What is Aeromexico’s Policy for Traveling with Pets?

Aeromexico Pet Policy

Does Aeromexico Accept Pets Onboard?

Yes, Aeromexico accepts pets to travel with passengers onboard and even as checked baggage. If you have a dear furry friend you wish to bring along while traveling, Aeromexico will welcome your pets, given you adhere to their strict pet policy. Whether you want to bring a pet as checked baggage or take him along in the cabin, Aeromexico will let you do that under its pet travel policy. To understand the airline’s requirements for bringing pets to travel and its certain rules, read more.

Which Pets Are Allowed on Aeromexico?

There are different requirements for pets in the cabin and the checked baggage compartment of Aeromexico. For in-cabin bookings, you can only take cats or dogs with you as carry-on luggage. On the other hand, you can also bring birds to travel with you other than cats or dogs as checked baggage units.

Aeromexico In Cabin Pets or(PETC)- Acceptance Conditions & More

If you want your cat or dog to fly with you on Aeromexico Airlines flights, you must use a special carrier that properly fits under the seat in front of you. Throughout the flight, this little animal will be your responsibility, and therefore, it should meet certain requirements. The Aeromexico in-cabin pet policy has some restrictions and special documentation needs that you must know of:

What are the Acceptance Conditions for Pets in the Cabin?

  • You can only bring small domestic cats or dogs.
  • Check-in is necessary 2 hours before the flight departure time.
  • Your pet and its container’s combined weight can not exceed 9 kilograms.
  • The pet must be a minimum of 8 weeks of age.
  • Young or breastfeeding animals are not allowed onboard.
  • Any pet under veterinary care is not acceptable on the plane.

If your pet does not meet these requirements, you can check them as luggage in the aircraft checked bag compartment. Or if they can’t even travel as checked bags, the Aeromexico pets in cargo are most welcome by the airline.

What are the Cage Size Requirements and cage permission?

On all Aeromexico Flights, the pet carrier’s maximum width, length, and height ratio is 40x30x20 cm. Moreover, you need to know the different fare classes and their cage allowances.

  • On E-190, a total of 3 pet cages are allowed & conditions apply
  • On The Uniclass aircraft 737-800, 737-700, and 737-800, the airline allows 6 pet cages
  • The 787-8, 737-MAX-8, and 787-9,737-MAX-9 – 4 pet cages are allowed.

The maximum pet weight is 9 kg, which includes the pet and its carrier weight. Also, note that pets are only allowed on routes that contain MITY, MEX, CUN, TIJ, LAX, JFK, and BOG,

Restrictions on In-Cabin Pets

  • Make sure your pet remains inside the carrier before boarding, entering the plane, and throughout the flight.
  • The PETC label should be on the pet container. You can get one at the check-in counters.
  • You can even get access to Salon Premier lounges if your pet is inside the container and you are caring for it.
  • You and your pet should be on the same flight for in-cabin pet travel.
  • Aeromexico only allows one pet per passenger.
  • You can not give food or fluids to the pets on the plane.
  • You can never put your pets on seats, even if there are plenty of empty seats.
  • The airline assigns you a window seat with a pet, except for bulkhead or emergency exit rows.
  • You can not give blankets, pillows, or even oxygen[in emergencies] to your pets.
  • When a passenger near or around your seat is allergic to pets, you get a new seat assigned. In case of unavailability, you will have to change the flight at no cost or penalty with no extra compensation.
  • Unaccompanied minors can not bring their pets on the plane.

If you ensure you meet these necessary pet travel requirements and adhere to the Aeromexico policy for traveling with animals, you are good to go. Further, let’s see how you can check your pets as luggage.

Aeromexico Checked Pets(AVIH)- Acceptance Conditions & More

Under Aeromexico’s pet policy for pet travel as checked baggage, you can bring dogs, cats, and birds to travel on the same flight as you. The airline will count it as a part of your checked baggage allowance, but the pet container conditions apply as pet weight & size restrictions. Make sure you check the complete details before traveling with Aeromexico.

What are the Acceptance Conditions for Checked Pets?

  • Pet dogs, cats, and birds can travel as checked baggage. Rodents, Reptiles, or fishes can be sent via cargo.
  • Pet age is still 8 weeks, but the weight can be up to 45 kilograms, including carrier.
  • Check-in is necessary up to two hours before flight departure.
  • The charge exists for pets as checked baggage and does not include complimentary pet travel at all.
  • Make sure the pet cage meets all the requirements. Otherwise, the airline will refuse to transport your pet along as a checked bag.
  • Your pet should be odorless and harmless.
  • The pet container should be leakage-proof.
  • The pet carriers should be resistant to bites and scratches.

Meet these requirements, and Aeromexico will allow you to transport your pets as checked luggage. For more information, contact the Aeromexico customer service team or speak to Tripohlz advisors.

Which Documents are Necessary for Traveling with Pets

Are you planning to bring your pet to travel with Aeromexico now? You need to know some more details, such as the allowed documents. Here are the details:

  • Keep your pet’s vaccination record along while they fly with you,
  • A certificate for their good health is also necessary.
  • For international flights, you must also provide the Animal Health Export Certificate from SAGARPA.
  • For outside flights entering Mexico,
  • Rabies Vaccine, including the date of application.
  • The deworming and delousing must be less than 6 months before their arrival.
  • Age and Clinical examination record.
  • If you are checking in birds, check with an airline expert for more details.

After the documentation, Aeromexico can allow your pets to travel without any delays. The airline also has a dedicated customer service team that may help you further with pet transportation.

How much does Aeromexico charge for pet?

If you are traveling during high or low seasons in 2023, the costs will vary. Here is a detailed information on Aeromexico Pet Travel fee for domestic and international flights:

  • Domestic Flights
    • High-Season $1,700 MXN for cabin pets, $1950 MXN for Checked pets
    • Low Season $1,350 MXN for cabin pets, $1600 MXN for Checked pets
  • International Flights
    • High Season: $168 USD for cabin pets, $258 USD for Checked pets
    • Low Season: $162 USD for cabin pets, $252 USD for Checked pets

You need to clear this pet travel cost for booking an Aeromexico flight ticket with your beloved domestic pet. If you need to make any adjustments to a flight or add pets later, use the Aeromexico Manage booking option for help.

How do I add a pet to an Aeromexico flight?

If you want to add a pet to your Aeromexico flight booking, call the customer service team or do it so at the airport. Per leg, certain pet travel fees will apply, which you can pay for confirming flight tickets for your little friend. Call the Aeromexico pet travel phone number and consult with a dedicated agent to book tickets and ensure a smooth travel for you and your pet.

Note: Contact Aeromexico at least 48 hours before flight departure to add a pet to the booking and allow yourself extra time at the airport to check in later.

Final Words

That’s how you can confirm Aeromexico pet travel and abide by all of its rules in one go. Please make sure to book your tickets and pet in advance, as there are also limitations to total pets on the plane. Contact Aeromexico or our team for better assistance.

What is Aeromexico’s Policy for Traveling with Pets?
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