you can cancel 20% of group fares for free as long as at least 10 people remain in the group.
  • Keep at least 28 days window between your travel date and group trip request. Lufthansa r recommends you to give a minimum notice of 28 days to get a group booking.

Terms and Conditions For Lufthansa Group Travel

Here are some additional terms and conditions that one must follow to arrange Lufthansa Group travel flights:

  • The minimum Group Size is 10, and you must maintain it to proceed with group bookings.
  • Travel is applicable for all routes and destinations served by Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, or SWISS Air.
  • You can not rebook a group trip.
  • You can easily make name changes free of charge before ticket issuance.
  • After tickets have been issued, you have to pay 100 EUROS per passenger to request name changes.
  • Name Corrections are permitted free of charge in both cases.
  • You can not cancel a group booking less than 14 days before departure.
  • The airline only offers a refund for unused taxes or fees of a group reservation.

After your tickets have been issued, you won’t be able to cancel or refund a ticket at all. So, remember to follow through the basic key points and the cancellation and refund rules for booking Group travel with Lufthansa Airlines.

How Do I Book Lufthansa Group Tickets with A Travel Agency?

To book Lufthansa group tickets with a travel agency like Tripohlz, you can follow the steps below:

1. Contact the customer service team

You can reach out to our customer service team via phone, email, etc. to initiate the booking process. Or contact your regular travel agency

2. Provide details

Provide the travel agency with the details of your group travel such as the number of passengers, travel dates, destination, and any other special requirements.

3. Search for available group fares

The travel agency will then conduct a search for available group fares for the best options and pricing. We usually talk to the Lufthansa team directly to arrange a group reservation for you and help you get a quote with fair prices.

4. Finalize the booking

The travel agency will share the details of the booking and you can agree to the quote to finalize a group booking with Lufthansa Airlines

We recommend you book in advance to secure the best fares and availability. Additionally, booking through a travel agency can provide you with added benefits and make your group trips convenient.

Final Say

With these simple steps above and process, you can confirm your group booking with Lufthansa Airlines and get your tickets. The airline will also help you manage your tickets with the help of a dedicated travel agent. Try to call less and communicate via email more frequently when your booking is confirmed by the Lufthansa team.

How to Travel as a Group on a Lufthansa Flight?
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