Does Brussels Airlines offer Discounts for Students?

Brussels Airlines student discount

Can I Travel with Brussels Airlines at a Student Discount?

Are you an exchange student in Brussels looking to travel with Brussels Airlines at a discounted rate? Or just searching for a student discount flight in Europe? Well, exchange students, you can take advantage of special discounts by registering with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). Through this program, students traveling to or from Brussels Airport or any Europe-to-Europe flight with a connection in Brussels can access discounted fares.

However, it’s important to note that not all destinations qualify for student discounts when flying with Brussels Airlines. To better understand the discounts offered to students and their approximate value, refer to the details below.

How Does Brussels Offer Discounts Under ESN?

Brussels Airlines offers an exclusively designed full travel package in partnership with ESN. According to the ESN website, Erasmus students can book flights to and from Brussels Airport for just 199 Euros under this program.

What Does this ESN Student Discount Include for Students?

First of all, you already know that under this program, students can book flights at just 199 Euro fares. This applies to:

  • Flights to and from Brussels Airport
  • Europe to Europe flights Connecting in Brussels.

However, the flights that connect in Brussels usually have a 15% discount upfront on the displayed Brussels Airlines flight.

Additional Options Include:

  • 52 Kg Luggage Allowance free of charge
  • 1 time free date change on Brussels Airlines
  • A 20% additional discount for friends and family traveling with you.

This way. Students can enjoy an exceptional benefit through ESN while traveling Brussels Airlines for their next semester or break.

How Do You Claim a Student Discount from Brussels Airlines?

To claim a Brussels Airlines student discount, students can use their ESN card. Here are the simple steps to grab the available offer on your return flights:

  • Open the official website of Brussels Airlines (
  • Sign up for a new account.
  • Or do an Existing log in with your credentials
  • Add your details as per your ESNcard user profile.
  • View the discounted rates if available under your membership
  • Find your desired flights. (only flights to/from or connecting at Brussels Airport)
  • Choose one to book and provide your additional details.
  • Confirm booking by paying the necessary fees.

After confirming a booking, you get the confirmation via email. You can use this email to further manage your booking and choose an alternate return date than you first selected.

How To Register with ESN?

Students who are not registered under ESN or have a card should first register themselves to be able to avail of the discount. Before requesting a Brussels Airlines student discount, you must apply for an ESN card through these simple steps.

  • Open and check the student discount link
  • Click the link and choose to register.
  • Create a strong password after you provide an email address.
  • Agree to the terms and continue to proceed.
  • You will receive a link via email from ESN.
  • Click it and enter your details which are necessary to fill in.
  • Do not forget to include the mobility in.
  • On completion, you will get registered as an Erasmus student.

Remember that the Brussels Airlines discount for students only applies to exchange students. If you want, you can enjoy that discount, however, your destination, departure, or at least one connection in your Europe to Europe flight should be at Brussels airport.

Benefits of Special Student Offer on Brussels Airlines

The special student offer provided by Brussels Airlines comes with several benefits tailored to meet the needs of student travelers:

  • Students can enjoy reduced fares on select routes and flights, making air travel more affordable and accessible·
  • The offer often includes flexible booking options, allowing students to adjust their travel plans with ease, which is particularly beneficial for those with uncertain schedules or changing academic commitments·
  • Brussels Airlines even offers exclusive promotions and deals to students registered with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), providing additional savings and perks·
  • With Brussels Airlines’ extensive network and connections, students can conveniently travel to and from Brussels Airport or connect through Brussels on Europe-to-Europe flights, expanding their travel options·
  • Registering with ESN to access the student offer is typically straightforward, allowing students to take advantage of the discounts available quickly ·
  • By offering special discounts, Brussels Airlines demonstrates its support for student travelers, recognizing their unique needs and financial constraints·

How Else Can Students Get Brussels Airlines Discounts?

There are many ways students can avail of the discount. A report says that the Exchange student program of ESN was launched in 2013, and it may not be valid if you try to book that discount ticket now. However, websites like Student Universe and ISIC are still there to offer you good deals on flying with Brussels Airlines.

Besides, the exchange program was just limited to exchange students in Brussels, whereas these websites promise students to get discounts from anywhere in the world. However, you must check your eligibility to book tickets. So, let’s find out certain details about the program below.

ISIC Student Card

If you register for an ISIC student card on their website, you can grab flight discounts to fly with Brussels Airlines at a reasonable price. Basically, this program will allow you to get promo codes which you can apply to your booking and avail discounts on flights.

These promo codes are specially designed for students, so only valid student IDs can be eligible to obtain or avail of these discounts for booking flights. There is no permission for any other use of such discount codes, and you must always connect with the ISIC team for more information.


If you want to fly to Vienna, Austria, or any other country in Europe, you can fly Brussels Airlines with discount codes obtained from StudentUniverse. The website is specially designed for students who do not want the burden of extremely high fares on their tickets. You can also check with the Brussels airline experts regarding your discount options if you have a valid registration with StudentUniverse.

Final Words

You can obtain a student discount on Brussels Airlines flights through the given methods or explore other websites for coupons on flying at a discounted rate. Follow the simple steps and special tricks to grab discounts the other way if these small offers do not excite you. Brussels Airlines is a popular airline settled in Brussels and will try to make your journey as affordable as possible. So, always connect with the airline’s customer service team before you proceed with anything.

Does Brussels Airlines offer Discounts for Students?
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