Does Alaska Airlines Offer a First Class Cabin?

Alaska Airlines first class

Is flying Alaska Airlines first class worth it?

If you like luxury, yes, Alaska Airlines offers a first-class, and it has it all. Flying is a very tiring experience, be it domestic or international. But, with some added flight amenities, you can turn the tables and point them to be on your good side. The Alaska Airlines first class cabins, with more legroom than any other domestic carrier in the USA, give you a lot more than just simple air travel.

From local chef-inspired meals to wider seats, if you fly Alaska Airlines in their first class, you have everything you may need. To know whether this luxurious experience on the fly will be worth it or not, read on and find out all the details below.

Alaska Airlines First Class- The Exclusive Perks for You

Booking Alaska Airlines first class or requesting an upgrade to this more than premium cabin gets you a myriad of services and benefits. This special cabin has many perks that are a treat for the customers. So, with your first-class tickets, get ready to enjoy,

➕ The most spacious recliner seats with up to 41” of seat pitch, which is the most among other domestic US carriers.

➕Get Wine, Beer, and Cocktails absolutely free and enjoy your flights with a free welcome drink to add to the mood.

➕Board and deplane early for a more comfortable experience. Even your baggage comes to you earlier than others upon landing.

➕ Check two bags free of cost under standard baggage allowance dimensions and weight limit. Take everything you need with you.

➕ Complimentary lounge access on selected flights and get dedicated flight attendants to cater to your needs onboard.

Although Alaska Airlines first class seats do not have lie-flat options, the recliners are enough for you to relax with maximum seat pitch.

Is food served in first class on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, it is. The Alaska Airlines first class menu is filled with a range of meals and drink options inspired by the West Coast. You can book a seat and get freshly prepared meals, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with an option for vegetarians.

Do I Get a Free Drink with First Class Booking?

Yes. You can quench your thirst with a wide selection of Coca-Cola beverages on the fly with Alaska Airlines. Whether you upgrade your seats or book first-class tickets, there is a huge range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available for you. If you like a hot whiskey or rum, you have it at your disposal, and if you want something cold, try the collection of juices and more.

What do I Get in First Class Meals from Alaska Airlines?

If your flights depart between 5:00 Am and 10:00 AM, you get breakfast service on Alaska Airlines first class cabins. From departures between 10 AM and 9 PM, you get lunch and dinner. The availability and types of meals are usually available on pre-order and vary depending on the route distance. Let’s have a look:

Flights 670 Miles and Above

On flights 670 miles distance or above, Alaska Airlines in-flight menu varies and includes turkey sausage & Tillamook® Cheddar breakfast sandwich or spicy grilled chicken sandwich. Get a dessert with lunch or dinner. (always)

Flights 1100 Miles and Above

On your flight, choose between a fruit bowl/appetizer salad and a hot entrée or our Signature Fruit & Cheese Platter. Options for entry include ranchero eggs with chicken chorizo sausage or jerk chicken with cilantro lime rice. Lunch/dinner flights special- Mixed Nuts & a Dessert.

Flights Over 2140 Miles(Coast-to-Coast and Hawaii)

Passengers flying to and from the East Coast and Hawaii can enjoy an appetizer, bread, and butter, followed by a Fruit and Cheese Platter. Breakfast includes winter squash & apple frittata, while after 10:00 am, braised top-blade beef with fennel is available. West Coast flights offer Ellenos yogurt for breakfast, Salt & Straw ice cream for lunch and dinner, and a snack basket before arrival.

How do I pre-order Meals on Alaska Airlines First Class?

You can pre-order meals and drinks on first-class bookings. The overall food reviews and other first-class amenities available for customers show that this is the best option for getting your preferred items as a meal. Here are the steps that you can follow:

  • Login to your Mileage Plan account on the official Alaska Air website.


  • Use the Alaska Airlines manage booking tool to find your trip.
  • Enter your confirmation details and go to the add or delete a service option.
  • Choose the Pre-Order options.
  • Follow the prompts to add your card and pay for the meal onboard later.

For MVP Gold 100K members on the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, the pre-order meal option is available for free. However, Terms and conditions apply. So, check them thoroughly and review all the first-class upgrade options by Alaska Airlines before proceeding.

How Much Does it Cost to Book a First Class Ticket on Alaska Airlines?

If you wish to book a first-class cabin on Alaska Airlines or upgrade your current seat to a first-class cabin, the cost may vary based on various factors. The major things that affect the prices for first-class tickets are:

  • Date of Travel
  • Route
  • Time of The year
  • Your destination
  • The Time of Flight
  • Your travel preferences
  • Type of flight

Considering all these factors, some destinations also have high and low seasons, which directly impact first-class ticket costs. So, take a look at these factors before booking. Usually, a typical first-class upgrade can cost you as low as $25 or more, depending on the fare type. To upgrade seats, just use Alaska Airlines manage booking and make a request online.

What if I Want to Upgrade to First Class?

First Class upgrades are an option, but they may not be available to everyone. The major reason is that the seats in first class are limited. So, depending on the first-come, first-served rule, there’s already a lesser chance. However, if you have Mileage Plan MVP status with GOLD 100k or 75k membership, you may even get a complimentary upgrade option. So, it all depends on the level of status you have, whether you need to pay or not.

Still, you can get a chance to choose a first-class upgrade before check-in for a certain fee or free of cost as per your eligibility and fare type.

Does first class have access to Alaska Lounge?

Yes, but you can only access Alaska Airlines Lounges. The airline has first-class lounges available for its small domestic airport, so your scope is limited. If you want to access a first class lounge of Alaska Airlines in Seattle or Miami, it depends on whether there is one at that airport or not.

How Much Luggage Can I Carry with my First Class Ticket?

With an Alaska Airlines first class ticket, you have a very generous baggage allowance. The airline’s ticket gets you two free checked bags, one carry-on bag, and a small personal item to carry for free. You can bring these items with you under the allowed limits, and there won’t be any charges.

For instance, the baggage weight for checked bags in first class can not exceed 50 pounds on Alaska Airlines. Its dimensions should not be more than 62 linear inches. On the other, carry-on baggage exceeding 22 x 14 x 9 inches will incur extra charges. The same goes if you exceed the checked luggage allowance.

Final Words

You can book first-class seats on Alaska Airlines and enjoy all of its perks as a compliment. With dedicated flight attendants and reclining, more spacious seats, your travel will be a breeze. Consult a customer service agent if you need more assistance or want extra information.

Does Alaska Airlines Offer a First Class Cabin?
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