Does American Airlines Offer Black Friday Deals?

American Airlines Offer Black Friday Deals

Can I Get American Airlines Black Friday Deals on Flights in 2024?

Yes. American Airlines offers special sales on Black Friday to help customers plan their vacations at a lower cost. Exploring the world on a tight budget may seem impossible, but there are ways to make it possible without hurting the pockets. The American Airlines Black Friday Deals are one way to stay within budget and still plan your travel as you wish.

AA lets you plan, book, manage, and even change your flights as per your requirements. Besides, the Black Friday event, which is already so popular among US airlines, lets you witness a big drop in airfare prices. If you are wondering whether the American Airlines Black Friday sale is available in 2024 or not and what you can expect, check the below sections.

When is the American Airlines Black Friday Sale 2024?

From the records in 2023, American Airlines offered Cheap flights tickets on Black Friday last year. Now, in 2024, Black Friday is on November 29. So, it’s highly likely the airline will make its event live on the very day. The airline may keep the sale on till Cyber Monday or even during the first week of December. However, unless AA actually announces its sale, it’s still uncertain whether there will be more flight offers or not.

From the American Airlines Black Friday Sale pattern from the past 2-3 years, the most important information we have for 2024 is:

  • The sale will most likely start on November 28.
  • The ending of the sale may be on Cyber Monday after midnight(December 02)

Customers in the USA with an AAdvantage miles card can also take advantage of various brand sales on Black Friday. When making purchases from certain brands, users can earn a significant amount of AAdvantage miles.

Will AA offer Black Friday Discounts on Flights and Vacation Packages?

Yes, customers can get various discounts during AA Black Friday Sale. Below you can find the list of American Airlines products on which you can get good deals during the special holiday season.

  • Domestic AA one-way flights, round trips, non-stop tickets, and stopovers.
  • Most of the AA international flights to and from the US.
  • Up to 40% discount on hotels in more than 230 locations.
  • Spend AAdvantage miles and get up to 45% discount on Car rental bookings.
  • A list of 350+ destination packages with your flight+hotel and/or car booking.
  • Find AA cruises available in most river and beach cities.

So, if you are planning for big Black Friday travel savings with American Airlines, you have a good shot this year. The above data may be a reference to the previous year’s options; as the sale is yet to be announced, you can look forward to a good start this year as well.

Last Year’ AA Black Friday Deals (2023)

In 2023, American Airlines offered black friday deals and discounts on the following products:

  • Domestic Flights (One-way, Roundtrips, Stopovers and Nonstop/ Direct flights )
  • International Flights (to/from the USA on all types of trips)
  • Up to 40% on hotels in more than 230 locations.
  • Up to 45% off on shopping AAdvantage benefits for cars.
  • Significant deals on vacation packages for a list of more than 350 destinations.
  • All beach and river cities cruises deals on American Airlines.

Customers enjoyed amazing deals for their travel in 2024. If you missed out on them, try this year’s black friday sale to enjoy next year’s travel for less.

American Airlines Black Friday Sale Offers Data in 2022

Gone year, the Black Friday Sale was on November 25, and this year, it is on November 24. So, as per the past year’s data, customers got Exclusive Black Friday deals from American Airlines during the event in 2022. The airline offered one-way flights for less than 100 bucks and covered round-trip fares for less than 200 bucks. Purchasing AA gift cards & miles was also much easier.

Black Friday One-Way Deals on AA

  • Phoenix to Las Vegas @ $45 for travel in 2023
  • Dallas to New York @ $99 for travel in 2023
  • Los Angeles to Las Vegas @ $79 for travel in 2022
  • Austin to Las Vegas @ $47 for travel in 2023

All these flight deals were available for one-way economy booking with American Airlines. Some lucky customers even got special offers to manage bookings with American Airlines.

AA Round Trip Deals on Black Friday

  • Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale @ $90 for travel in 2022
  • Miami to New York @ $118 for travel in 2023
  • Dallas to Phoenix @ $138 for travel in 2023

These round-trip fares were under the American Airlines Black Friday airline discounts for travel in the Economy class section. The past data has determined that this year’s Black Friday sale can be even more interesting. However, for now, we can just wait for the airline to offer us better options.

How Do I Get Cheap AA Flights on Black Friday?

If you are looking for the best offers on American Airlines Black Friday flight deals, we have some tips for you. You can get cheap AA flights this time when the event goes live if you follow these simple tricks:

  • Do not always go for higher cabin class bookings and check for the lowest fares, especially when you are not flying long haul.
  • Only book tickets for the locations you really wish to go to, rather than choosing something you found cheaper.
  • Do not try third-party bookings and directly go on the official website.
  • Compare the Black Friday Sale price with American Airlines low-fare calendar deals to get the best offer.
  • Sign up for the airline’s email alerts in advance and get notified first thing when the airline announces its Black Friday Sale.

Also, remember to open the specific country website to find the specific deals. For example, American Airlines Black Friday sales in the UK, Singapore, Canada, Australia, or Germany will be visible more effectively with the country domain.

Will American Airlines Really Drop Fares this Black Friday?

It’s still uncertain, but the airline may drop fares significantly this time. Like in 2020- the pandemic year, you can get Black Friday deals and travel specials with American Airlines in 2024 as well. The airline offered their THANKS2020 promo code to the customers with up to 20% discount on flights,

In 2024, the airfare discount deals are yet to be announced, but the airline still has some ways to let you save. Customers can go for the Travel Tuesday deals, book more than a month in advance, or follow the AA low-fare calendar to get the flights at a lower cost.

Does American Airlines Have Black Friday Deals in Europe?

Yes. If you are waiting for an authentic European vacation with American Airlines, you have the best options this Black Friday. First of all, nowadays, Black Friday is not/limited to US citizens. Many countries, including Europe, celebrate this day by offering a sale on various products. American Airlines flights are also on sale for both domestic and international travelers. Customers can enjoy a great deal with the best carrier in the USA to fly to Europe. The list of destinations may or may not be limited, but there are sure a lot of things to experience.

Can I Get a Good Deal to Fly for Christmas?

If you are planning a holiday flight with American Airlines and wish to fly during Christmas, it’s better you book before the Black Friday sale ends. The airline will offer you a discount and promotion on Black Friday rather than a general American Airlines flight right before Christmas.

So, you may get a good Christmas vacation package and deal on American Airlines during their exclusive Black Friday sale.

Final Words

Hope the above topics provide clear information about American Airlines’ Black Friday deals and tips for getting the best deals on flights for both domestic and international travel. You may find cheaper flights on Black Friday by using offer codes that provide discounts during checkout. If you’re able to wait, Tripohlz may have additional voucher codes available. The deals are expected to be available on November 29, 2024, and can be applied at checkout when making a flight reservation.

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Does American Airlines Offer Black Friday Deals?
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