Volaris Student Discounts

Volaris Student Discounts

How Do I Obtain Discounts as a Student on Volaris Airlines?

Being a student often means navigating the challenges of a tight budget, especially when it comes to frequent travel. Fortunately, for students in Mexico, Volaris Airlines extends a helping hand with exclusive student discount opportunities through significant partnerships with some discount websites.

Whether you’re jetting off for academic pursuits or heading home for special occasions like Thanksgiving, the Volaris student discounts make your journey affordable. Let’s dive into the details of this program and get all the essential information to make your travel budget-friendly.

What are Volaris Airlines Student Discounts?

Volaris Airlines recognizes the financial strain on students and aims to make air travel accessible and affordable. By offering student discount codes, the airline allows students to explore the country without breaking the bank. These exclusive discounts apply to various travel scenarios, whether you’re flying for academic commitments or enjoying a well-deserved break.

The airline’s partner sites offer you discount codes with up to 35% off on flights after some valid identification process. In short, your adventures during your student life will only give you memories and won’t hurt your pockets.

Ready to explore the world on a student budget? Volaris Airlines has your back with exclusive student discounts. But how do you snag these savings? Let’s dive into the quick and easy steps:

How Do I obtain a Student discount code on Volaris Airlines?

Before booking your flights as a student, you must obtain a discount or coupon code from Volaris. You must enroll in a trusted membership program for students or follow the process below to get a code for discounted Volaris flights.

Register with a Verification Program:

Sign up with a trusted student verification platform to confirm your student status and receive a unique discount code.

Get Your Discount Code:

Once verified, grab your exclusive Volaris Airlines student discount code from the third-party site.

Steps to Book Volaris Flights with the Discount Code

  • Visit the Volaris Airlines website
  • Enter your itinerary details
  • Enter your student discount code during the booking process.
  • Explore available discounts.
  • Select your preferred flight.

After these simple steps, your student discount is automatically applied to the base fare. You can now obtain your confirmation code and wait for the flight departure date to arrive. We promise that your vacation will be filled with special memories.

What are the Benefits of Student Discount Flights on Volaris?

Flying under a student discount with special codes offers customers plenty of benefits. You can take a look at the significant perks and decide your air travel today!

  • Cost Savings: Every passenger enjoys significant savings, making your travel budget-friendly.
  • Flexibility in Booking: Customers can book flights to various destinations year-round with the flexibility designed for student life.
  • User-Friendly Process: The airline allows students to navigate the process effortlessly on the official website and third-party platform.
  • Additional Travel Perks: Beyond discounts, Volaris offers students perks like priority boarding and extra baggage allowance.

These are some of the perks that customers enjoy with student deals and discounts. Let’s see which platforms can offer you a discount code for your trip.

What Platforms have Volaris Airlines Student Offers?

To find Volaris Airlines student offers, consider exploring reputable student discount platforms and travel deal websites. Here’s a general approach to finding student offers:

Student Discount Platforms:

Check popular student discount platforms like Student Beans, UNiDAYS, and ISIC (International Student Identity Card). These platforms often partner with airlines to provide exclusive discounts for students.

Travel Deal Websites:

Explore well-known travel deal websites that aggregate discounts and promotions from various airlines. Websites like Skyscanner, Student Universe, and CheapOair may feature Volaris Airlines student offers.

Volaris Airlines Official Website:

Visit the official Volaris Airlines website and navigate to the promotions or student discount section. Airlines occasionally collaborate with third-party platforms, and you may find information on partnered platforms there.

Newsletters and Social Media:

Subscribe to Volaris Airlines newsletters and follow their social media accounts. Airlines often announce special promotions and discounts, including student offers, through these channels.

Online Searches:

Conduct specific online searches for “Volaris Airlines student discounts” or similar queries. Keep an eye on the search results and explore reputable sources for the most up-to-date information.

Easy Tips to Save More as a Student on Volaris Airlines Flights

If you are looking for special deals as a student and want flights with Volaris Airlines, you can follow the simple tips mentioned below:

Keep an Eye Out for Deals

Similar to other major airlines, Volaris Airlines often collaborates with third-party platforms to expand the range of available discounts. Exploring reputable travel deal websites can potentially unveil extra savings and complementary offers. However, exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of these platforms to ensure a secure transaction.

Flexibility is the Best Option

As a student, flexibility is your ally. Volaris Airlines frequently offers flexible booking options, allowing you to adapt your travel plans without incurring hefty fees. Utilize this flexibility to your advantage, enabling you to secure the best deals even when your schedule is subject to change.

Subscribe to Volaris Newsletters

To stay ahead of the curve on upcoming promotions and exclusive student offers, consider subscribing to Volaris newsletters. These newsletters are a valuable source of information, providing timely updates on discounts, flash sales, and travel-related news. Being informed ensures you always take advantage of a fantastic deal.


A journey as a student should contain excitement, not financial stress. With Volaris Airlines’ student discount program, you can unlock affordable adventures and create lasting memories without compromising your budget. From academic endeavors to holiday travels, Volaris Airlines is your ally in making every journey accessible and economical. Explore the skies with confidence, knowing that your student status opens doors to exclusive savings. Safe travels

Volaris Student Discounts
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