How Do I Request an Aeromexico Flight Change on the Day of Departure?

What is Aeromexico Airlines Same Day Change Policy?

Did your travel plans change last-minute? Or you have urgent matters to attend to at your booked destination and you wish to fly early? Worry not, if booked with Aeromexico, you can adjust your schedule on the day of departure by requesting a same-day change. The same-day change option allows you to fly to your destination on an earlier or later flight for a small fee.

If you wish to request Aeromexico for a same-day change of flight, dial their customer service number, or visit their website. The airline has many options and rules which decide whether you can make such requests or not. Read more to understand the detailed policy on requesting flight changes on the departure date.

How to Make a Same-Day Flight Change Request on Aeromexico?

Aeromexico allows customers to modify their flight schedule online or offline as they like. Although you can not find a direct link that says “Same-Day change”, changing your flights is pretty much the same whether you do it before or on the day of departure. Here are the detailed methods to request same-day flight changes from Aeromexico.

  • Online Request for Same-Day Change

    • Visit the official Aeromexico Airlines website (
    • Go to the My Trips section.
    • Find your trips using the necessary details.
    • Click on the Change Flight option.
    • Review the terms and conditions.
    • Follow the screen instructions.
    • Choose your new flight with available seats
    • Confirm the changes.
    • Pay the same-day change fees, if any.
    • Confirm the changes.
  • Same-Day Changes Over the Phone

    • Call Aeromexico Airlines Customer service
    • Follow the automated voice menu.
    • Connect to a live agent through prompts.
    • Ask for a flight change on the same day.
    • Get the available options.
    • Inquire about the fees.
    • Pay and confirm the changes.
    • Get new ticket details over the email.
  • Flight Change at the Airport

    • Go to the Aeromexico airline desk at your local airport
    • Ask an available executive for a same-day flight change.
    • He will check for available seats on your desired flight.
    • Inquire about the underlying costs and continue.
    • Confirm your new flight details with the representative.
    • Pay any fees.
    • Get a new boarding pass.
    • Check the departure time & gate information.
    • Arrive at the gate on time for your new flight.

With these steps, you can request a same-day flight change with Aeromexico without any trouble. The airline sends you a confirmation email on your registered ID which contains this updated information. Save this for later as the information will help you get a new boarding pass at the airport.

What is the Aeromexico Same Day Change Policy?

There are certain conditions to request Aeromexico for flight change on the day of departure. If you do not comply with the conditions below, the airline will not allow you to change your scheduled tickets. Here are the details:

  • You can only change flights on the same day if your fare type is eligible for it.
  • You can make changes within the specified time frame before departure.
  • The overall flight change depends on the available seats in new flights.
  • The airline may apply some charges which again depend on your fare type.
  • Some fare rules have additional rules and conditions for your requests.
  • You must get a receipt of your new itinerary and confirm your new tickets by yourself.
  • Check your tickets for blackout dates and other restrictions on booking.
  • Reach out to an airline expert to inquire about options and procedures.
  • Have booking reference and flight details with you when making a request.
  • Adhere to instructions provided by Aeromexico representatives.

If you keep these points above in mind, you can prepare for your upcoming trips without any hassle. The process already outlined above will help you make the most of it.

Why Am I Not Able to Choose Standby Online?

There are plenty of reasons that you can not find a standby service online with Aeromexico. Aeromexico always keeps up with its customers and therefore, has already set rules for everyone trying to change their flights for whatever reason. So, if by any chance you do not find a suitable option, here may be the reasons.

  • You have an international flight.
  • You want to opt for standby service less than 30 minutes before departure.
  • The desired itinerary change requires a tax and fee refund.
  • Your new change requires a connection to a city not listed on the confirmed reservation.
  • You want to standby on a flight departing later than your current flight.
  • You want to add yourself to the standby list in your connection city.

If you do not find the standby or same-day change service on your itinerary because of these reasons, call Aeromexico immediately. The airline agents will answer your concerns and offer you assistance with the same.

Final Words

That’s all about requesting a same-day change from Aeromexico Airlines. Remember that you have to follow the change terms and conditions as well as understand the same-day flight change terms in detail. Also, as you can only request changes to a ticket with Trip Flex on the day of departure, you can check the related rules to be more careful. Feel free to contact the airline’s customer service team for a better idea about changing flights on the same day as take-off.

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