Does KLM offer Discounts for Students?


How to Get a Student Discount on KLM?

KLM- The Royal Dutch Airline, as they call it, offers various discounts and offers for everyone and students are also one of those. Air travel is expensive for everyone, but those who are currently studying have a hard time planning their vacations by air. However, KLM tries to make travel for them as affordable as possible.

So, if you are a student traveling for studies or leisure, you can choose a suitable fare by KLM that lets you fly cheaper than others. There are more advantages available for academic students, which you can find out in the sections below. So, read on to understand KLM’s ticket options for student passengers.

How Do I Book a Ticket with Student Fare?

If you are a student, you can get extra services and maximum flexibility while traveling. Whether you are going back to your university or planning a holiday, you can book a ticket with KLM Airlines as follows:

  • Visit KLM’s website “”.
  • Enter trip details.
  • Choose your origin and destination.
  • Click on the passenger label
  • Choose Student Major and then the Student Fare option.
  • Search for flights.
  • View student fares in the search results.
  • Select your preferred flight.
  • Review and confirm your selection.
  • Enter passenger information.
  • Make the payment.
  • Receive confirmation via email.

This is the simple yet advantageous process of booking flights as a student on KLM Airlines. As long as you choose passenger type as Student, the airline always displays student fares for you. If you want more options, you can also call a KLM Airlines live person for assistance.

Booking Student Flights Via Customer Service

If you can not find a suitable flight option for your vacation online, you can get in touch with the KLM customer service team. The process for booking student flights is as follows:

  • Call KLM Airlines phone number.
  • Follow the IVR menu to connect to a Live person.
  • Tell him your requirements.
  • Give him a valid Student identification number.
  • Get flight options.
  • Choose the necessary flight.
  • Pay for the ticket.

The airline will confirm the student booking after verifying your student status. However, you will receive a fare quote that is suitable for students only.

Who Is Eligible for Student Flight Bookings?

KLM Airlines Student fares are available for customers in a certain age group only. Although there’s no age to study, for KLM, only persons with age between 18 and 29 years are eligible to get student offers.

Besides, any person within this age group must be enrolled in a registered educational institution as a full-time student to avail of this benefit. Some other conditions also apply when you book flights as a student. Here are the details:

Rules for Student Flights with KLM Airlines

  • A person should be between 18-29 years old.
  • He must be enrolled as a full-time student in any educational institution.
  • The student-specific fares are only applicable for Economy class bookings.
  • KLM student fares are only valid for trips with at least 21 days.
  • Not all destinations or flights may have student fares available for customers.
  • All other airline rules apply with such bookings.
  • You can pay a fare difference to change flight dates and times.
  • Name changes will not be permitted as you verify your student status beforehand.

You can now start preparing for your student flight as you understand both the booking process and the major conditions and rules for flying with KLM Airlines.

How Much Discount Will Students Get From KLM?

KLM generally offers students a 10% discount on booking flights as a Student passenger type. You can book your tickets and enjoy the benefits of particular routes and flights. The actual discount percentage can be more if you are eligible.

You can check your discount eligibility after you begin the KLM Airlines booking process mentioned before. Remember that only students within the allowed age limit can get this specific discount.

What else do Students get with a KLM Discount Flight?

Students do not only get 10% flight discounts, but some additional perks on their flights as well. When a student books a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines ticket, there are perks like more baggage, added flexibility, etc., available to him.

More Baggage Allowance

  • Pack More Stuff: KLM gives students an extra checked bag weighing up to 23 kg. This is on top of the regular baggage allowance.
  • Good for Moving: This extra baggage space can be beneficial if you’re carrying a lot of stuff, like books or clothes.

Added Flexibility

  • Change Plans Easily: With KLM student tickets, you can easily change travel dates if something arises.
  • Get a Refund: If you decide not to travel, you can get your money back, but there’s a fee of EUR 200. Keep in mind that promotional discounts might have different rules.

How Should Students Prepare for Their KLM Flights?

If you have a student ticket with KLM, you can prepare for your trip with two important things that are never out of your sight. The airline considers both of these documents mentioned below a vital part of student travel. So, whenever you prepare for your trip, remember to bring along the following:

Your Passport

A valid passport is a must for international travel. Double-check its expiration date before you go. The airline may not let you travel without it or a valid government-issued ID.

Student ID Certificates:.

You must carry your student ID card, school acceptance letter, or student visa with you. These documents validate your student trips and help to identify that you are a student. Ensure these documents are in English for seamless checks during airport procedures.

Pro Tip: Keep these documents easily accessible, as they will be checked during check-in or boarding. With the right paperwork, you’re all set for a hassle-free adventure with KLM!

Final Words

You can book a trip as a student with plenty of discounts and other benefits. Remember to check with the airline before confirming your trip. You can also call the KLM customer service team if you need additional information on student fares. The student rates will never be available for someone else who is not currently studying in an academic institution. For more details, try booking a flight.

Does KLM offer Discounts for Students?
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