What is Aeromexico Airlines Name Change Policy?

When you mistakenly enter the wrong spellings of your names while booking, it results in major disappointment as TSA rules are very strict. If you are flying with Aeromexico, there’s a chance to correct any mistakes with the names and make sure you can fly without hassles. Their name change policy allows Aeromexico customers to correct or change their name easily.

But before you go on and request the airline for name corrections or changes, make sure you have a clear idea about how it works. There are underlying rules and policies which are a must to follow. Here are the details below to help you change the name on your Aeromexico flight ticket.

How Do I Correct My Name on Aeromexico Airlines Ticket?

As the Aeromexico official website does not state any direct provision for name changes, you can try calling their customer service. So, if you wish to request a correction for a misspelled name, you can directly talk to an expert. Use the phone number available on their official website, or find your local Aeromexico office contact options to get in touch. Find below the detailed steps and make sure to change the name before it’s too late.

Steps to Request Name Change From The Airline

  • Go to the Aeromexico Airlines official website (aeromexico.com)
  • Find their Contact Us Page.
  • Dial their official phone number
  • Follow the IVR voice menu.
  • Listen to the instructions and choose to speak with a live person.
  • Share your concerns and trip details with him.
  • Send your relevant documents through the provided methods.
  • Verify the information with the agent.
  • Pay any necessary fee.
  • Confirm the name change.

You will receive updated ticket information from the airline after these steps. The new ticket contains the correct details you just requested.

What are the Rules for requesting Aeromexico for Name Changes?

Before you go on and request name change through the steps outlined above, you have to comply with some of the airline’s rules. Aeromexico won’t let you change a name or correct it unless you follow these guidelines below:

  • You can not change your name to another person or transfer your Aeromexico tickets to anyone.
  • You can make minor name corrections like fixing spelling mistakes.
  • The airline may help you change an inverted name or adjust your first or last name.
  • You can only correct up to 3 characters in a spelling.
  • There is no fee to request a name change within 24 hours of booking the flights.
  • The airline charges a certain fee depending on your booking time for the rest of the changes.
  • Last name changes are only possible in case of marriage or divorce.
  • You can request to change a name on a ticket due to adoption, but the airline makes the final decision to accept or reject it.
  • You can not request name changes within 24 hours of the departure date, but check with your travel agent if you booked through third party sites.
  • To change your whole name (first name especially), cancel your booking and then request a rebooking.
  • You can only make name changes for flights operated by Aeromexico.
  • If there is a connecting flight with another airline, you have to call both airlines and check their name change policy.

After you comply with these rules, it’s time to gather the necessary documents and submit a name change request for the airline. Aeromexico name change or correction policy will always apply as long as there is an error in the name.

Which Documents Do I Need to Request Name Correction?

The documents for name correction with Aeromexico usually depend on the nature of your request. Here are the details:

  • A marriage certificate will be necessary if you got married after bo0king and now your last name has changed.
  • In case of divorce, you need to present a divorce decree.
  • If your name has legally changed, you need to provide a certificate issued by the court.
  • For minor corrections, your passport will do.
  • If you have some corrections where you need to change an inverted name, show your government-issued photo ID.

By submitting these documents through the provided links, you can ensure that you fly with Aeromexico without any trouble. To meet the TSA security requirements the airline won’t let you fly with an incorrect or wrong name which does not match your travel related documents of proof.

Final Words

That’s all about requesting a name change with Aeromexico Airlines. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the airline’s customer service team and get the necessary help from their agents.

Remember to follow the name change guidelines to make sure you can get a new PNR without much hassle. If your request does not comply with the rules, the airline will deny it, and you have to cancel a booking & rebook.

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